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#586293 Candice's 2010/2011 grow season

Posted by Wildfire Chilli Australia on 12 March 2012 - 06:58 PM

Pablo I bring this up here because he has a link on his website to it right here and it is defamatory to me and this is the only way I can respond to people looking at it since he wont take it off his website. I have no idea what Cappy's problem is and why he is insisting that I have shared seeds with Jim. I have nothing to do with Jim and the CPI testing and didnt even know about it until a few months ago. Even then Jim didn't know what was going to come out as the hottest. He had a bunch of different superhots they were testing not just the Moruga and went to a gala dinner where it was announced. All I can think of is that Cappy is jealous that Jim has gotten fame about the Moruga and for some reason he thinks it is the Brain Strain seeds he sent me, WHICH I HAVE NOT SHARED WITH A SINGLE SOUL. I even had someone on Facebook ask me last year if I could share seed and I told them the same thing.
Why would I say way back in April last year that my plants had a disease and I was not saving seed, how could I look into the future a year especially when I had no idea that a test was going to happen.
Cappy you labelled the seeds as a mix and we guessed at what it was because you said you cant tell the difference. I told you I had the others as seed and will grow them out but no more BS. You said you couldn't help me till later and then i didnt hear back.

Just get over yourself and stop making up little stories in your head. I know you would have spent a lot of money for the trademark so you must be annoyed that everyone is telling you they are the same thing because now you have wasted your money. I asked your permission if I could sell pods from the 2010/2011 season as I had a bag of dried ones and you said fine as long as I dont sell seed. I said no problem sold them and now the Morugas I am selling are from 2012 season not your 2010 seed.
I will not comment on this anymore but would appreciate you not putting my personal home address on the internet for everyone to see and will ask a mod to remove it.
There is enough room in the industry for everyone and there is no need for all of this, you sell your BS and we will sell our Moruga. You are just upset with me because you wanted me to say in anither thread that they are different strains and I said I can't tell the difference. I think Brain Strain stands for B.S!
Once again I ask you to remove your allegations off your website.

#568937 Brain Strain vs TS morouga

Posted by Wildfire Chilli Australia on 14 February 2012 - 07:09 PM

Well I don't believe you one bit Jim you will lie cheat and steal your way into the record book. I know what you did switching 7 Pod BS seeds and claiming them as your own Moruga Scorpion not to be confused with the Morouga Blend. I cannot prove you got them from Candices plants and I can't get her to come on here and tell her story. So if you see no difference between the Moruga Scorpion/Brain Strain is everybody now just supposed to lump these two strains together? Yes I never created a pepper but neither did you. What happened to the New Mexico Scorpion pepper why wasn't it tested?

Cappy it is not that I won't come on here, I have been extremely busy, I don't even really have time now. You emailed me yesterday 3.30am my time and then again around 9am begging me to come on here and back you up. I had 2 hours of broken sleep because I have a teething baby so was extremely tired and cranky and I also had to get my 4yr old son ready and to school by 9am and then have a meeting with the principal. Then after that I had the house to clean and 15kg of chillies to start processing into products.

Ok my story- you gave me seeds a year or two ago. the seeds you gave me were a mix of 3 or 4 different strains if I remember correctly, the most being Brain Strain and Morugas. I think you did this A. Because you thought I was going to sell them so you prevented this by mixing them or B. You can't tell the difference betweena Moruga and a Brain Strain so this way you could say you gave me both.Now I grew them an out of 20 plants they all looked the same. I sent photos to you and asked you which strain you thought they were... you couldn't give me an answer or any tips on how to tell the difference. So I named them Brain Strain at a guess. I asked for your permission to sell the dried pods and you said yes but you didn't want me selling seeds. I have never sold or given away seeds, and have told you in a pm that I didn't give any to Jim and then you ask on here again. I had other people asking but as the part of the field I grew on last year had some sort of soil disease I said I would not give any seeds away as I didn't want to spread it.

Now I have no idea why you think that Jim would use your seeds and then rename them. For starters he has always said to me (when I posted pics on FB) that he thought they are exactly the same as Morugas.I have also heard lots of others say that they can not tell the difference.
Honestly I think you are just upset that you have spent money and time on Trademarking the name Brain Strain and are now upset that it will never be a record breaker or well known. Sorry if this sounds harsh but thats the only thing I can think of as to why you are so upset of Jim getting the Moruga tested as the highest.

jim has doe a lot for the chilli industry and I respect him and speak with him regularly. If it wasn't for him organising and donating his seeds then we would never know how hot these chillies are.
Please don't come back attacking me, I really don't have time for "arguments" on here as I have a chilli festival in 3 weeks that I am preparing for and I really can't be bothered.

#522269 Etiquette

Posted by Wildfire Chilli Australia on 04 November 2011 - 08:28 PM

Yes I agree with everything of what you are saying Ann.

This idea I had I haven't even tried the competitors product, just seen that they had it sometime later and that the ingredient list was very short. I would never sit down and taste test to try to create the same product as someone else, in fact if anything I would make mine first and if I happened to come across theirs afterwards then I would try it.
It really doesn't matter anymore as I'm not going ahead with it anyway so I will let this matter rest.

Thank you for your back up Ann, i'm glad you can see what sort of person I am and would not intentionally go out of my way to do something immoral or to discredit another business.

#521928 Etiquette

Posted by Wildfire Chilli Australia on 04 November 2011 - 01:27 AM

I think the only issue is that you are not being honest with yourself - if you want to copy a great idea, go for it, but don't hide it behind stories of inspiration while eating a family meal...

...and don't go full circle and start accusing others of copying you...chilli karma burns.

Hi FunEd


I'm sorry you feel this way and everyone that knows me knows how honest I am and i even get told that I am too honest. I don't mind if you don't believe me because that is exactly how it happened. I have a 4yr old son and a 4 month old baby and run every aspect of my chilli business by myself with the occasional help from my mum. My life is hectic and I can't always get around to things "as I think of them". I have somewhere that I write my ideas down so I can get to it "later".

As it turns out I made it and I didn't think it was as great as what I imagined and decided not to go ahead with it anyway.

You really don't know my situation unless you are someone that knows me and is hiding behind this "funed" character? If so then I think you should say it to my face and be upfront.... But yes chilli karma burns and I know it isnt coming my way

#520868 Pepper powder for sale

Posted by Wildfire Chilli Australia on 01 November 2011 - 03:47 AM

Great colours!

#489322 INCINERATOR SAUCE - small batch #2

Posted by Wildfire Chilli Australia on 17 August 2011 - 12:24 AM

Yes it is my sauce. Heatseekers Chilli is my other company that makes sauces/food products, so it's like the sister company to Wildfire Chilli.

It is extremely f***n hot but as with any sauce it depends on your tolerance. My partner eats heaps of chilli and he puts it on everything (small amounts though)same with his uncle and a few friends, others try less than a pea size and can't handle it. It bent a cop in half at the festival (that was kind of funny to watch but I was scared he might arrest me or grab his baton)!
Everyone was dubbing it "the 2min burn". They were coming up asking for it by that name because people would try it and say yeah its hot and they loved the flavour but maybe not the hottest sauce they had tried then 2 mins later BAM it would hit them. We had heaps of people lining up and coming back just to say it is defintaely the hottest sauce they had. It's hard to compare but if you had to maybe you could say it's at least 2 times hotter than CaJohns Z Beyond Nothing. I made it the hottest I could without putting people in hospital. I still wanted people to be able to eat it but think that is about the limit you could "safely" eat (small amounts, not teaspoons).
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#484171 Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

Posted by Wildfire Chilli Australia on 01 August 2011 - 10:42 PM

Maybe the soil had Neem cake in it (Simply a guess)?? It can make it seem sandy but might also explain the lack of pests as the plant uptakes the neem active constituents and makes it less likely to be attacked (not to mention feeding the plant with NPK)

My dry fert I am using has Neem cake in it (along with many other things) and is slow release over 3 months (doesn't burn the plant either).

Organic Link

17 bucks from bunnings for 4kg ... way too much for me but it was the smallest size they had :lol:

hadnt heard of that before, thanks for the link. I don't think he used anything like that though, i'm pretty sure it was all man made. Have sent an email so we will wait and see. He is a busy man though so don't know if i'll get a reply...

#476313 Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

Posted by Wildfire Chilli Australia on 12 July 2011 - 01:40 AM

Looking into bleach treatment for seeds and I couldn't find any brands that didnt have sodium hydroxide in it. So next thing was hydrogen peroxide. Have read some interesting stuff so far on germinating and growth/fruit size. Here is a quick read http://www.gardenzin...k/peroxide.html

#427013 adding capsaicin to a sauce??

Posted by Wildfire Chilli Australia on 05 March 2011 - 09:16 PM

No worries DVG. I'm no expert in the field and don't have a tonne of experience with extracts but in my opinion most extract sauces contain the nasty tasting thick liquid oleoresin. The post you made in the link above seems to list them all, another name could be pure oleoresin extract.

Pure Capsaicin is an extract but the process is different and is something like $3,500 kg so I don't think many manufacturers use it as an ingredient and also it is hard to deal with. So using the oleoresin is easy cos its all bottled up ready to go, just add to your sauce.

So in my opinion the thick liquid oleoresin extract is easy to use and does add quite a bit of heat without needing to use heaps but has a bad taste and if you add too much people that eat a bit of it can feel sick or even throw up (I do most of the time I have more than a teaspoon of sauce which has extract in it).
Pure Capsaicin on the other hand has great advantage with not changing the taste of your sauces but can be very dangerous to handle and should require a full body suit and contained area to deal with it.
So they both have pros and cons, you just have to decide what you would prefer to eat or deal with.

Now with saying all this I like to use just superhots in my sauces for a naturally hot sauce, you can't get as hot as extract sauces but I think most extract sauces are mainly for being macho, pranks or for dares, not to use as an every day sauce as the side effects aren't worth it. The only time I would use an extract sauce would be not as a sauce but as an additive to cooking because then you can't really taste it, however it's just as easy to slice up a Bhut or Scorpion and add that. But if you don't have any fresh or dried then I guess it has it's place.
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#426731 adding capsaicin to a sauce??

Posted by Wildfire Chilli Australia on 04 March 2011 - 07:33 PM

Pure Cap can be very dangerous but that is why you don't go and do stupid things like a spoonful of it that has only been diluted in a small amount of alcohol. It took me a long time to decide to experiment with it as I was so scared of it and the stories i heard, so I started off with a small amount (3g vial into 200ml alcohol) then added a few mls of that solution to a 150ml sauce and it kicked up the heat to a Jalapeno level.
I tried it and it is great for adding heat without any flavour, colour or odour. Only problem is when I mixed it and shook the bottle the cap came off and I spilt it. I have been burning for 36hours (feels like my hands and feet were on fire constantly) and I have obviously touched stuff in the house afterwards and 3 days later am rubbing my eyes and still getting burning like I have just rubbed a cut open Bhut in there. i did have nitrile gloves on, respirator mask, goggles, hat, long sleeves, apron etc but it just got everywhere and I think since it splashed quite a bit on my gloves it may have soaked through.

Just be really careful with mixing it because if you get any on you or breath it in it does hurt! :hell: And obviously don't do stupid things like trying it straight or putting a crystal on your tongue, it must be used in dilution only and used as an additive!
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#426511 gday from ballina australia

Posted by Wildfire Chilli Australia on 04 March 2011 - 05:23 AM

Hey David

Welcome here :welcome:
I had the same problem with a bunch of my plants recently. Because we have had the hottest summer in 33yrs here in Perth I was stressing that when I was at work that they would die and have overwatered them without checking on them in between. After all the leaves were falling off thought i'd better have a look in the greenhouse and realised the pots were still soaking wet after 2 days of no water.

Dewfinately worth investing in some good soil or growing in pots perhaps.
Good luck with them.

#413120 Awesome Chilli Auctions

Posted by Wildfire Chilli Australia on 10 January 2011 - 05:55 AM

I'm sure most of you are aware of the devastating floods that have hit the Gascoyne and Carnarvon region in Western Australia and all the floods that are happening in QLD. Many houses,farms, businesses,posessions, cars and 10 lives have been taken and destroyed. These have been going on for a few weeks now and are affecting more and more people as time goes on.

After a little bit of thought I wondered how I could help out the people that have suffered from these terrible events. So I decided to contact a number of companies that sell chilli related products in Australia and America to see if they would like to donate prizes to an Auction that will help these victims. I have only asked one member here to donate so far as I thought most of you would see this, so if you also run a chilli company and would like to donate a product or two please contact me via email sales@wildfirechilli.com.au

The response has been overwhelming with more than 100 products already being pledged including: Chilli Vodka and shot glasses, T-shirts, numerous sauces, chutneys and pickles, Chilli Cordial, Chilli Earrings, Chilli seed packets, Dukkah, chilli powder and chilli mustards, just to name a few. Dave Dewitt will also be donating his Complete Guide to Chile Peppers book.

As a result I will be holding a number of Auctions starting in the next few days (open to Australia and the rest of the World) and ending on Sunday 6th Feb to raise money for the "Lord Mayor's Distress Relief Fund" for the Gascoyne region which will help around 200 individuals with money for clothes, food, accommodation and anything else they need. I have permission to use their licence for fundraising which is no:17837.
I have also asked another charity to use their licence for the QLD relief fund which I will be receiving confirmation of in the next couple of days.

If you can't bid on the Auctions but would like to make a small donation anyway then please send funds through my paypal account sales@wildfirechilli.com.au in $AU and I will pass on all the donations in a lump sum from the chilli community. Please choose the personal and "gift" field when sending payments through paypal and leave a comment saying which fund it is for.

I will not be receiving any funds for any of this and will be paying any fees associated with running this apart from charges to cover postage to the winners if I can't find a courier company to help out.

It looks like this will be a great event and I ask that you pass on this link to all of your friends and family and business associates to help make this successful. Please support the people of W.A and QLD and help them rebuild their lives.



Companies that have pledged donations or helped so far:
Alabama Jack (U.S.A)
Alchemy Cordial
Blue Kitchen
Budget Print
Burning Tastebuds
Chilli Bird
Chilli Freak
Chilli & Spice
Dave Dewitt (Fiery Foods supersite)(U.S.A)
Defcon (USA)
Disaster Bay Chillies
Food Symphony
Heartbreaking Dawns (USA)
Heatseekers Chilli
Karrimah Farm
Matchett Productions
Refining Fire Chillies (U.S.A)
Salsa Lady (Texas Creek Hot Sauce)(U.S.A) also a co coordinator in this auction
Scorpion Chilli
Sticky Fingers
The Berry Farm
Twisted Pickle
Wildfire Chilli
Wild Swan Distillery (TOP DONATION - over $500 worth of products!)