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21 April 2018 - 04:57 AM

"Chalstan." Learn to pronounce it!  ;)  Sometimes they drop the "t." But then you know that! Be fun to make a trip to see you in that sandy soil or come up here with amended and amended clay!! Peace! Sweetie!  


Here are some pics of new greenhouse and "the tent" with peppers and maters and zinnias and . . . coreopsis and echinacea and shasta daisy, dianthus, etc and etc. Oh some hollyhock and poppies. And yeah, hard to get all of that in a 10 x 10 space and looking forward to this greenhouse!! We're skinning it today. Hopefully. My bro is wiring the electric; we trenched in water from house, both in pic after this




Water and fire: gd photobucket (I rotated to no avail)



Me in camos and old friend putting endwalls on:





And lots and lots of peppers and stuff in tent . . . that 3rd party hosting in freakin photobucket . . . got full day, friends coming over to skin. Geez photobucket! Love ya Shane! Ramon! Te quiero mi hermano? Donde estas, cabron?  :dance:














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18 April 2018 - 10:32 PM

Wow! Annie!!! I don't get on as much as I should...great to see you are up and running! Where you at NC? I think I'm 'bout to be your neighbor...


"SHANE! COME BACK, SHANE!" (Killer Batman ep from late 1960's that ends with parody of that old western with kid yelling for bad guy named "Shame." "Shame! Come back . . ." Ingenious stuff, that.)


Where ya gittin' moved to? 


Shane, if you're remaining in the military, I find it difficult to believe that you'll wind up in Asheville, man.  ;) (Of course, I'm not in Asheville, either but I have lived there and I sell lots of peppers there, but wow, pacifist stoners fer real . . .  :P )


So would you like to tell me, neighbor, where ya gonna be my neighbor, would you be mine? Would you be mine? ♫♫ ♪♫


Much peace & etc sweet man: where will y'all be living?


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11 March 2018 - 03:09 AM

I'm sure Ramon's email is getting flooded with all this banter, if he still uses the same addie.


Annie, 21 months until I retire, I start the greenhouse next late fall. Just a 12x12 with a swamp cooler and temp controlled ventilation for the warmer days. Gonna build it from scratch, I know what I want and how to do it. Those kits cost way too much, and can't handle the winds we get. I can't wait ;)


Hiya Scottie!!


Yes!! Greenhouse is groovy. Now should ya live in this climate, talk your wife into 6 4 x 8 foot growstands (on hardwoods--150 yr old hardwoods, ahem), and save money by germ indoors, under lights already heated by office, dining room, extra upstairs bedroom uh . . . and then stick them out in ghouse!! We got snow coming in and Funky Reaper  :dance:  (goes commercial) got potted up last night and is in new shoes in warmth, BUT calling for snow Mon morning.  :rolleyes: 


Swamp cooler could double for ya as a "greens" holder, "cool room," since y'all are positively profligate in the lettuce and kale seed ya'll throw around!!!  ;)  Riiiiight . . . Much peace, my brother!


Up for peaceful coffee and to order more 1020 trays and stuff--the word is always "more" on a greenhouse. Hopefully, "more" $ happens as well. Love ya, guy!---Annie

In Topic: WalkGood 2013, 2014 and Beyond

08 March 2018 - 09:38 AM


lol We need Ramon to come online so he can distract and get those tunes out of your head. Man, I hate it when that happens lol


Man, we just need "mi hermanito" Ramon back! I still grow that JA Red Hab. Doing the "Master Gardener" thing and yesterday's class, some fool students started to plant plain ole habs. Ya know the orange things taste like a hot rusted door knob? (Can overwinter lots there with many greenhouses and high tunnels.) I had a "conniption fit!" Stopped them; came and got JA Red Hab seed and couldn't stand myself, some MOA out of seed-store, for them to plant. I explained the story behind the seed that Ramon's  grandparents and parents had taken the seed with them when they fled (when Castro took Cuba in '59). Sadly, most of my students had no clue about Castro and '59. Jesus God, education s*ks in the States. Whew!


WE WANT RAMON!  :dance:


Annie, I wasn't sure which post to quote to get your attention, lol. We've never "spoken" to each other or had any interaction here, but I just wanted to let you know that a lot of your older sauce making and fermenting posts really inspired me to start making my own, a while ago, especially when I was just a lurker at THP. Great to see you posting again! Hoping you resurrect those old threads and show us all what you've got going on. Lots of great info/recipes in there! :cheers:

(Sorry for the quick hijack ;) )


Aww! Mike, glad my screw-ups and fails and some final persistent successes could be helpful!! We have a greenhouse now, and more land, doing single stem tomato grafted heirloom toms--grafting toms is a PIA but worth it and several, like Amish paste make a KILLER smoked Reaper with Douglah, Jamie's "Not Red Bhutlah" and lots of Tabasco for that ferment. If you go back to my meat or red meat ferments, I use a lot of paste tomato in the processing of hat particular sauce to balance or give it a middle note. Am gonna try to post more stuff because I miss you guys. Thanks, hon! You have a great day now!--Annie

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07 March 2018 - 06:17 AM


Annie, I'm with you on that! We can send a rogue extraction team to hijack him and bring him to THP central. We will leave no stone un-turned :) :) :)


Yeah, man 'cause stones make our chili roots run crooked. Yah.


He's still out there, He popped into my glog last year to say hey. ;)


Cool, Scotty! I see your grow or the beginning page of it, is filled with lots of "tasty" as much as  :mouthonfire: . I'm selling lots of ultra plants and ultra pods at big farmers market here since we moved and greenhouse pad finally finished last weekend (rain and freeze-thaw: ugh)--everybody likes anything with the Reaper "name" in it. Or how's this: "Ghost." WTH! I mean how many versions of "Ghost" but now that Pop Eyes has it . . . smh.


How have you been??? Want to me to fly you up to help erect a greenhouse? NC pulled pork (Eastern style) and all the beer you want on me.  :P I miss you, sweetie. 


Maybe you'll find Silver_Surfer as well.


Allen, Allen Allen. No lo se! Man, that dude's a legend.



Oh man, those were the days for sure!


Lourens, now I can't get that song that went across the world in a gazillion languages out of my head. "We'd fight and never lose/when Ramon was here oh yes those were the days!" Or to the young guns on here who I love dearly: "And I don wanna be learned and I don wanna be tamed."--Ramone ON.  :dance: