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In Topic: Sorry Guys Your Favorite Hot Sauce is Bad!!!

Yesterday, 03:20 PM

Close enough! :lol:

I actually do know the difference, along with their, there, and they're. The one that gets me is affect and effect. Took me a long time, used to have to look it up, but I think I got it now.

In Topic: Making some puree today...will post pics of the process....it's easy....

21 March 2019 - 08:24 PM

Am I the only one also getting hunan feet making these purees?

That's what happens when you make sauce wearing flip-flops. Kind of like deep frying without a top, cutting up peppers without gloves.... ☺️

In Topic: Website changes in Feb

21 March 2019 - 08:06 PM

Boss didn't say which March. I tell people I'll be there the 2nd Tuesday of next week....Works all the time. :cool:

Oops....Boss did say Feb March 2019..

Sorry Boss, tried to cover~/ lol

In Topic: Idea for a bottling machine

21 March 2019 - 07:54 PM

Actually, that's not a bad option other than the capacity is less than a gallon. It could be filled from the cooking vat, one fill up would be about 18 5oz woozies.

In Topic: Scaling Recipes and Reducing Sauces

20 March 2019 - 05:16 PM

Powdered ascorbic acid (Vit C) is another option to add acidity and not water. 


Depending on how much water is needed in the recipe, using bottled water should be considered if the water source is municipal with chlorine, fluoride, etc...we have a residential well, tested every year for basic contamination and a full test every 3 years.  And it is sediment filtered and UV treated.