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black pearl x bhut jolokia hybrids plan

21 January 2012 - 03:28 PM

So I have read several articles on creating hybrids.
I am interested in making an Black Pearl X Bhut Jolokia cross
According to the chart at http://www.fatalii.n...id=35&Itemid=54
My seeds would be low seed count first generation.

I'm planning on making the Black Pearls all female like in the photo.
I will then cross after I harvest the peppers and dry the seeds I will label them .
Next from the same 2 plants I will make the Bhuts all female and polinate them.
Harvest peppers and seeds and label them.

At this time I will transplant them out side and start 3 seeds from each batch
The female Bhut cross , and the female Pearl cross.
I will rinse and repeat . This time however I will only harvest the female Bhuts.
These seeds will be gen 2 . I will transplant both plants outside.

Ok now I will plant a pure breed blackpearl and my gen 2
Bhut x pearl cross the bhuts I will keep female . I will then back breed the purebreed blackpearl with the gen 2 cross . After I get fruit off of the bhut I will harvest the seeds . Once again both plants go outside .

Ok I'm guessing the elapsed time is a year and a few months.
I will now grow this new backbreed hybrid 5 grow seasons.
And this should be a stable cross with characterists of both plants hopefully the darkening from the pearl but a more bhut shaped and sized pepper.

I'm guessing 4.5 to 5 years?

Will this work?

Any sugestions?
Thanks for reading this long long post.

my first bhut jolokia grow log

15 January 2012 - 03:48 AM

Well all I can say is thank you for all the help you gave to a pepper newb.
I started my Bhut Jolokias in an egg carton and after a few weeks moved them into a plastic bag with damp paper towels under a reading lamp for heat until they sprouted.
Next I bought some 6 inch flower planters the ones that drain realy good.
And as soon as I saw the root pop out of the seeds I planted them in the dirt.
Miracle grow potting soil I have not added any nutrients.
I started them in a box and used a floro blacklight and a reading lamp for a few weeks untill I set up my new system .

I then asked a few lighting questions 3 + pages of help thanks.
I know have a nice t5 light system in a totaly foiled out closet. I also have a cfl clamp on light in there.
And a low watt eddison socket red/blue led light all hanging above the plants.
I set my blacklight on the floor and only used it at night .the days had to travel 9 ft to the ceiling then bounce back down my version of moonlight.
Well the blacklight turned the center viens of the leaves brown then purple same thing hapened to the stems but the bhut jolokia was thick,lush and growing like crazy.
I now have buds and the first know looks like its ready to open its first flower.
I trimed off the surounding leaves so I can see when it opens and is ready to be hand polinated.
I have brand new paint brushes waiting to do the job.
Well that's enough reading here are my photos in the next post I'm cutting the links to past now

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pepper cures_ home remedy

30 December 2011 - 04:59 PM

So I'm curious what home remedys do you have that involve peppers?
Like pepper ground red pepper,honey and garlic for sore throat.

Any thing for the flu?

Bhut Jolokia is this normal ?

16 December 2011 - 03:06 PM

So I have a 2 month old Bhut Jolokia that I started from seed.
The leaves look a little curly but I figured that it was due to all the new growth pushing its way out.
There is also some brown starting on one of the bigger leaves.
As for size the plant is about 10-12 inches across and 5-6 inches tall I pinched the top once
after the 4th set of true leaves came up .
The new growth is starting super light then it turns that normal green
This is the original soil miracle grow. I have not added any nutrients either and water every 4-6 days

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green leaves comming from roots

19 November 2011 - 01:16 PM

So I ordered out a few live Trinidad Scorpions and my wife put the wrong zip code.
Whether it was an accident or revenge for my hot hands a few months back is unknown.
But the live plants ended up lost in the mail for 14 days.
Yes that's 14 days total darkness .
When I recieved them they looked horrid (like the Christmas tree in the Charlie brown special).
Out of the 2 I transplanted one (it died) and left the other in the planter it was shipped in.

After a near loss I trimed the stem to an inch above the soil.
Since then the roots shot out little hairs that thickened and have been growing really odd looking leaves.

Will I eventuality be able to get peppers or do I have a Leaf plant?