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The 11th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!


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seasoning to supers: SFRB-MFRB 18 and 40 mailing Mon 9-18-17

13 September 2017 - 11:06 AM

SFRB will be $18 USD to PayPal and MFRB will be $40 USD. Will post pics later in week; closing on house with more land, finalizing another greenhouse, landscaping, etc., ad nauseum, AND hip replacement in late November = been busy but will post pics by Friday. Mailing out Monday. Here's list, if interested pre-pic, PM me, but won't begin mailing until next Monday. Much peace, y'all--Annie



Aji Limón

Aji White Fantasy—(Jason G.)

Brazilian Starfish

Cumari do Para

Orange Thai

PI 441598 Peach—(Jason G.)

Sugar Rush Peach

Trini Perfume



(LIMITED 2SB7JF3 and cost more as are sweet crosses: WILL POST PICS)

Steve Queen’s 2SB7J F3

Bonnet Long

JA Hot Chocolate

Papa Dreadie



Yellow MOA


Hab Family (?):

Bad Brains yellow and red

Bonda Ma Jacques

Carbonero (Tony S.)


JA Red Hab

MOA x PRIMO F3 aka per Annie, "Anancy"—(Tom M.--Cloudhand)

Obeah red and yellow—(Steve Q.)

Scotch Brains yellow and red

West Indies Hab


The supers and some evil:


“Chocolate Reaper”—I dunno if “for real”—plant from a friend—not bad tasting

7 PBrown x MRM



BG7 Chocolate

BG7 Red

BG7 Red

BG7 x Big Scorp

BG7 x Naga

BG7 x PDN Orange

BG7 x PDN Orange (Stefan)

BG7 X Red Gum NagaBrain TMAMP

BG7 x Tab F4 (Annie P.)

BG7 Yellow

Bhut Assam (Indian Carbon)

Bhut Caramel

Bhut Caramel

Bhut Purple

Bhut Yellow

Bhutlah x BG7 Choc

Bhutlah x BG7 Red

Big Black Mama



Borg 9 Bleeder

Boze Moj (Vladan)

Burgundy 7



Caramel Moruga

Choc BrainStrain

Choc Moruga

Choc NagaBrain

Chocolate Bhutlah—CS

Chocolate Bhutlah—SM

Chocolate Borg 9

Chocolate Lava

Chocolate Scorpion

Chocolate Shabu Shabu

Chuck Norris Brain


Evergreen Scorp


Funky Reaper (Scott P.)

BIG White 7

Genghis Kahn Brain


Jigsaw Brown x Butch T.

Jigsaw x BRM x Yaki Blue




MA Faces

Madballz Brown

Madballz x Reaper

Moruga Chocolate

Mustard Moruga

Naga Black

Naga E

Naga Morich

Naga Bengal

Naglah Brown



Not Red Bhutlah (Jamie H.)

Not Red Lava (Jamie)

Orange Tiger

Peach Bhut Jami

Peach Wasp

Pink 7

Pink Tiger

Primo x Bumples


Reaper Long

Reaper x Brazilian Ghost

Reaper X JPGS

Red Gum NagaBrain TMAMP

Red Lava

Red NagaBrain

Rennie (Red)

Sepia Serpent

Shabu Shabu


VV7 Scorpion


Yellow 7

Yellow BrainStrain

Yellow Lava

Yellow NagaBrain

Yellow Primo



MFRB Supers; Borgs, Bleeders, Reapers, BBM, BOC "B train" $35

11 November 2016 - 10:12 AM

Have a 2 gallon bucket of these picked for a member who went off grid after ordering--have returned his money. Like to send them out; solid pods:




And another pic: of bucket





Peace and respect,



P.S. The ad is still good on my other post from September which I'll bump up--MFRB $35 supers or hab family and $20 SFRB.





WTB SEEDS/PODS: Obeah, Lucy/Katie 7, Gator Jigsaw, Carbonero, SBJ7, MA Wartyx, Ghengis...

19 September 2016 - 06:58 AM

Hey ya'll looking for seeds from this season on pods that grew true of:



Gator Jigsaw


Sherwood's Carbonero

Lucy 7

Katie 7

MA Wartyx--any true pod-shape and taste

Genghis Khan Brain


Nagabrain (choc and red)

Choc Bhutlah variations, UK is fine

Naglah brown



Yellow Lava (or any Lava)


Caramel Moruga Scorp

Yellow Primo

Yellow CARDI

Jonah's Yellow Brain, which Judy has but until her site restocks, silly to buy one pack but . . .


And kind of sad to read that CPR from Butch is not producing pods and seems to be sterile for some folks; love to grow it otherwise.


In fact, anybody got about all 80% these, like to buy a MFRB of pods. Peace!



Talk to me here and PM if ya got something--liking the idea of pods over seeds better by minute!

SFRB of 1 Variety Choc BG7, Bleeding Borg9, Borg9s, Choc BStrain & More: 20.00 each

11 September 2016 - 07:00 AM

On this ad can see more peppers. Will pick fresh batches Sunday for this ad: 1 variety per box, $20.00. Great for starting ferments, sauce of one kind, powder and powder blends featuring ONE pepper.


An example of a box JPGS picked this morning: (which will be for sale if guy doesn't reconnect ;) but hope that he will) and he didn't, so similar will be for for sale. As are whole boxes of ONE variety: Yellow Butch T, BBM, LARGE BG7, Large Yellow BG7, "Rough Rider" BG7, Madballz Brown, Borg9 Choc, Bor9 Red, Caramel 7 PL, Caramel Primo, Brown Bhut, Yellow Bhut, Naglah, Naga, Reapers, PI 44158 Peach, Chocolate Scorpions etc.


Jay's Peach Ghost Scorp:




BG7 x Reaper: Sold


Chocolate Scorps:




Choc Brains (with spider web, no extra charge):




Bleeding Borg9:




Chocolate BG7:








To clarify: pics above of peppers for sale are sold. will pick Sunday and send out Monday, if you PM me. Not picking anything until money's in PayPal,

PM or "do it" here. :dance:



Peace, Annie

Picking new batch on Sunday for Monday mail: SFRBs Supers $20.00, your choice

09 September 2016 - 08:18 PM

Would love to send you some in Monday morning post. Choose 20 pods of varieties listed below. You can choose one variety. Am not labeling but since you'll know what you chose, no problems! 


1. Hab family: Bahamian Goat, Jamaican Red Habañero, Jamaican Hot Choc, MOA, TFM, West Indies Hab, Bonda Ma Jacques.
2. Seasoning family:  Aji Limon, Giant Orange Thai, Trinidad Scorp Sweet, Goat's Weed (killer for pizza flakes), Fish (seafood), Farmer's Market Jal, ripe.
3. Supers: Reaper, THSC Yellow 7, Chocolate Scorpion, Yellow Butch T Bleeding (Annie/few), Funky Reaper (Scott/Devv), BG7 x Reaper (Jason/GA Growhead/few), BG7 x Tabasco (Annie), Yellow BG7, Chocolate BG7, Borg9 Bleeding, Borg9 Red, Borg9 Choc, Yellow Butch T, Caramel 7 PL, Caramel Primo, Madballz Brown, Chocolate Bhut, Yellow Bhut, Jay's Peach Ghost Scorp, Douglah, Reaper, 7 Pod Burgundy, BG7 Large, BG7 "Rough Rider," PI441598 PEACH F3 (Jason/GA Growhead),  BStrain Choc, BBM, Naga, Naglah, BOC. (Am hanging on to some more crosses until am sure next year.)

Some pics:  
Habs and Seasoning kids:


Supers (listed above):
More of Supers listed above:
And another of Supers listed:
PI441598 PEACH F3Jason/GA Growhead and BG7 x Tab F4 (Annie57):

Madballz Brown and Jay's Peach GS:

 Lots more!
Send me a PM; Paypal only. Again, picking Sunday afternoon, once money is in PayPal, mailing out Monday morning. $20 even. Peace!


Thanks. Annie