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Boxing Day Brunch.

26 December 2018 - 02:29 PM


My Eggs Benedict (again).
Toasted English muffin (Not Australian Toaster Biscuits) LMAO
American Cheese
Thick sliced seared Hempler's uncured ham
Poached Eggs
Fresh minced Jalapeño Hollandaise sauce
Topped with a dusting of Red Savina Powder

Boxing day originated way back when, when all the servants of the houshold would be sent home with a box of leftovers and treats from Christmas day. The Chambermaids the Cooks and the Gardners were given a day off AFTER the rich folks of the house had their Christmas. It has since morphed into tradespeople and service industry workers taking the day off and a way of honoring them. Soccer is a huge part of boxing day (everywhere BUT America) because soccer has always been a sport of the people.

Happy Boxing Day!

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Lettuce Salad!

12 December 2018 - 10:10 PM

Post up your fabulous lettuce dishes. Greens man! Greens.

Here's mine to start:

I make salad. I eat lettuce. It's good for your phsychy.

Tossed Iceburg with Tillamook Sharp Cheddar.
Diced leftover Prime Rib.
Black Olives
Pickled Peño Wheels

Topped with Blue Cheese dressing, Croutons and some African pepper juju dust and Black pepper.

Chow Mang!

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Perfect Bacon. VOTE!

09 December 2018 - 07:01 PM

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Take my money.

25 October 2017 - 08:13 PM

Youre all making breakfast in 2017. This dude is living in 2137.

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Hi from Twisp.

14 October 2017 - 04:52 PM

Greetings pepper people. I am on a hunt to improve my heat tolerance. I like Tabasco sauce but nothing hotter. Chives are pretty spicy too but sometimes a pickled halapenjo wheel is good on some corn. Just one. LOL

I also like tacos and they are best when the tortillas are sealed in a ziploc bag then microwaved, makes them nice and pliable. Microwaved hotdogs are good too but I have a friend that like them waaay more than me. He likes to shoot hotdog water and even goes to sausage camp 7 times a year.

I like eggs with Black Pepper on them, but not too much cause it gets kinda hot. Hopefully I can improve my tolerance because I know this makes me sound like a wuss. Black Pepper is HOT! Eggs are really good tho for showcasing the flavors of other things. I like eggs any way they are cooked, fried and sunnyside up are the best. Funny story about sunny side up, but more on that later. ha ha ha

I look forward to learning how to eat hot stuff from you all and maybe show off to my friends. Maybe I can prank them with something a little hotter than Tabasco (I dont want to kill them lol).

What a great forum!

Friends call me Scovie