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#1555197 Cloning Poblano's "Mexican Hot Sauce"

Posted by salsalady on 23 May 2018 - 09:59 PM

Questions for you guys:


  • Are habaneros used fresh or dried? I guess it must be fresh, or else this sauce is 30% dry habaneros which is insane.
  • Because habaneros and chiles are above vinegar, that suggests that the recipe is at least 2 parts chile to 1 part vinegar.

Not Necesarily 2:1.  using the above list, it could be-

50% habanero

15% chile

15% spices

15% vinegar

5% other



25% habanero


19% spices

19% vinegar

17% other



Lots of ways to interpret the list.  Sounds like a fun project.  Good Luck! 



edit to get that other 2% in recipe #2.  :lol:





#1554986 messed up

Posted by salsalady on 22 May 2018 - 09:32 PM

I've ran the ferment through the food mill and dried the tailings....that way you get both the liquidy sauce and the dried remnants....which is what you would basically be getting by drying a ferment.  Unless it is a really thick ferment...? and you don't have a use for it as a sauce?



Hmm ...if it is a kinda thick ferment, I suppose the pulp could be (blendered if needed...), put into jam jars and done up in a boiling water bath.  Kind of a riff on AJ Puree recipe.





#1554911 Buffalo sauce fill and life cycle

Posted by salsalady on 22 May 2018 - 03:40 PM

Go for it and let them tell you otherwise if something needs adjusting~ 


don't offer to get FDA registered unless you have to.  (where's the subversive anti-government smiley? :lol:)


#1554831 Buffalo sauce fill and life cycle

Posted by salsalady on 22 May 2018 - 10:45 AM



Buffalo sauces usually have butter as an ingredient which is a critical factor.  To properly make and sell the sauce you will have to get BPCS certified.  Better Process Control School.  It costs some $$$ and about a week of time,  either in person or online.  And of course the sauce has to be process authority certified.  Since it requires BPCS certification, you will need to register with the FDA for yourself and the facility where it is made.  And the processing log/record keeping is a PITA compared to a basic vinegar based hot sauce.  But , yes, it can be HFH.


Good Luck!


#1554499 Extreme Biz Profile: Bold Badger Sauces

Posted by salsalady on 20 May 2018 - 10:14 PM

Oh My...Wow.  Ummmm...YIKES!  



I gotta take a step back, re-wine and read this all again. 



Quick question...since this is Q&A.....!!!! 


Are all the sauce fermented?



and NO I haven't looked at the website.  :lol:  It's probably answered in there somewhere. 


Good call on the generic pepper listings.  If the label says a certain specific pepper and you don't have it....not good.  Generics gives you a lot of flexibility and if the PA signs off on it, then good to go!  100 grams of 7 Pots is 100 grams of peppers.  Shouldn't matter the variety of 7 Pot.


I'm off to check out the website.  Thanks for posting the BizProfile, Best wishes for a most successful pepper sauce business! 



Ah'll be back!




#1554493 messed up

Posted by salsalady on 20 May 2018 - 09:58 PM

What's that saying....'knowledge is learning from your mistakes, wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others.  Be Wise, Peppawan."

-insert image of cloaked pepper floating off into the sand dune sunset-....


Don't mind me, just having a bit of fun.  :D


Fortunately, this is the bestest most excellentivest pepper forum ever and 99.92% of folks are here to learn or here to help.  There is the occasional rotten pepper, but the Mods take care of that quite nicely.  WarrantMan is definitely one of the good peppers~



#1554275 messed up

Posted by salsalady on 20 May 2018 - 12:36 AM

warrantman means that in the bestest, most helpful way.  Been there, not done 'that', regretted it.....anyway, back on topic....


as Hawaiianero said, ferments taste sour, that's part of the whole fermentation thing.  "aging" is different than fermenting.  I've had HUGEly different flavors based on the ripeness or greenness of the peppers, and on what other ingredients are used.  One batch made with green jalapenos and left to do it's thing for about 5 months came out soooo sour...it was worse pucker power than sucking on a lemon!!!



give it another go, add some other ingredients like apples that will help it not be so sour and after it is fermented, you can always add more non-fermented of the same ingredients.


Have fun!





#1554049 Caribbean Hot Pepper Relish

Posted by salsalady on 18 May 2018 - 08:28 PM

I found this guy's recipe and video when researching sauces to make in our Making Hot Sauce class a couple months ago.  The class basically followed his recipe using fatalli chiles instead of scotch bonnets.  It came out really well!  SPICY!  but yummy!  Here's the recipe they used.


Trinidad Pepper Sauce


3 ½ # habanero/Fatalii

1 ½ c ginger-fresh

¾ c garlic-fresh

2 c scallions and onion (3 bunches scallions, yellow onions for the rest)

3c white vinegar

3c yellow mustard

4T salt

3 bunches cilantro

¾ c lime juice

#1553549 Is anal pasture a real thing?

Posted by salsalady on 16 May 2018 - 04:34 PM

Cone9, you cracked me up this morning. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't mistaken for one of the 'respectable' members. :lol:. It's all good.

I forget that newer members may not know some of our older inside jokes and nicknames.


#1553471 Is anal pasture a real thing?

Posted by salsalady on 16 May 2018 - 09:24 AM

There are some respectable THP members (Boss may be suspect) reading and posting in this thread.  

(Good thing you're not talking about me!  :lol: )


What is the matter with you people?   I wouldn't waste may reading and posting in a thread like this.

Like you just did?  It's like Knock-Knock jokes...you know it's gonna be bad, but can't help saying Who's There?... :lol:


You all should try to emulate my standards of decency for a change.



...and btw, I didn't see any links in this thread to porn.  Where are those?

#1553397 Is anal pasture a real thing?

Posted by salsalady on 15 May 2018 - 10:58 PM

Don't look. What is once seen cannot be unseen.

#1553383 Is anal pasture a real thing?

Posted by salsalady on 15 May 2018 - 09:57 PM

Just sprinkle some salt on the buttcheeks and the pasteurization will be increased.

#1553265 Hot fill questions?

Posted by salsalady on 15 May 2018 - 01:04 PM

The Hot Fill Hold method (HFH) is different from boiling water bath  (BWB) which is different than pressure canning.


BWB is using traditional canning jars with metal lids and rings.  The jars are filled with hot or cold product.  The jars are immersed in boiling water for the prescribed time and then removed from the boiling water and allowed to cool.


HFH is used for glass bottles with PLASTIC caps.  The plastic caps cannot be immersed in water.  In the HFH process, a sauce with the proper pH is heated to the proper temp (usually 200F).  The heated sauce is put into the glass bottle which is immediately capped and inverted.   The bottles are kept inverted for about 5 minutes which allows the heated sauce to come in contact with the inside of the cap.


Pressure canning is a whole other process that is not commonly used by sauce makers.


This is explained in pretty good detail in the Hot Sauce 101 thread.


Hope this helps~


#1553263 Making Hot Sauce 101

Posted by salsalady on 15 May 2018 - 12:51 PM

You don't.  Pressure or vacuum is not an issue that needs measuring.  If the sauce is heated to the proper temp when it goes in the bottle...invert...then as it cools the vacuum is created.  The posted process is standard for sauce production for decades, thousands follow these processes.


Eventually, you will get to the point of working with a process authority who will review and approve your recipe and process.  If, for some reason, your sauce is significantly different than anything else out on the market, the PA will work with you to establish a safe processing method.  Don't over think it for now.  And find out who your local food processing inspector is.  It is usually the State Dept of Ag.  You will get licensed at the state level first, then, depending on where you are selling, you may or may not need to be FDA licensed.


More information about starting a food business here-


Hope this helps~


#1553245 Hot fill questions?

Posted by salsalady on 15 May 2018 - 11:01 AM

What jubnut said is correct.  Check out the Making Hot Sauce 101thread, that should answer most of your questions.


Good Luck!