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In Topic: Is a tent an absolute when using lights?

14 April 2018 - 01:43 PM

Are they star LED's?

Mine mostly are from 30-90 or so Lumin each.


I used LED's in 440-475NM. and 625-660NM LED's.

660NM were very Expensive!


I also use some 5mm and 10mm Leds for wavelengths the stars didn't come in...

Mostly vertically for giving the plant light on as many sides as possible and in as many wavelengths as possible-see link...


Sorry no pics since Photobucket started charging$$$.


I built my panels on 1/8 in. thick + aluminum sheets and hook them to my wire racks (my hillbilly heat sink).


Out of well over 5000 Chinese LEDs,I only have the 10mm ones fry (they are 1/2-3/4 watt.)


Ends up,Don't use Chinese resistors,Most aren't anywhere in the ballpark of what they are supposed to be.

The Vendor said I got the resistors FREE with the LED's ,so I used them without individually checking their value out.

Once I figured it out,Chinese LED's worked GREAT.

Resistors SUCK!


I fried LED's by over driving them,

After I tested my resistors before I used them,things have been cool.

It still took about 3 yrs. before the LED's fried,after using the wrong resistors.


As I posted before,IF Cobs were cheap enough and in the LM. and K I want,I'd never have messed with Blue and red LED's.

I'm talking about probably 8-10 yrs. ago at least.


I got most of my stars for cheap,but I never got less than 800 per order.


At the time,3 watt Leds were what the "PROS" said was what WE HAD to use as a minimum.

5 watts were new back then and like T8 bulbs these days they didn't come in the K I wanted or LM.


Ends up most places selling 3 watt leds were just overdriving 1 watt LED's to get the extra LM.

They fried REALLY fast!


That is why the Chinese had a REALLY bad reputation on Flea bay etc. for selling Junk.

Just like Japan did about electronics when I was a Kid.


My LED's are probably at least 8+ yrs. old +.


I run them 12 hrs. on and 12 off,24/7 year round.


As I've posted,As my LED's fry,I'll be replacing them with White Light in the 5000-6500 K wave lengths.

I love my LED's BUT I got hold of some T10 fluero bulbs (for getting chickens to lay eggs year round).They were 6500K and something like 5000lm.

Expensive and ran/worked on T12 ballasts.


I don't like T8 bulbs-less Lm and a crap selection of K.


As far as I can tell,T5 are the same as LED's as far as cost to run and K range,LM per watt.But the T5 have a short life...


Halides I think are in the same ballpark as T5 's.

Shorter life,heat is an issue too.

I can see Halides being OK if you live in a place that has a winter-keeps your grow warm etc.


I've done all my stuff trial and error.

What works for me might suck for you...


By "they don't work" mean they don't light?

If so Check the +/- connection.

LED's won't work if + is connected to -.

Use a multi meter.

Diodes only work if + is + etc.


Some overworked kid in China might have just hooked - to +.


I ONLY grow Peppers.I do know MY grow-Pots/soil I mix etc.


I'm willing to talk to you via e mail if you want to.

I'd rather talk to you Via E mail than in a post on ANY site.

If I can give you ideas that work for you,feel free to post them here.


My health sucks these days.

It took me well over 2 hours to type this.

\I'm a trial and error type guy.

What works for me might not grow your grow.

But if you take my ideas or whatever as something you can use/modify for your grow GREAT!





























In Topic: Is a tent an absolute when using lights?

12 April 2018 - 11:51 PM

Let me know if link works...


In Topic: Happy Frog Potting soil

11 April 2018 - 05:27 PM

L.A. North Hills/Van Nuys area.

In Topic: Miracle Gro or Dyna Gro 7-9-5?

11 April 2018 - 04:42 PM

7-9-5 is my all around best nute for my hydroponic grow and starts.


I use less than they reccomend,but use it weak everytime I water.

Every so often I water a couple days with just water and toss out the water that runs through my starter pots.

Use it in my outdoor pots or to water the stuff that is on the lot I live on.

It/water rinse , cleans out the salts/nutes that could build up...


I never check PH or whatever,in my hydro grow ,I just replace the nutes every week to 2 weeks.

I use fish emultion (only Alaska Brand)and seaweed extract outside in my bark based soil mix.









In Topic: Happy Frog Potting soil

11 April 2018 - 04:30 PM

I don't like any of the fox farm stuff except for starts.

It has too many organic things in it that break down and either cook my roots or run out of nutes at the mid end of the season.

It's like a compost pile that was too green to use,not fully composted or?


I tried it in #15 pots (17 gal.).


I have no winter,it's been mid 80's to mid 90's temp. wise.

What doesn't work here might work in your climate.

I'm just posting about my grow...Indoors OK,Outside is not cool for me...