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Today, 10:22 AM


In Topic: Finding These Seeds a Home

17 January 2018 - 06:07 AM

I am very interested in your seeds.

Due to health problems,my collection is old seeds that won't sprout.


PM me.

In Topic: What do we have here?

12 January 2018 - 02:14 AM

Several chile's look like that.

Puya and several others.


I like Landrace stuff,you'll find that even if it is Chili De Arbol,it very well could be a better tasting pepper than what seeds you get from other sources.

Don't be dissapointed  if it looks like something common,it might be a Landrace thing and be something you will really like.


In Topic: What to do with excess hot sauce?

12 January 2018 - 01:53 AM

Go to the $.99 cent store and buy a few ice cube trays.

Freeze the sauces into ice cubes,put the cubes in a zip lock and use as needed.

Ya don't have to use the sauces today...

They might not be great sauces,But they might be cool for adding a couple cubes to make a recipe have an added taste that makes things work.

In Topic: Orange Tree Habanero

10 October 2017 - 01:15 PM

My tree hab/habanero de arbol greew about 12 ft. tall.

I forget How old it was when Broad Mites killed it.

It was in a 35 gal. pot.


Back in the late 90's I got the seeds from a nursery worker.


The story goes that a guy went home-South America somewhere.

He missed eating them,so he brought seeds and planted them at the nursery so he could eat them whenever he wanted them,


Customers were amazed at seeing a Chili plant that looked like a tree full of chili's.

So the nursery supplier grew plants for sale.

1st year they sold like hot cakes.

So the 2nd year they grew more,,,

Since we don't have something called WINTER (I think it's called)here in S. Ca.

Nobody bought plants.


They didn't grow them again for about 4-5 years,

Everyone who wanted them still had the original plant.

Sales also stopped because people wanted a 12ft. plant in a 5 gal, pot.

Some killed their plants because they were too big and they had a life time supply of pods...


I believe they are a stable cross of Bac. and Chinense.


I believe I'm the source of the original seeds..


I have a red version that I grew from original seeds-was supposed to be orange.

I had a Black too but it is NOT stable in any way shape or form,


He said his Family had a very large one for as long as he could remember.

Mine was just a baby...

You'll notice it has a chinense/Baccatum  taste depending on if the pods were Spring pods,cool weather, (Baccatum ) or Summer warm weather pods taste more Chinense (not strong Chinese).


I  gave away several pounds of pods and seeds for years before Beth at Peppermania sold the seeds.

I believe she was the first Person to sell seeds from plants I grew from the original source.

Beth was a GOOD friend of mine!