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#1546463 The Count's Drunken Adventures In The Kitchen

Posted by The Count on Yesterday, 06:31 PM

One night while drinking and watching YouTube food review videos, I saw this sandwich get reviewed by NumberSixWithCheese from Ricobenes. I had to make it since its basically a chicken fried steak sandwich with Italian stuff. So here it is for the first time in my kitchen. It was AMAZING btw, and will be going in my recipe book🍻

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#1546537 Sliced ketchup

Posted by muskymojo on Yesterday, 11:39 PM


#1546528 Sliced ketchup

Posted by Edmick on Yesterday, 11:09 PM

It all makes sense now dragonsfire. The shroud has been lifted..

#1546493 Sliced ketchup

Posted by dragonsfire on Yesterday, 08:21 PM

Yup, people do veggie rollups with dehydrator. I used to eat the dried ketchup around the top when I was a kid, loved it lol.

#1546501 Comfort Food Thread

Posted by Rajun Gardener on Yesterday, 08:46 PM

I bought some cajun sausage stuffed pork chops about a week ago, I'm a little disappointing because there wasn't much sausage in them but they come seasoned so that natural marinade made them a winner.


I usually bake them but tonight I tried them in the old Presto Fry Master Cooker 400 which is a pan style pressure cooker. I think everyone needs one of these, it makes cooking so easy and faster. Ebay probably has a few cheap.


I browned the chops on both sides to get that flavor in the pan, added onions and a little water to start making that gravy and added the chops back to the pan before the cover went on.


20 minutes under pressure and another 10 resting, these came out juicy and fall apart tender.


Served with baked sweet potato, greenbeans with mushrooms and onions


There wasn't much sausage but the flavor penetrated the meat and had excellent taste.



I wiped that plate out, bone licking good.





#1546480 Sliced ketchup

Posted by Crispee-FL on Yesterday, 07:25 PM

To be honest, I would probably buy it just to get creative with it.

We actually have a restaurant down here that makes a tomato jam/Tabasco roll up they use in their Bloody Marys as straws. Gotta drink them quick lol

#1546470 Sliced ketchup

Posted by PtMD989 on Yesterday, 06:57 PM

I’m waiting for the mustard slice.

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#1546467 Sliced ketchup

Posted by Muckyai on Yesterday, 06:47 PM

So "sliced ketchup" popped up on my news feed today. Apparently it's the next big thing. No muss.. no fuss.. no mess.. no refrigeration.. it's sauceless sauce!

I'm thinking that sammich is gonna be awful dry with sauceless sauce.

The pic reminded me of that "squeeze bacon" meme.



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#1546464 Sixth Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2018 April 21-22 Brooklyn

Posted by pallottahot on Yesterday, 06:36 PM

Pallotta Hot will be there! This is the very first event we've done of this size and are super excited!

#1546457 Make your best taco.

Posted by texas blues on Yesterday, 05:57 PM

The tacos look great but i'm more interested in that thumb ring.. Tell me about that..


The thumb ring.


Nuthin' special.


I play guitar.


And my wedding ring on my left hand.


Would clack against the neck and sometimes the fret board.


Because I thumb over for the bass playing finger style no pic.


And also because I play slide on that same finger.


I love my dear sweet wife and being married to her.


And felt naked without that ring taking it off to play.


So I got another band and put it on my right hand thumb.


Out of the way.


And because it looks cool.


mrs. blues approved.

#1546454 Being Crafty

Posted by Ozzy2001 on Yesterday, 05:50 PM

Had this the other day too. Picked it up while we were in FL for my sons swim meet.

Its a really awesome beer.

#1546449 Info on a pepper called "Major Pain"?

Posted by spicefreak on Yesterday, 05:35 PM

Second post there has the pepper your after but the thread itself is for a different one with a similar name, just FYI.

#1546451 Being Crafty

Posted by Thegreenchilemonster on Yesterday, 05:44 PM

Leftovers with a refreshing Master of Oranges to accompany dinner.

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#1546453 Being Crafty

Posted by Ozzy2001 on Yesterday, 05:47 PM

Cheers fellas.

This was pretty good but a little too sweet for me.

This is better :)

#1546434 Looking for small prolific pepper in the 500-3000 range

Posted by Berzerker on Yesterday, 04:39 PM

More like kuujuaq, temporarily, but i would like to go spend some time in Ellesmere ;)  ..you really need some hot peppers and vodka there to stay warm  haha