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#1568375 Free Steak Sauce...for a price...

Posted by salsalady on Yesterday, 10:26 PM

I have been out in the kitchen cooking up 3 more batches yesterday and today. I think the heat is at a good level, brought out the Milwaukee drill for fresh ground pepper, actually reduced the garlic....

Thanks for your comments and support, rajun, crispee and all.

More to come when I get more ingredients!

#1568330 Diner Lingo?

Posted by salsalady on Yesterday, 05:21 PM

Wait. Your diner had a real life Flo? How cool is that!
attachicon.gif flo_alice.jpg

Yep! But we called her Flossie.

Greyhound...If in doubt...More butter!....😊

#1568062 In and Out burger/cast iron skillet

Posted by salsalady on 14 July 2018 - 06:04 PM

76.66/23.34 is where it's at


Pookie, you forgot about the .01 factor.  It is a thing. 

Seriously.  Google it.

#1568061 In and Out burger/cast iron skillet

Posted by salsalady on 14 July 2018 - 06:02 PM


That, dear salsalady, is the side-effects of "Life well lived" :D


How about an "after" picture?  I might be able to do another smash, and get a fairly decent pic.  I mean, if rules is rules, and all..

I'm pretty sure we don't want to see the after pictures of a 73/27 smash burger 12 hours later!~    Just SAYIN?!?!???!!!




To a life well lived, that is all the best we can hope for.  

#1568055 Diner Lingo?

Posted by salsalady on 14 July 2018 - 05:51 PM

TAPIOCA!  Very good!  and again, the cafe I worked at made baked custards and bread pudding from scratch. 


Florence Axelson made the baked goods and at the Christmas party made a killer eggnog...pretty sure it was only for 21+ but I still got some (at ~15)

#1568054 Diner Lingo?

Posted by salsalady on 14 July 2018 - 05:47 PM

we are NOT talking about extracting leftover capsaicin from excrement!  :lol:  Some know what that topic is about~~~~


Here's a vid that shows the classic SOS of what I remember-  The first diner I worked at made SOS occasionally as a daily special, and i also made it a few times in the cafe.



#1568019 Diner Lingo?

Posted by salsalady on 14 July 2018 - 04:10 PM

DINER lingo, Edmick!  :lol:  




make it cry= onions......remembering that one. 

and wheels-

#1568014 In and Out burger/cast iron skillet

Posted by salsalady on 14 July 2018 - 04:05 PM

BUT!!! the No Pics-Never Happened rule still applies.

#1568013 In and Out burger/cast iron skillet

Posted by salsalady on 14 July 2018 - 04:04 PM


I reject those rules.  I mean... there were no pics of my live birth.  And yet, you curse my existence. :D


Curse your existence?  NEVER!  Scratch head and wonder WTF?...Yea....probably that....


:lol:  There were no pics of my live birth either.  My older brothers told me I was hatched....





#1568005 Diner Lingo?

Posted by salsalady on 14 July 2018 - 03:50 PM

Cruising through some other threads looking for some classic comfort food inspirations, and it got me to thinking of the lingo back int he day, when phone calls had to be made by spinning a dial....of some of the classic diner lingo...



What do you know of?  Share it!


SOS = Sheit on a Shingle = chipped beef gravy on toast.  Chipped beef is a whole other topic worthy of much discussion and appreciation.


my grandpa was career Navy.  This was one dish I remember from him.  And there was something about Ham and white beans (navy beans) every Wednesday.~  John's dad was HMSRM and he ate chocolate bar sandwiches.   Yep, a chocolate bar with bread. 


B&G- biscuits and gravy= buttermilk biscuits and white or white sausage gravy


Adam and Eve on a raft= poached eggs on toast


Beanies and Wienies- baked beans and hot dogs  this was the Saturday daily special every saturday at the little cafe I worked at way back in the day...like the jurassic era....:lol:


Fry2-  short for 2 eggs, hashbrowns and toast


1 high

short stack

full stack

(pancake lingo~)


something about 'put some shoes on it' = To Go...


What do you remember? or still use? 



TB better be posting up a whole dictionary in here~  ;)  <3



#1567992 In and Out burger/cast iron skillet

Posted by salsalady on 14 July 2018 - 03:19 PM

I beat all of you, already.  I had some leftover ground beef - 75%, so no need to grease the cast iron.  I smashed it, cooked it to perfection, topped it with some Hatch NuMex Gouda cheese, some avocado, fried egg, Klaussen pickle slices, yellow mustard, and French bread hamburger bun.

When I say BOOM, I mean it, goddammit. :D  :rofl:


Because I'm a slob, and I was already outside, I didn't even use a napkin.  I just jumped in the pool right after lunch, and left my burger juice in there.



C'mon, you know the rules~~~~ 

Now you got me all upset cuz i can't see them klaussens, frenchies and 'cados.....  :mope:

#1567974 In and Out burger/cast iron skillet

Posted by salsalady on 14 July 2018 - 02:30 PM

We're talking about 2 totally separate items here. 


A really good quality meat with awesome extras on a toasty bun with CHEESE, and BACON....




flat fried thin patty with mayo/dressing, lettuce, tomato, steamed bun... served in a paper bag....


each one has their place in the heart~

#1567968 In and Out burger/cast iron skillet

Posted by salsalady on 14 July 2018 - 02:20 PM

Im gonna try duplicate an In and Out Burger. I just got a cast iron skillet. Should put oil/butter in the pan b4 i fry the burger?



LOL.  Had an In-N-Out burger for the first time last year. *Does.not.get.the.hype.*  When you can already make a burger 1000 times better than that by default, why copy that one? :D


Mysteries... :D


On a helpful note, though... You can do it with a cast iron.  Flat iron works good, also, but there are different things that can classify as such.  For example, I have a flat iron that I made on a CNC plasma cutter.  I cut what looks like a 3/8" thick mild steel manhole cover, with handles on it.  I use it on my gas grill, and cook everything from burgers to indian flat breads. (roti, paratha, naan, etc) 


Aside from the joking - I really don't get the appeal of the In-N-Out - but that cast iron will serve you well for possibly one of the best burgers that one can make.  That is, the smashburger.   Seasoned meat, with some onion, garlic, and hot peppers rolled in.  Just put a ball of that seasoned meat in a hot, buttered cast iron, and squish it with a spatula.  Boom.








But after all this jaw-jacking about smash burgers, now I wanna try some in the CI for dinner!  With steamed white bread buns and authentic 'murican cheese...


rlslmshdy~ can I post pics?

#1567782 In and Out burger/cast iron skillet

Posted by salsalady on 13 July 2018 - 11:46 PM

sold at every grocery store in america lmao




Uh..no. Wrong.


Nobody has In<--Out American cheese in the store. It's a major part of their signature flavor and melt, it is their own recipe. Not available anywhere but at In<--Out. 

If you think all American cheese taste and melts the same, there is no argument I guess though?



So go to the I-n-O, and order a burger with extra cheese, hold the bun, hold the meat, hold the lettuce, hold the pickle.......;)  





Anyway, the smash burgers I was talking about are usually shown in some dive diner that's been there for 50 years, throw the meat on the flat top, smash it flat and let it cook from there. 


Sounds like I-n-O has the same kind of cult following as Dick's Drive-In in the Seattle area.  Been there, more than once, never at 2am, don't get the hype and I think their burgers taste like crap.  But for those that do have the sentimental flavor attachment of stopping there after an epic night of partying or studying or whatever, they have their perceived tastes that it is the BestBurgerEver.


Me?  Meh~~~~~ 

#1567749 In and Out burger/cast iron skillet

Posted by salsalady on 13 July 2018 - 09:06 PM

When I've seen smash burgers on TV shows, they smash it as soon as it hits the flat top, not smooshing any juices out. After it is cooking or after the flip? NOoooooo....