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#1573706 So, you like hot peppers, do ya?

Posted by smokemaster on 06 August 2018 - 05:10 PM

use supers for taste and heat.

i love supers but use them in moderation,combine with other peppers to get the heat and taste i like.

some supers are like drinking acid,others have taste.

eat what you like.

i see vidios of idiots eat/or doing other things with super hots, they wasted time drooling and puking eating a supper hot.

i like supers /really like heat but use then with other peppers to make a blend of the taste i like...



#1558594 Blossom drop.

Posted by smokemaster on 08 June 2018 - 06:53 AM

Ca. and Mag. are used by the same receptors in a plant.

If either is used heavily it blocks the other...


I like witches brew - Disolve Dolomite lime in Vinegar,

It adds both nutes.

Add brew to water and it has seemed to be aq pretty good balance of both.



#1550710 ***Beginner Tips?

Posted by smokemaster on 03 May 2018 - 08:13 PM

Make your own mix.

Start with 3-1-1,bark based.

I personally use more like a 3/1/1/1 mix.

3 parts bark,1 part each of pearlite,pomice stone and peat.

I use more of the 1 stuff because the original mix doesn't hold water well.


See the posts here about 311 mixes using bark and potting soil.


Why I mix my own is that it lasts for YEARS with only topping off.

It's a cross between Hydroponics and a soil mix.


I really don't like Ocean Farms stuff.

Too many organics in it that break down.

Plants do great until the nutes in the soil run out (right about pod set).


My grow is just that My Grow...


I advise you to search out the posts about 311 and other versions of it.

Ya it costs a little more to make your own soil,But it lasts for years.

Set it and forget it. LOL

Topping the soil off every couple years is way more better than new soil every year.





#1550090 popcorn with heat

Posted by smokemaster on 01 May 2018 - 04:58 AM

Pop some corn,spray with Hazel nut cooking spray,add the ground pepper of choice.

An added addition is add grated cheese-parmison romono blend to it.

Butter or pork/bacon fat adds to the flavor.

#1545344 Is a tent an absolute when using lights?

Posted by smokemaster on 14 April 2018 - 01:43 PM

Are they star LED's?

Mine mostly are from 30-90 or so Lumin each.


I used LED's in 440-475NM. and 625-660NM LED's.

660NM were very Expensive!


I also use some 5mm and 10mm Leds for wavelengths the stars didn't come in...

Mostly vertically for giving the plant light on as many sides as possible and in as many wavelengths as possible-see link...


Sorry no pics since Photobucket started charging$$$.


I built my panels on 1/8 in. thick + aluminum sheets and hook them to my wire racks (my hillbilly heat sink).


Out of well over 5000 Chinese LEDs,I only have the 10mm ones fry (they are 1/2-3/4 watt.)


Ends up,Don't use Chinese resistors,Most aren't anywhere in the ballpark of what they are supposed to be.

The Vendor said I got the resistors FREE with the LED's ,so I used them without individually checking their value out.

Once I figured it out,Chinese LED's worked GREAT.

Resistors SUCK!


I fried LED's by over driving them,

After I tested my resistors before I used them,things have been cool.

It still took about 3 yrs. before the LED's fried,after using the wrong resistors.


As I posted before,IF Cobs were cheap enough and in the LM. and K I want,I'd never have messed with Blue and red LED's.

I'm talking about probably 8-10 yrs. ago at least.


I got most of my stars for cheap,but I never got less than 800 per order.


At the time,3 watt Leds were what the "PROS" said was what WE HAD to use as a minimum.

5 watts were new back then and like T8 bulbs these days they didn't come in the K I wanted or LM.


Ends up most places selling 3 watt leds were just overdriving 1 watt LED's to get the extra LM.

They fried REALLY fast!


That is why the Chinese had a REALLY bad reputation on Flea bay etc. for selling Junk.

Just like Japan did about electronics when I was a Kid.


My LED's are probably at least 8+ yrs. old +.


I run them 12 hrs. on and 12 off,24/7 year round.


As I've posted,As my LED's fry,I'll be replacing them with White Light in the 5000-6500 K wave lengths.

I love my LED's BUT I got hold of some T10 fluero bulbs (for getting chickens to lay eggs year round).They were 6500K and something like 5000lm.

Expensive and ran/worked on T12 ballasts.


I don't like T8 bulbs-less Lm and a crap selection of K.


As far as I can tell,T5 are the same as LED's as far as cost to run and K range,LM per watt.But the T5 have a short life...


Halides I think are in the same ballpark as T5 's.

Shorter life,heat is an issue too.

I can see Halides being OK if you live in a place that has a winter-keeps your grow warm etc.


I've done all my stuff trial and error.

What works for me might suck for you...


By "they don't work" mean they don't light?

If so Check the +/- connection.

LED's won't work if + is connected to -.

Use a multi meter.

Diodes only work if + is + etc.


Some overworked kid in China might have just hooked - to +.


I ONLY grow Peppers.I do know MY grow-Pots/soil I mix etc.


I'm willing to talk to you via e mail if you want to.

I'd rather talk to you Via E mail than in a post on ANY site.

If I can give you ideas that work for you,feel free to post them here.


My health sucks these days.

It took me well over 2 hours to type this.

\I'm a trial and error type guy.

What works for me might not grow your grow.

But if you take my ideas or whatever as something you can use/modify for your grow GREAT!





























#1544611 Happy Frog Potting soil

Posted by smokemaster on 11 April 2018 - 05:27 PM

L.A. North Hills/Van Nuys area.

#1544596 Miracle Gro or Dyna Gro 7-9-5?

Posted by smokemaster on 11 April 2018 - 04:42 PM

7-9-5 is my all around best nute for my hydroponic grow and starts.


I use less than they reccomend,but use it weak everytime I water.

Every so often I water a couple days with just water and toss out the water that runs through my starter pots.

Use it in my outdoor pots or to water the stuff that is on the lot I live on.

It/water rinse , cleans out the salts/nutes that could build up...


I never check PH or whatever,in my hydro grow ,I just replace the nutes every week to 2 weeks.

I use fish emultion (only Alaska Brand)and seaweed extract outside in my bark based soil mix.









#1544594 Happy Frog Potting soil

Posted by smokemaster on 11 April 2018 - 04:30 PM

I don't like any of the fox farm stuff except for starts.

It has too many organic things in it that break down and either cook my roots or run out of nutes at the mid end of the season.

It's like a compost pile that was too green to use,not fully composted or?


I tried it in #15 pots (17 gal.).


I have no winter,it's been mid 80's to mid 90's temp. wise.

What doesn't work here might work in your climate.

I'm just posting about my grow...Indoors OK,Outside is not cool for me...



#1544588 Is a tent an absolute when using lights?

Posted by smokemaster on 11 April 2018 - 03:54 PM

Since I live in the Land of no winter,a tent is actually a hazard.

Gets too hot and is too humid.

I grow on wire racks (starts),under 1 watt LEDS-homemade...for a long time.

The opinion back then was 1 Watt LEDS sucked-had to use at least 3 watts...


I guess they forgot to send my plantss the Memo...

They loved them,still do.


If white gazilian watt LEDS/COB were around back then I'd use them, in the right K - 5000-6500 K.


Tech with LEDs is growing as fast as Computer Tech these days.


I just put the silver Mylar stuff hanging from my ceiling to floor and my walls are white (reflects light and heat).

Mylar is in 4 ft. x 8 ft (ceiling height).

I think the openings between pieces allow excess heat and moisture to excapespamus I don't get blinded by my LEDs when I enter the room. LOL.

I can turn off the lights before I go in to water.


I live at work in an appartment and when I was building my lights-12 hr. on,12 hrs.off.

People/Customers often asked if a UFO was in my home...


I also light 4 of 6 sides of my shelves,1 horizontal and 3 vertical.

I go by LUX in specific NM. for red and blue/any LEDs.


I go by this chart-




Peppers don't need more red or blue to bud.

Though red and Blue do make them grow different -all Blue (I think makes a plant like to grow more,as in bigger plants) but red makes a 4 in. plant stay compact and it has as many branches etc.Red gave me mini hedges,Blue taller plants faster...


I don't have to harden my plants off-4 1/2 in pots.


By the way Willard is knows his stuff about lighting,in the years gone by we used to debate about LEDs and Halides...

He helped me understand a lot of stuff that I checked out about lighting my plants over the years.








#1524864 What is happening to my plant?! (photo inside)

Posted by smokemaster on 05 February 2018 - 04:52 AM

Looks like over watering.

Close lights would burn your leaves-turn them purple,not too much light.

Does the soil have time release ferts,?

I see yellow stuff in your pic.


Do te plant cups have drain holes?

If not the top might look dry but the bottom is too wet.



#1522903 Nuking soil

Posted by smokemaster on 30 January 2018 - 07:54 PM

I rather add fish and seaweed emultion (SP?) to my soil mixes at least a few weeks early to let the good stuff get working in the soil.

I sprout indoors and then put them in the shade outside.

Whenever I peroxided or whatever/treated seeds it made little difference.

Sprouts were weak etc.

Too much work,better to start new treated seeds.

I DO Always use a very weak fert. mix on my starts.

I use LEDs to start my pllants-you know the ones I made from 1wat. LEDS Years ago. LOL

Everyone said 1 watt LEDS wouldn't work...



#1518691 Finding These Seeds a Home

Posted by smokemaster on 17 January 2018 - 06:07 AM

I am very interested in your seeds.

Due to health problems,my collection is old seeds that won't sprout.


PM me.

#1517550 What to do with excess hot sauce?

Posted by smokemaster on 12 January 2018 - 01:53 AM

Go to the $.99 cent store and buy a few ice cube trays.

Freeze the sauces into ice cubes,put the cubes in a zip lock and use as needed.

Ya don't have to use the sauces today...

They might not be great sauces,But they might be cool for adding a couple cubes to make a recipe have an added taste that makes things work.

#1497717 Orange Tree Habanero

Posted by smokemaster on 10 October 2017 - 01:15 PM

My tree hab/habanero de arbol greew about 12 ft. tall.

I forget How old it was when Broad Mites killed it.

It was in a 35 gal. pot.


Back in the late 90's I got the seeds from a nursery worker.


The story goes that a guy went home-South America somewhere.

He missed eating them,so he brought seeds and planted them at the nursery so he could eat them whenever he wanted them,


Customers were amazed at seeing a Chili plant that looked like a tree full of chili's.

So the nursery supplier grew plants for sale.

1st year they sold like hot cakes.

So the 2nd year they grew more,,,

Since we don't have something called WINTER (I think it's called)here in S. Ca.

Nobody bought plants.


They didn't grow them again for about 4-5 years,

Everyone who wanted them still had the original plant.

Sales also stopped because people wanted a 12ft. plant in a 5 gal, pot.

Some killed their plants because they were too big and they had a life time supply of pods...


I believe they are a stable cross of Bac. and Chinense.


I believe I'm the source of the original seeds..


I have a red version that I grew from original seeds-was supposed to be orange.

I had a Black too but it is NOT stable in any way shape or form,


He said his Family had a very large one for as long as he could remember.

Mine was just a baby...

You'll notice it has a chinense/Baccatum  taste depending on if the pods were Spring pods,cool weather, (Baccatum ) or Summer warm weather pods taste more Chinense (not strong Chinese).


I  gave away several pounds of pods and seeds for years before Beth at Peppermania sold the seeds.

I believe she was the first Person to sell seeds from plants I grew from the original source.

Beth was a GOOD friend of mine!












#1493994 Should I bring a reaper plant in for the winter?

Posted by smokemaster on 25 September 2017 - 06:53 PM

I'd keep the plant that looks,tastes like they should.

Long tails,good taste and heat matter.

Reapers weren't stable when first released.

Your pics look like they were advertised.


Like Primo's. LOL


Boils down to did you like the pods taste,heat and maybe looks.(looks means little to me in general),


Boils down to DO YOU LIKE THE PODS YOUR BEST PLANT PUT OUT,is it going to be too much work to overwinter etc,


You will be doing the work keeping it alive.

Decide for your personal likes.

The work involved...

Not for likes about pics and posts.


If you like a plant,keep it alive...


I grew a Habanero De Arbol for years before Broad Mites attacked.

It was my largest most loved plant,close to 10 yrs. old.


Do what you want to do,what makes you feel good.