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#1451387 U)<now's 2016/2017 Indoor/Outdoor Glog

Posted by U)<now on Yesterday, 03:53 PM

I just love your grow area! It's an inspiration ;)
Plants are looking good! But seem to need something.
Are you feeding the gals yet? If not, it's time to. Get some mild liquid nutes and mix it to 1/2 strength and use that the next time you bottom water.

Thanks Devv! I have fed them only 3 times so far. Once back on March 15th with half strength MG 24-8-16, once on March 24th with half strength Jobes 3-1-2 and once on April 12th with Jobes 3-1-2 half strength.

So it's been about 17 days now since they were last fed.

Think I need to feed them more? As I said in previous posts, I used to use MG soil and never had to feed until they went outside. I've never had to use ferts indoors while they were small before, so I am just not sure how much to use and how often.

The local grow shop does have some CNS17 in stock for a good price, so I could try that. Lots of guys on here seem to recommend the CNS17 or Jobes which is why I switched to Jobes from the MG.

#1451356 U)<now's 2016/2017 Indoor/Outdoor Glog

Posted by U)<now on Yesterday, 02:13 PM

Hey all! Long time no post!

Things are coming along slowly, but plants are doing ok. Some are doing well, others still yellowing, dropping leaves and growing slowly. I'm not sure what to do, it's getting pretty frustrating. I think some of my yellowing is still happening from the previous overwatering/edema damage that was already done.

The plants from my 2nd and 3rd batches that were not overwatered are doing much better than the ones from the first batch, so it's likely most of my issues are due to periods of too much water and periods of not enough water. Hopefully it gets better.

So far, I have made the following changes to my setup:

- Raised lights to 16 inches above plants. No stretching, but some are still purpling, so whatever, they can just be purple I guess.
- Lowered grow tent temps to 73F (down from 84F)
- Reduced watering frequency and amount, only watering when almost bone dry top to bottom and only roughly 4oz to 6oz. Still bottom watering, although I did top water today.
- Added 8 inch fan for better airflow
- Reduced light cycle to 16hrs per day (from 18hrs)
- I now let my tap water sit for a few days. I fill a 5 gal bucket and let it sit for a few days before I use it to let the chlorine evaporate.

I think I let them dry out a bit too much a couple weeks ago as some plants yellowed worse and a few leaves on my jalapeno even turned almost white and fell off. Maybe now I'm not watering enough, maybe I'm just over thinking the whole operation, lol.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

Here's some pics...

My watering schedule since I started keeping track, the pot up on 4-4-2017 was when I overwatered pretty bad...


CP115 that was never overwatered and is doing great. No edema, no spotting (So far...) and no yellowing.



Jalapeno's with white/yellowing leaves after letting dry out too much I think, jalapenos never had any issues prior to that...



Reaper with this spotting, not growing much either



Both my Bhut Jolokias have wavy leaf edges, spotting and some yellowing...



Sweet banana putting out pods already, 2 or 3 on each plant. This one's about 1.5 inches long


Family pics...



New light hanging setup so I can raise and lower all lights at once... it's soooooooo much better lol...




#1448106 Origin of the 7-pot BBG (bubble gum)

Posted by U)<now on 18 April 2017 - 09:29 AM

Very cool. Thanks everyone

Also interesting is the Borg 9 (aka: Bleeding Borg 9), which came to be from 2 other crosses, crossed into one.

Nagalah, is a Naga/Douglah cross.

And obviously the BBG7 as mentioned is the Moruga/Yellow 7 Pot

Then the Nagalah and BBG7 crossed together to make the Borg 9.

#1447213 U)<now's 2016/2017 Indoor/Outdoor Glog

Posted by U)<now on 14 April 2017 - 10:42 PM

Congratulations on the new house.

Thank you sir!

#1447197 U)<now's 2016/2017 Indoor/Outdoor Glog

Posted by U)<now on 14 April 2017 - 09:19 PM

Congrats  on the new home ..that is so nice to read.Seems like you will have lots of fun there. :dance:

Thank you!

#1447139 U)<now's 2016/2017 Indoor/Outdoor Glog

Posted by U)<now on 14 April 2017 - 05:54 PM

Congratulations on the new house! Having some land is really nice. Hopefully the old garden area is improved. ;)

Thank you sir! I'm pretty excited!

#1446648 U)<now's 2016/2017 Indoor/Outdoor Glog

Posted by U)<now on 13 April 2017 - 09:42 AM

thats Awesome! congrats! 
how much land are you talking about?

Thanks! Not a ton of land, it's about .75 acres. We were hoping for 2 or 3 acres, but most of the houses we found with 2+ acres were farther out and did not have cable for internet, which is one thing I won't be without. I refuse to go back to dial up lol, and most other internet options are capped so those won't work for me either. We have at least 3 Tv's streaming Netflix in the evenings, plus I also do some PC gaming with friends.

We also looked at vacant land and got a quote to build, but we had a hard time finding land in the area we wanted to be in that also checked off most of the other must have things on our list. This house we found is in the area we want to be in and has cable and natural gas plus only 6 minutes from my job, but still out of town. It's also with in a couple miles of one of the main ATV trails, so we can ride right from our house now instead of trailering to friends houses.

The previous owners have a small garden there now behind the garage, I may move it farther away from the house though. We'll see. I need to watch the sun and shade before I decide for sure. I think I'll end up doing a 20ft x 20ft garden.

#1446642 U)<now's 2016/2017 Indoor/Outdoor Glog

Posted by U)<now on 13 April 2017 - 08:59 AM

Well, good news! We closed on our new house yesterday! We'll be moving in at the end of May/first week of June. It's about 5 or 6 miles out of town and I will finally be able to have a garden! This is why I kept more plants than usual this year, I knew/was hoping I would have the extra room this season so not everything would need to be in containers.

Only about 6 weeks until plant out.

Can't wait! :fire: :party:

#1446640 U)<now's 2016/2017 Indoor/Outdoor Glog

Posted by U)<now on 13 April 2017 - 08:51 AM

I've been a slacker visitor...
But what I see is really good Troy!
You know (no pun intended) I have a plant that looks a lot like your mutant habby. It's a Reaper
I thought it started out normally, I could be wrong. This pic is a few weeks old. I'm really wondering why it, and yours look like this? I still have it and it's a deep green, so I stopped feeding it to see if it straightens out.
I'll be watching to see how yours does ;)

Haha, thanks for stopping by, Devv. That reaper you have looks funky for sure. I picked all the buds I could off the Mutant Hab last night. I think it was around 20 and there are still probably 10 or so more that were too small to pick.

#1446636 Cacti Thread

Posted by U)<now on 13 April 2017 - 08:20 AM

It sucks that I'm never content :) I found these today !

Haha. I'm looking for more right now also, I think I'm going to order some online though. Most of the local shops are not open for the season yet and the box box stores by me don't really have much right now either.

I did take some pups and cutting from my Cacti and Thanksgiving cactus though.

#1446395 juanitos 2017

Posted by U)<now on 12 April 2017 - 10:15 AM

/r/hotpeppers more than spicy

Cool, I'll check it out.


#1446393 juanitos 2017

Posted by U)<now on 12 April 2017 - 10:04 AM

ah my website went down all yesterday. now it's back up. the pictures weren't showing up for the candy.
started some in cups as a test grow for reddit

Are you on r/spicy or another sub?

#1445643 U)<now's 2016/2017 Indoor/Outdoor Glog

Posted by U)<now on 09 April 2017 - 09:34 PM

The pot up looks like a success. I think they are really going to take off. Going to be a good season for sure. Here's to warmer weather.

Thanks Chuck! Although with help from Frank on another thread, I discovered I overwatered them after the initial pot up, and possibly before that also. Some of them have some leaf spotting and edema. I thought the spotting was from the leaves laying in the dirt. I was wrong.




I put an extra fan on them and left the door open to get some extra airflow on them. The downside is the air temps are much lower at around 60f to 65f with the grow tent door open and blowing the cooler basement air onto them instead of the 82f to 84f with the door just cracked. But I need to dry them out a bit so it is what it is.

I'll have to take another look, but I believe it's only affecting the plants from my first pot up into the solo cups when I did not add perlite to the mix. For the 2nd and 3rd batches of plants, I added 1/3 perlite to the mix and those seem to be mostly fine. I know I commented that I probably should have added perlite, but I ignored my gut.

So far, lessons learned this season and notes to myself for next season are:

- T8 fixtures do not need to be close to the plants like my old T12's did. Keep them at least 8" from plants.

- Do not overwater

- Add 1/3 perlite to potting mix

- Do not overwater...

- Fans for airflow are an absolute must

- Do not over water......

- Pot up right away as soon as first leaves are about 1/2". Do not wait.



Thanks again for stopping by!

#1445601 OCD 2017!!!

Posted by U)<now on 09 April 2017 - 07:54 PM

Will do. I've been trying to keep up with everyone's glog. It's getting harder and harder with so many cool glog stuff going on.

Need more time in the day. LOL

Yeah for sure, there are more and more good glogs to follow every year!

#1445576 OCD 2017!!!

Posted by U)<now on 09 April 2017 - 06:53 PM

I don't mind the end of May, as long as they are tall and healthy. Good luck with your pot up.

Thanks Chuck, I got them all potted up on the 4th. Check out my Glog for the updated pics!

:party: :fire: