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In Topic: 1st time seeing fresh super hots, I need recipe ideas please

Today, 05:32 PM

Buy a dehydrator and next time dry a lot of them, save some for fresh cooking, or hot sauce. The ghost are good for some Indian curries, the bonnets for Caribbean, the scorpion, whatever... have pickles in your fridge? Slice a scorpion in half and pop it in the in jar. Things like that.

Here's my plan for now

Today going to make pickled scorpion eggs. I picked scorpion because scorpion eggs sounds cool. 12 eggs, pickling salt, baby dill, and 1 maybe 2 scorpions

Also going to make fermented tomato based ghost pepper sauce. I got two pounds of tomatoes, will add garlic and 1 maybe 2 ghost peppers

Freeze the rest


Haha I posted before I read this. Great minds think alike. Good plan!

In Topic: Making Hot Sauce 101

Today, 04:59 PM

Well if not keep it in the fridge. Lots of people make meat sauce, and bacon jam, nothing new there. Home use = fridge.

In Topic: Being Crafty

Today, 04:08 PM

Mental note: Check out Aslin (or trade with TGCM)

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Today, 04:03 PM

Are we drinking yet?  :beer:




If you never stop, you never have to start. 

In Topic: Being Crafty

Today, 03:28 PM