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#1518691 Finding These Seeds a Home

Posted by smokemaster on 17 January 2018 - 06:07 AM

I am very interested in your seeds.

Due to health problems,my collection is old seeds that won't sprout.


PM me.

#1517550 What to do with excess hot sauce?

Posted by smokemaster on 12 January 2018 - 01:53 AM

Go to the $.99 cent store and buy a few ice cube trays.

Freeze the sauces into ice cubes,put the cubes in a zip lock and use as needed.

Ya don't have to use the sauces today...

They might not be great sauces,But they might be cool for adding a couple cubes to make a recipe have an added taste that makes things work.

#1497717 Orange Tree Habanero

Posted by smokemaster on 10 October 2017 - 01:15 PM

My tree hab/habanero de arbol greew about 12 ft. tall.

I forget How old it was when Broad Mites killed it.

It was in a 35 gal. pot.


Back in the late 90's I got the seeds from a nursery worker.


The story goes that a guy went home-South America somewhere.

He missed eating them,so he brought seeds and planted them at the nursery so he could eat them whenever he wanted them,


Customers were amazed at seeing a Chili plant that looked like a tree full of chili's.

So the nursery supplier grew plants for sale.

1st year they sold like hot cakes.

So the 2nd year they grew more,,,

Since we don't have something called WINTER (I think it's called)here in S. Ca.

Nobody bought plants.


They didn't grow them again for about 4-5 years,

Everyone who wanted them still had the original plant.

Sales also stopped because people wanted a 12ft. plant in a 5 gal, pot.

Some killed their plants because they were too big and they had a life time supply of pods...


I believe they are a stable cross of Bac. and Chinense.


I believe I'm the source of the original seeds..


I have a red version that I grew from original seeds-was supposed to be orange.

I had a Black too but it is NOT stable in any way shape or form,


He said his Family had a very large one for as long as he could remember.

Mine was just a baby...

You'll notice it has a chinense/Baccatum  taste depending on if the pods were Spring pods,cool weather, (Baccatum ) or Summer warm weather pods taste more Chinense (not strong Chinese).


I  gave away several pounds of pods and seeds for years before Beth at Peppermania sold the seeds.

I believe she was the first Person to sell seeds from plants I grew from the original source.

Beth was a GOOD friend of mine!












#1493994 Should I bring a reaper plant in for the winter?

Posted by smokemaster on 25 September 2017 - 06:53 PM

I'd keep the plant that looks,tastes like they should.

Long tails,good taste and heat matter.

Reapers weren't stable when first released.

Your pics look like they were advertised.


Like Primo's. LOL


Boils down to did you like the pods taste,heat and maybe looks.(looks means little to me in general),


Boils down to DO YOU LIKE THE PODS YOUR BEST PLANT PUT OUT,is it going to be too much work to overwinter etc,


You will be doing the work keeping it alive.

Decide for your personal likes.

The work involved...

Not for likes about pics and posts.


If you like a plant,keep it alive...


I grew a Habanero De Arbol for years before Broad Mites attacked.

It was my largest most loved plant,close to 10 yrs. old.


Do what you want to do,what makes you feel good.









#1493738 What am I growing?!

Posted by smokemaster on 24 September 2017 - 06:58 PM

I didn't think it was a Baccatum,maybe a cross?


See how the buds are all in the early stage having the white tails/Stigma attached.

It suggests a possible cross of something that the genes aren't exactly right or a genetic defect...

The greenish petals is similar to many Chinense varieties.


One pic looks like the leaves are covered in the shed skin from Aphids.

Could be something the Aphids did-spread something to your plants...


I'd guess if you didn't have an Aphid problem,you might have a Reaper from the early seed stock.

Early reaper seeds sucked and either didn't sprout or had tons of problems if they did.


I noticed the leaf variations too,

Some leaves look cupped and long,others look normal.

Color differences between the different leaf shapes...

Could be the lighting,I don't know.







#1493597 What am I growing?!

Posted by smokemaster on 24 September 2017 - 02:42 AM

See the white thing on the bottom of the pod?

That is usually the Stigma (I think it's called).

A lot of first pods have that,

Pod shape is usually not formed right either.

A couple pics look like a Bishops crown.

Some have a large Calyx.

A cross?

Something to do with a plants ability to support the whole process of producing fruits early...buds aren't mature enough or something.

Hurry up and wait time.

The early Reapers aren't stable.

Seed stock issues...






#1493106 Frutescens: Why do people seem less interested in it?

Posted by smokemaster on 21 September 2017 - 04:20 PM

Chris and I talked about Frutescens a lot over the years.

I use them for blends of peppers that taste great but need a little heat.


A lot are very hot ,but short lived heat.

Some have a little flavor,others do have a specific taste.


Great for rubs and powder blends.


Stir fries etc. are a good place for them.

A stir fry doesn't always need a pepper Flavor but a little heat at times to round things out....


Chinense or Baccaum didn' t  work-Wrong taste...


Some like Tabasco sauce-I think it isn't that great.

Tastes like Warn (spice wise) Vinegar to me.


Every Chili I've ever grown has it's place.


My favorite will always be smoke dried  C.Pubescense.


I like supers but I'm tired of the unstable stuff that is popular these days because of pod looks rather than taste etc,


Growing/trying to grow Baccatums this winter.200+ varieties,if they sprout...







#1486132 Foes and friends

Posted by smokemaster on 23 August 2017 - 06:35 PM

good guy-some are meat eaters-attack tomato worms etc.

nasty if you piss them off.

no barbs on their stinger,unlike bees,they can sting you several times.





#1484686 Does anyone recognize this pepper?

Posted by smokemaster on 18 August 2017 - 11:12 PM

Black  Scorpion Tongue.



#1481248 10 days

Posted by smokemaster on 05 August 2017 - 01:05 PM

Great Advice!


I have trusted people to take care of my garden when was in the Hospital.

Came home to dead plants and a Very hungry and thirsty dog....


The person stopped by whenever they felt like it and did as little as possible...


It wouldn't have pissed me off if Heidi was not neglected.


I'd bet the person didn't stop by as often as they should have.


I can see/understand not watering my plants,NOT neglecting my best friend Heidi my dog.


I was dealing with Lymphoma B and Chemo at the time.

I was told I might be Terminal at 1 time.

I guess the person taking care of my stuff figured IF I was terminal my garden and BEST friend should die too.


My post includes a LOT of sour Grapes...


Sorry,just venting...


Boils down to You either set stuff up for your garden or Hope some one does what you expect them to do.


The post about watering/drip system only works for pots.

Inground in the Boonies won't work.

Critters smell water and chew the lines to get a drink.


Another gardener who grows in pots fill up containers with water (from coke bottles to Gal. milk Bottles)  with water,puts a pin hole in the bottom and a 1/8th in the cap.

Size of bottle is sized according to how long you are gone.


Sorry about my comments about my troubles in the past.

I just wanted to let you know why I think you should take advice about self watering your plants.











#1476239 Pepper or not?

Posted by smokemaster on 17 July 2017 - 11:12 PM

Too darn Hot here.

Humid as heck these days...

Fingers suck...


I get it now,like the gang banger stuff,until some one tells me what the stuff means,I have no clue. LOL


Never meant to post that we had any problems or whatever.

I gotta type when I can,most posts are short and may come off to some as if  I'm pissed or?


I send this link to people I don't like-




I love this song.




#1476149 Pepper or not?

Posted by smokemaster on 17 July 2017 - 04:27 PM

Lots of seeds look the same as Pepper seeds.








It was given to me as Persimons pepper.


Be carefull,Datura can kill you.


If it puts out round pods,decide on IF you want to get high or?



#1474945 Grow Lights and Setup Help

Posted by smokemaster on 12 July 2017 - 09:11 PM

K is what we need to know-light wave length.


I find 5000 to 6500 k are best.

No matter what light source you use.

The higher the Lumens +/- is debatable according to the hours you have your lights on...

Sun burn etc.


Flouros in 6500 K worked best,LED's in red and blue were and are the best for my indoor starts.

I made my own panels years ago with 1 watt LEDs.


I still use them...LEDs last forever.

I use 400nm to 650nm mostly.


Feel free to E Mail me and talk about my grow.










#1474608 Transplant Shock: Leaves are wilting after putting in SUN | HELP and SUGGESTI...

Posted by smokemaster on 11 July 2017 - 05:26 PM

Easy hardening off method,for me.


I don't mess with shade for X amount of time.

Too hot here,root growth I think is my main problem.


I grow all starts,from seed, in 4 1/2 in. pots.

I sprout seeds in 2 1/2 in. zips...


I found that root mass was my problem AFTER I used to harden off my plants in the shade.

Had to baby plants too much=water 2+ times a day or perfectly grown starts cooked in the heat...


I found that putting plants directly in #15 (7 1/2 gal. pots) worked best(from 4 1/2 in. pots).

Tall is the key,need only a couple hours of real sun a day to harden off.


The white lined (inside the can) work better than the gold or silver cans.


Big pots allow a few weeks of extra root growth.


The trick is to put a can (1 gal.+)with the top and bottom cut out around my starts,

Cardboard box or anything a couple/4+ in. inches taller than my plants.

Make whatever you use somewhat tight fit.


This way my starts get pot/root space to harden off + indirect sun to harden off plus lots of pot space to keep up with supporting the plants..


Less work etc.

Shade cloth sucked,too much shade or not enough...


Shade cloth also let the smaller nasty bugs in,but the bigger good guys couldn't get in to help me out by eating them...

I don't use poison!.


Hands aren't working today.Health stuff...


I'll answer questions latter when I can.


Your pic looks like perfect candidates for my method.

No offence.I never have starts as skimpy/leggy as your pic.

Use more Lumens of light.













#1474410 Lemon Drop Pepper Question

Posted by smokemaster on 10 July 2017 - 08:47 PM

I think I've had 2 names for the Baccatums - aji lemon or lemon drop and the Chinense was spelled (aji?) Limonj,not Lemon.