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In Topic: Recipe for Hot Cheeto Powder?

22 March 2018 - 09:42 PM

Btw, Boss, did you spell colloquialisms by spell check or from scratch? Lol!!!

In Topic: Recipe for Hot Cheeto Powder?

22 March 2018 - 09:39 PM

Yep, TBs gonna have to post up some serious nonhippy cookery schtuff soon or lose his master pepper stuffer card.

In Topic: Hot Fill/ Hold Time

22 March 2018 - 04:11 PM

in the previous post, I was typing on the kindle which is a PITA so I didn't explain a lot.  In case you haven't submitted your samples yet, or for others who may read this-


I would suggest writing up your recipes and processes using the HFH method of processing and let them come back to you if they want something further.  


Here is a basic outline of how the PA's like the recipes presented-


Recipe Ingredients- Everything noted by WEIGHT, including liquids if you can.  But don't worry too much about the liquids if they are in cups or gallons.

All the other ingredients should be by gram weight.  Don't say "bring to boil", make note of temperature "bring up to 212F and gently simmer for 20 minutes".  Don't just say 1# carrots, note if they are fresh, frozen, canned, dried.



(random made-up recipe)

454g fresh trimmed carrots

250g fresh trimmed onions

25g dried habanero powder

20g fresh peeled garlic

15g frozen shredded ginger in water

1 cup pineapple juice(bottled)

2 cups apple cider vinegar

10g sea salt




wash/peel fresh carrots and dice using food chopper

wash/peel fresh onions and dice using food chopper

peel fresh garlic


Add fresh vegetables, ginger, salt, juice and vinegar to stock pot.  Simmer at 212F for 45 minutes.

Run everything through a blender until smooth.

Return to clean stock pot and bring up to 200F.

Hold at 200F for 15 minutes.


Using a ladle and funnel, fill bottles one at a time, cap and immediately invert for 5 minutes or more.





The PA may come back and want further explanation of an ingredient or process.  They may want a list of what is in the bottled pineapple juice.  Usually, if you have run your process by your local inspector, there won't be much to figure out.


This also brings up a side note-

If something like a bottled juice is used, make sure you are happy with the product and that you can get it and use it for a long time.  Whatever the ingredients listed on the label of the juice are, they have to be printed on the sauce label.  If the juice changes, the ingredients may change, which could be  problem if the label doesn't list something.


Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

hope this helps~






In Topic: Hot Fill/ Hold Time

20 March 2018 - 11:46 AM

The standardhot fill hold does not require punching a hole etc.

All my recipes are
Put heated 200f sauce in bottle
Immediately INVERT
Keep inverted for 3 minutes

The punching a hole thing is probably for line filling in jars or cans.

In Topic: How to make sauce hotter???

17 March 2018 - 10:35 PM

Salt increases heat to some degree. I never add salt (beyond the required for ferment etc.) until the last so that I can fine tune the heat.


Never heard of that. Not saying it couldnt be true....but you would think that over the years, someone would of made that correlation by now.
Sugar toning down the heat, that has been proven.

Something to try is to take the seeds of peppers and the white ribbing inside the pepper, put it in a cheesecloth and tie it off like a tea bag and let it steep then remove after a few days or the cooking process.

This does have some merit. If a person has a bunch of extra peppers, especially superhots, the placenta and seeds could be put in cheesecloth and steeped in the sauce. The capsaicin will leach into the sauce making it hotter without adding more pepper flavor.