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#1537142 Issues on first grow of peppers-input appreciated!

Posted by U)<now on 12 March 2018 - 04:52 PM

Got them in their new homes and their finally wilting and losing that shine, but how am I supposed to bottom water with such a small amount of h20? I can understand how to do that from the top but not the bottom.. The mix looks dry on top as well and I didn't add any water to it to when I used the mix just the residual moisture already present.


Just try it, they'll soak it up and tomorrow they'll be nice and perky again.

#1536596 What's Your Favorite Indoor Potting Mix?

Posted by U)<now on 10 March 2018 - 01:39 PM

I actually bought a extra bag of pearlite to add more to the mix. Make sure your pots have good drainage holes and that they are not flat on the floor surface plugging the holes otherwise it will keep water in a lot longer.

And the golden rule as always don't overwater it,there is still water in the peat even when you think it needs waters.

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Ok. The pots I have have excellent drainage with raised holes, same for my catch trays, they have raised ridges, so no issues there.

They were wilting again last night so I watered them with 1oz to 2oz depending on how dry the bottom of the pot was, size of the plant and how the lot felt weight Wise.

After a 3 hour YouTube binge last night on Pro-Mix's YouTube channel and a few others... I think part of my problem might be also that my humidity is simply too high in the tent, averaging 35% and that is not allowing them to dissipate the water as quickly. So I'm going to leave the door open going forward to keep the humidity low. Which, leaving the door open, temps will only be about 70f during the day about about 60f when the lights are off, but that's ok. I'd rather have the temps a bit lower than deal with edema til May. I normally try to keep it around 75, but that won't happen with the door open all the way.


#1536588 What's Your Favorite Indoor Potting Mix?

Posted by U)<now on 10 March 2018 - 01:17 PM

That is perfect. Peat moss and high pearlite content. The plants will love it.
I use a similar product and have 100% success.

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Good to hear!

#1536586 What's Your Favorite Indoor Potting Mix?

Posted by U)<now on 10 March 2018 - 01:04 PM

I picked up a 60lb bale of Pro-Mix HP yesterday. Going to give it a go today with my next round of pot ups.

#1536533 Issues on first grow of peppers-input appreciated!

Posted by U)<now on 10 March 2018 - 09:49 AM

Ok excellent and very thorough explanation and info thanks! I have the jalapeños (the big plants) totally dry at the moment and they're showing that leaf droop like they need a drink-and I bought the stuff in the photos yesterday because I know I was dragging and let em get too big in the cells and bought 3 trays-one that holds 18 3.5" nursery pots and one that holds 10 of the deep 4" square nursery pots. I'm ready to do the switcheroo just still very nervous that them larvae are still munching on my roots and plants but not as bad on the big plants because they are very quickly and effectively drinking the water.

I just want to make sure I'm not innoculating instead of halting the cycle of them larvae, but I know one big boon that will help is if I can keep the new mix from getting fungi growing by using my little clip fan they won't have anything to eat! I'm just concerned that the ocean forest I have is maybe what the fungus has as such a food source? And I'm pretty sure that's where the eggs/larvae came from because they popped up right after I planted them! Like a few nothing crazy but all it takes is one or two females-you catch my drift.. I blended it 50/50 with promix bx but still grew the fungus amongus! So I have those two products, and the local garden supply has BM6 berger which is a high porosity mix. I also bought some Epsoma tomato tone should I blend any of that in the new transplant mix? Epsom salt? Lots of question's I know.. But I'm all ears! Thanks so much

I was also planning on burying the stem up to .25" from the cotyledons when I move them into their containers I got to encourage more root growth, I have done it with other plants to success-I think it would help, no?

How long do you have until you put them outside for the season? 3.5in and 4in pots or even solo cups won't get them by more than maybe 6 to 8 weeks before they start to get rootbound again.

You can order #1 pots (1 gallon nursery pots, actually only .7 gallons and 6in wide by 6in tall) for about 39 cents each shipped off eBay, or normally find them locally for about 47 cents or so each.

#1536532 Issues on first grow of peppers-input appreciated!

Posted by U)<now on 10 March 2018 - 09:46 AM

Not sure what you mean. If you are referring to the white bumps on the stem just above the soil line, that is nothing to worry about. When you transplant the seedling, just bury the stem deep so that those are in the soil, and the plant will send out more roots from those nodes. 

Yep, seedlings will send out roots from the stems when they are still soft. In this case, it could be because they were kept so moist so it's starting to send out air roots. In either case, good to go.

If you're talking about the little green thing, it appears to be a weed or something, just rip it out.

#1536356 Genetikx 2018

Posted by U)<now on 09 March 2018 - 06:03 PM

Final grow list, going live with 90 plants...50% more than I planned on

7Pot Nebru (3)
7Pot Yellow Long (2)
Aji Amarillo
Aji Pineapple (2)
Aji Puerto Rican Yellow Habanero (2)
Andy's Chocolate Reaper Scorpion
Bahamian Goat (4)
Bhut Jolokia Peach (2)
Bhut Jolokia White
Bhut Orange X
Bih Jolokia x Sugar Rush Peach (2)
Blue Christmas
BOC X Aji Pineapple
Brain Strain Yellow (4)
Carbonero Cream (2)
D3 Goat Giant (3)
D3 Goat Yellow #4
El Scorponero #6 (3)
Fatalii White
Habanero Mustard (5)
Habanero Paper Lantern
Habanero Peach (2)
Habanero Purple
Jalapeno Biker Billy (3)
Jalapeno Zapotec
Jamaican Hot Chocolate
Jonah Yellow
Omni Bonnet (4)
Orange Yaky
PDN X Bonda Ma Jacques
Scotch Bonnet Allen Boatman (2)
Scotch Bonnet Belize (3)
Scotch Bonnet Beth Boyd (2)
Scotch Bonnet Chocolate (5)
Scotch Bonnet Jamaican Long Yellow
Scotch Bonnet MOA (6)
Scotch Bonnet P Dreadie Select (2)
Scotch Bonnet TFM x Yellow Pixie (2)
Scotch Bonnet Yellow
Scotch Brain (4)
Scotch Brain Long X Yellow BBG7 (2)

Solid list!!

#1536284 Issues on first grow of peppers-input appreciated!

Posted by U)<now on 09 March 2018 - 02:50 PM

Yeah agreed to both of you, unfortunately I had to ditch one of the 6 cell trays today because they were super infested and the stems on 3.of the jalapeños were muched on the stem :-/
I have corrected my watering about 2 weeks or so again and stopped top watering and using bottom method, as well as letting soil dry as much as possible between waterings, I'm just really less than satisfied the level of moisture the soil seems to hold even when I let it get "dry dry" - my guess is that BX (general use) promix has a lot more vermiculite (says on the ingredients) than the promix HP (High porosity) and I've worked with fine vermiculite before when cultivating mushrooms and it holds a lot of moisture for sure. Ugh. Just worried, I've spent so much time already and don't wanna lose em to these bugs/larvae!!

I freaked out yesterday cuz I was staring at the soil tryna figure out how in the world I can get rid of that top fungus layer so stuff can breathe and all the sudden Lil slimy worm (larvae) started moving, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't staring so hard. Was like a startle reaction.. I'm also really concerned with how I got BLS on so many seedlings vs when I started-my guess is the gnats or larvae hopped from cell to cell and cross contaminated perhaps??

So many questions and so much more to learn but I know this now-prevention and being proactive BEFORE this happens to at least prevent it from happening in the first place is the way to go because now I'm getting some really cool new seeds from fellow forum members and I'm not gonna be able to handle it if I end up not nipping the problem in the bud for sure that they'll end up getting infested and spread more BLS around. I ordered azamax last night, and bti bits to blend in the next soil I make for the new plants and for the transplants that are ready here.. Won't be here until tomorrow hopefully but should I go ahead and wack em with the h202 or should I wait, cross my fingers, and wait til the azamax is in and treat them with that?

Edit:wish I had a better camera but here is some pics-I will merge em when I start my GLOG with the new light setup7d5eaba3a434c2b81f48e2baa642f289.jpg44011d24e8bd98c8ef2aebaa5daa6224.jpga053f069a9060e6cecd3ead7db3358f9.jpgc293993623ae2f0d32f13516f4005c2e.jpg836a0f125e920c48539ae3d26b54f2e1.jpg

I've been in your shoes before, take a deep breath, and step back and evaluate. You've not gone past the point of no return... yet. Don't overcomplicate it, keep it simple.

As I said, let them dry out. That will naturally stop the algae and gnats all by itself, dry soil = no food source/not a pleasant environment for them to be in. It will take a few weeks of keeping them drier, but I promise you it will work.

Also/another option (that I have used personally with success), those plants are very very ready to pot up into Solo cups or #1 pots. Pot them up into some fresh drier mix, and don't water the new mix at all! When you set them into the new pot/mix, set them deep enough that you can cover up the top of the existing mix with about a quarter inch or so of the new dry mix. By doing this, you are taking the light away from the algae which will start to kill it, and also the new dry mix will suck the moisture out of the existing mix also killing the nasties and algae and speed up the drying process.

After you pot them up as described above, do not water them for at least 7 days, or only water each plant once you notice the leaves start to become less shiney and or wilt a bit, can't let seedlings completely wilt though as they sometimes don't recover.

When you do finally water them they won't have many roots in that new mix yet, so no need to wet the entire pot, just give them each about 1oz if in solo cups or 2oz if in #1 pots of water via bottom watering and do not water again until you see signs of wilting. Use a shot glass or something to actually measure until you get it down pat. After a while, you can also go by the weight of the pot once you get the feel for it.

Edit: also, I don't think you have BLS or any other problems other than just simply watering way to much. Do not spray them with anything, just try out the process I mentioned above and I would bet money all your problems will disappear by the end of this month.

Best of luck to you this season!


#1536269 Issues on first grow of peppers-input appreciated!

Posted by U)<now on 09 March 2018 - 01:52 PM

I don't think your plants look that bad to be honest. I think your only problem (if that is in fact your problem) is with the gnats, your hydrogen peroxide solution at a 4-1 ratio should help control the larvae. I could be off but to me I think you may just be overwatering causing a little algae growth / water deposits on the top of your soil. 

I agree, the plants look ok/good still at this point. I would let them dry out for a bit, more than just the top of the soild being dry. Also, bottom watering normally helps keep the gnats away because the top of the soil generally stays dry.

#1536245 What's Your Favorite Indoor Potting Mix?

Posted by U)<now on 09 March 2018 - 01:03 PM

that looks good. I use the CNS bloom. Pretty nice and isn't expensive. Prolly try the 3-1-2 as soon as I run out of the other.

I'll switch over to the bloom at the beginning of May and then likely use that the rest of the season.

#1536240 What's Your Favorite Indoor Potting Mix?

Posted by U)<now on 09 March 2018 - 12:47 PM

if you are using nute water then don't need to add anything.

Ok yeah, I currently water with CNS17 Grow at 10ml/gallon every watering.

I'll pick up a bale of Pro-Mix HP today.

#1536234 What's Your Favorite Indoor Potting Mix?

Posted by U)<now on 09 March 2018 - 12:35 PM

promix hp is what you want. holds less water and dries quicker.
it's been used by lots of peeps on gardenweb/houzz/thp

My local nursery has a fast draining custom berger mix that i love.
If you have a local nursery you can ask who their supplier is and they can order you whatever. Every major supplier will have a fast draining mix.

MG is frowned upon for its inconsistent quality and their new line holds even more water for longer (moisture control). Generally any normal bag soil/soilmix that is not marked fast draining is bad.

Thanks Juanito. Should I use the Pro-Mix HP straight out of the bale as it comes, or do you recommend adding anything to it?

#1536223 What's Your Favorite Indoor Potting Mix?

Posted by U)<now on 09 March 2018 - 12:12 PM

Biobizz Light-Mix.
I've used it for years for various plants other than peppers. It's always worked pretty well and it seems to work for peppers too.

I saw someone last season using that and they had awesome looking plants. I'll look into it again.

#1536208 What's Your Favorite Indoor Potting Mix?

Posted by U)<now on 09 March 2018 - 11:22 AM

Hey all,


    In my quest to find the "perfect" indoor potting mix for me to use while indoors until pot out in late May/early June. I have researched many different mixes and still not quite sure what to try with my next batch of plants I'm potting up to #1 pots this weekend. (I have read the soil sticky also) I am currently using Pro-Mix Ultimate Organic with 30% Perlite added (the mix I linked must be the replacement or renamed version, my bags have blue accents vs red and are not on their site anymore). I am not set on using organic, It's just the bag that looked like a good choice last season and I had some left over so I am using that up this season. 


The problem I have with my current mixture is it holds water for way to long. You can see this in my Glog if you are interested and or not following it currently. Even with a fan on them for 17 hours per day, the #1 pots hold just 2oz of water for 10 days before my plants start to wilt. The edema was caused by me watering them a bit too much at pot up, roughly 8oz or 9oz each and they didn't have the root structure in place to use all that water so that was my fault. Now my biggest plants are only about 50 days old at this point, so they dont need much water, but I dont like how the peat based mix like I am using now shrinks so much when it dries. I'd prefer something that doesn't hold water so long. Thinking of going to something with more Coco instead of peat, I know Coco wont shrink like that, but it can hold even more water than peat. Also, as much as most people dis-like MG mixs, I used them years ago and never had any edema issues, what are the real issues or reasons for disliking MG mixs?


All that being said, what is your favorite mix, store bought or homemade?   


(available locally I have the usual stuff from big box stores, plus a local hydro store with Fox Farms, Pro-Mix and a few others)


Has anyone tried Pro-Mix HP? Still has a lot of Peat, but supposed to be great for indoor growing and drainage.


Thank you all in advance for your input. 



#1536078 Oldest pod on the plant

Posted by U)<now on 08 March 2018 - 09:36 PM

I once let a perfect looking pod sit on a plant about a month longer than I normally would. Wanted the seeds to mature...Cut the pod open and it was moldy. You might have the same thing here

Same for me, left a few on my OW'S since people say you can let them dry on the plant... Maybe in the sun that would work, but not indoors. Every one of them were moldy when I cut them open.