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In Topic: Sawyer '16 - Memorial Day update

02 June 2016 - 07:36 AM

Great scenery. Glad everything is good. I post everything on my glog. LoL!

Sounds like you had a great time. I need to get out of the yard and into nature.

Thanks for sharing John

Hey, Chuck, thanks.  I don't get out for a hike nearly as often as I'd like, but any is better than none.  And, yeah, I wouldn't normally worry about posting non-pepper pics, but those are the only pictures in the thread so far.  The orange ghost has adapted to its new shoes and is starting to grow again, so I'll at least get a picture of it posted soon.


Glad to see you back in the swing John, we'd wondered how you were. Were those hiking pics taken in a karst area? the rock looked like limestone in the pics.  Looking forward to seeing more green from you as you find the time. :)

Thanks, Rick.  If it ain't one thing, it's another, right?  I had to look it up, but yes, there is a lot of karst topography around here.  The whole (or at least much of the) Ozark Plateau is an ancient seabed.  Everything is underlain with limestone around here.  I think that will provide some buffer here in NW AR when the New Madrid fault cuts loose again over in SE MO/NE AR.  It also makes for some cool fossil hunting.  I have several small slabs of limestone encrusted with small crinoid fossils and back in '03 the world's largest nautiloid fossil was discovered nearby:




It also produces some prime pepper-growing soils.

In Topic: Trident's Bonnets 2016

31 May 2016 - 04:53 PM

John thanks for looking in ... NeBru7 is Trinidad Yellow SB x Yellow 7 pot Jonah. Named after Neil (Hippyseed Company) and his friend I believe from Western Australia Brian. One of my top three bonnets although a hybrid. Grows well and is quite a tall plant pods are about the size of a golf ball. I am sure with your heat and humidity you could better my efforts. Will put some seed aside should you wish

Your Arkansas Peach still continues to impress me and grows larger by the day

I just read up on it on their website, and yeah, the NeBru7 sounds like an awesome variety.  I'll definitely take you up on your offer of seed, if conditions still warrant when the time comes. 


I'm glad the AR Peach is doing well for you; I just hope the one you have actually produces peach pods.  I'm not sure of the F number of that one, but it's definitely not high enough to be considered stable.

In Topic: Devv's 2015 - 16, Life is good!

31 May 2016 - 12:11 PM

Almost ripe pods already; that just blows my mind.  Really great work, Scott, especially given all the critter issues you've had.


I've never grown hardneck garlic.  How does it compare to softneck, in your experience?  I have more elephant garlic than anything this season.  Some softneck in ground.  Shallots and potato onions are in pots on the front stoop, trying to rebuild stock after the disaster a couple of winters ago.  (Who knew critters would eat alliums?)  And surprisingly, I lost most of the walking onions this past winter, I think because I let the patch get too weedy.  Plenty to rebuild from, but still a disappointment.


Will those pineapples ripen this season?

In Topic: Trident's Bonnets 2016

31 May 2016 - 09:35 AM

Looking good.  I look forward to seeing the range of variation among the bonnets.  BTW, what is the NeBru7?

In Topic: Pulpiteer 2016 Grow Log - better late than never.

31 May 2016 - 09:23 AM

Hey Andy, looks like you've got things rolling along.  I love the tires and chickens.  I'd like to get some chickens, too, but have a lot of prep work to do first.  What did you use to cut the rims on the tires?  I have access to a bunch of old tires and am thinking of building a low retaining wall with some.  I want to drill or cut the bottom rim to prevent them from holding water, but am not sure how best to do it.