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In Topic: Habanada

06 August 2018 - 08:38 PM

The flavor on the pie oh my !b680e4c6208169cd7055b625b4e13919.jpg

Cheese steak pizza with habanero flavor BAc02fdce1e3b0da75131a8fbda5c4bd8b.jpg

In Topic: Habanada

06 August 2018 - 08:36 PM

How are those on the heat scale?

0 heat

In Topic: Concentrate wine mixed berry

18 May 2018 - 01:11 AM

11 months to clear 7%c354f29b4c408ba4b280f590f279f1b8.jpg70054c1f40f75a83501df1556d194c95.jpg

In Topic: Malt Vinegar

17 May 2018 - 04:29 PM

I found out you can only go as high as 7% or the mother will suffer, thats why mine is taking so long.

Trying another batch with wine I have clearing and will dilute a little more than last time and see how it goes just making regular fruit wine vinegar looks to be right around eight or nine % I know it's not going to be malt vinegar but I'm trying again thanks for any tips

In Topic: Fermenting a Pepper Mash, First Time

14 May 2018 - 12:58 PM

Got some nice small batches going their looking good [emoji482]