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In Topic: Being Crafty

Yesterday, 10:50 PM

The appearance is really appealing too.

Nah, I can see though it lol.

In Topic: Ideas for 7 Pot yellow sauce

Yesterday, 07:26 PM

Color is last on my list especially for homemade but so many good brown sauces like bbq, steak, even chipotle hot sauce and others that just end up brown or muted or muddy. Taste is king. :)

In Topic: Hello from Czech Republic !

Yesterday, 04:58 PM


In Topic: Caesar Dressing

Yesterday, 03:59 PM

Looks weird but in jar looks great~ lol



In Topic: Being Crafty

Yesterday, 03:57 PM

Mike, I KNOW you'd like Green Diamonds. https://www.beeradvo...e/33510/107726/


The comment on that page Pine, Resin, Orange, nails it. Very drinkable big beer, more piney and dank than juice bomby like other Other Half. Ha. Other Other Half!