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In Topic: Scolville home kit tester

15 October 2017 - 02:43 PM

wonder what the range is?  can't find any information on the first website I found.  Just sent an inuiry~

In Topic: Scolville home kit tester

15 October 2017 - 02:39 PM



@pepperlover....I'm guessing the powder would have to be hydrated.....?????

In Topic: Growing/selling super hots on the side

13 October 2017 - 10:33 PM

Growing superhots sounds like and appeals to the "latestGreatest" trend...  But...


from 20 years of selling salsa...

25% of the salsa I sell has ZERO heat (yep.. nada..)

50% of the salsa I sell has 3/10 heat  (medium)

2 out of 100 buy the Scorcher 7/10 salsa


Considering that, I'd guess that maybe 1/3 of consumers actually buy fresh hot peppers of any variety, and most of those are jalapenos or serranos.  Trying to build a business on growing and selling superhots is a niche market.  Look at the vegetable displays at your local supermarket.  The larger the display space the larger the demand.  In our inland northwest Washington markets, peppers of all sorts have about 2 square feet combined of pepper display trays. 



The peppers can be grown, you can do the work, but you will need buyers of quantities of superhot peppers.  Consider contract growing.  Certain varieties for specific buyers.    The fact that you have access to and support for growing chiles is super exciting!  Hope things work out for you to have a super terrific grow!

All the best,




In Topic: Best way to cut hot sauce

13 October 2017 - 10:05 PM

Listen..... I don't make the rules, lady! "The Dude ABIDES" :rofl:
(I had to scroogle "DURIAN" ;) )

Seriously?! That's awesome! I'll grab (a much smaller) one next time I'm at the store. I did pick up a dragon fruit though. First time for me. I'll probably eat it tomorrow :)


I couldn't resist.  :lol:  jackfruit=durian=NOT!



I was expecting something along the lines of, "If you're asking that question, you shouldn't be making hot sauce."


That one's real popular elsewhere.




Isn't that like a student in driver's ed asking "what's the free right on red rule?"  Isn't that why they are in driver's ed, to learn?  :rolleyes:  


Sorry, that probably is a bit snarky.  



If someone who was supposedly a licensed commercial hot sauce maker asked "what's a pH?"  I would reply as above that the person shouldn't be making hot sauce. 


If a new chile grower posted that same question of "What's a pH?" , I and most others here on THP would be happy to reply with information.  



In Topic: Best way to cut hot sauce

13 October 2017 - 09:38 PM

I really appreciate the input and friendly responses. As someone whose go-to information-gathering strategy is to ask on forums dedicated to the subject, you guys are far and away the best. I'm honestly shocked there hasn't been any of the usual snark or condescension mixed in with the actual good information.



Well, we'd hate to disappoint, so if you are expecting some snark....here you go..




Hot sauce? You wanna make some HOT SAUCE?!?!???  You can't HANDLE Real Hot Sauce!!!!  You Noobie's shouldn't even THINK about making HOT sauce.  We're the reason you can even think about eating real hot sauce!   


​Does that work for your snark fix?   :lol:    




I think THP has the best Hero to a$$hole ratio for it's members.  99.99% heros...  .01%jerks.  Hang around, you will get to know good folks.  


Most important...whatever you're doing with chiles, Have FUN!!!