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About Me

I started getting really into growing different kinds of plants when I was in between jobs (right around 2008) and eventually fell into growing almost exclusively hot peppers. Part of what kept me going was the community on THP. I really enjoyed learning, keeping up with what everyone was doing, sharing seeds, seeing progress, and so on. Originally, I started off growing a purple ornamental pepper, then in 2010 had my first bhut/naga-type pepper and fell in love right away.

Since then I've grown many superhots, ornamentals, wilds and have made a bunch of crosses. In 2011 I got my basic growing technique down and made my first crosses. In 2012 I grew over 60 different varieties and continued making crosses. In 2013 I started fewer varieties and brought some overwinters from 2012 to fruit.  I also grew out and made a few new crosses in 2013.


In 2014 I grew mostly bhut/naga types.  I also had a few overwinters and a special cross I'm working on :cool: .


In 2015 I focused again on bhuts plus a select few seven pod varieties (Moruga & Douglah).


In 2016 I continued with my focus on Bhuts and a handful of my unique crosses.


In 2017 and 2018 I narrowed down my grow to fewer plants, focusing on a particular bhut cross I developed as well as a few C. galapagoense plants and crosses. For the first time in many years I am planning to grow absolutely nothing in 2019. Growing peppers (and other plants) has helped to keep me grounded through a lot of turmoil in my own life, but I've recently completed a major step (finished my PhD), and have been winding down my activity on THP for some time. Good luck and happy growing! (edited Sunday, August 18, 2018).

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Food Stuff

  • Favorite Hot Pepper
  • Favorite Hot Sauce
    Trader Joe's Habanero Hot Sauce and TABASCO® brand Habanero Sauce

Growing Stuff

  • Grow List

    C. annuum
    Chiltepin x C. galapagoense
    Chiltepin Tarahumara
    [[Chiltepin x Chintexle] x C. galapagoense] x Negro de Valle
    [[Chiltepin x Chintexle] x C. galapagoense] x Chiltepin
    Yellow Chiltepin
    Brown Chiltepin

    C. frutescens
    Donne Sali
    CGN 17020

    C. chinense
    Smooth Brown Bhut
    Bumpy Brown Bhut
    Red Bhut
    Red Bhut x Choco Bhut
    Naga Suomi
    Pink Tiger
    Naga King
    Dorset Naga
    Guwahati Bhut
    [Bhut x Seven Pod Moruga] x Guwahati Bhut F2
    [[Bhut x Seven Pod Moruga] x Guwahati Bhut F1] x Choco Bhut
    Naga Suomi x [Choco Bhut x Douglah] F2
    Impact Bhut
    Naga Suomi x Pimenta da Neyde F1
  • Seeds Available For Trade
    Just ask. Most of my 2016 list, plus some others I've grown in the past, here's a partial list:

    C. galapagoense (2014 seed, very strong mother plant)
    Cumari Pollux (C. praetermissum)
    Chiltepin Tarahumara
    CAP 501 (C. chacoense)

    Choco Bhut x Douglah F2
    Yellow Bhut (the real deal)
    Infinity Yellow (unknown stability, very hot & different from other yellow superhots like Y7)
    Impact Bhut F4
    Pale Bhut (probably Assam or Bih)

    Piri Piri (various sources)

    Piri Piri x Donne Sali
    Indiana Pequin x ? (probably Donne Sali or Chintexle)
    Chintexle x Donne Sali
    Rocoto Cross F1 (cross between two large rocoto/manzano types, should be an interesting pepper with some quasi hybrid vigor in F1)
    Not Chiltepin Amarillo x Donne Sali
    Cumari Pollux x ?
    [Neyde x Bhut F2] x Pimenta Morango
    Cumari do Para x Yellow Cardi (probably) F2
    [Douglah x Butch T] x Another Superhot
    [TSMB x Bhut] x [Choco Bhut x Douglah]
    [Morado x Douglah] x [Choco Bhut x Douglah]
    TSMB x Bhut F2
    [Bhut x Y7] x [Choco Bhut x Douglah]
    TSMB x Brainstrain
    Bhut x Y7 F2

    [Chacoense x Bhut] x [Choco Bhut x Douglah]
    [Aji Cristal x Brainstrain] x Brainstrain or TSMB
    Some Naga Suomi crosses
    Aji Cristal x Cumari Pollux
    CAP 501 x Donne Sali
    Cumari Pollux x Donne Sali
    [Sonoran Chiltepin x Barrackpore] x Brainstrain
  • Seeds Wanted
    Unique Bhut/Naga types

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