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Hot pepper fudge for sale

21 May 2018 - 10:48 AM

Now accepting pre-orders, to ship beginning the week of Monday, May 28.


Last week I received approval from the State Health Department to start producing hot pepper fudge for commercial sales. This week I'm working with the manager of the commercial kitchen I use (which you can read about here) to transfer the process and start making saleable product.


Initially, at least, I'll be duplicating what I do now on a different stove, so the transfer should be relatively painless.  I've made 13 test batches, with #14 on tap for today.  I've had some significant failures (hot pepper model rocket fuel, anyone?), but have things pretty much dialed in for now. 


Flavors vary, with cherry vanilla, orange, and hazelnut coffee being my own favorites.  Sorry, no choice on flavors just yet.  (Unless you want to order a whole 5 pound batch, in which case, I'll make it whatever flavor you want.)


I call it "fudge" because it is based on traditional fudge recipes, but this recipe is uniquely my own.  It has a somewhat lighter texture and mouthfeel than traditional fudges.  It also has more nutritional value than regular fudge, but hey, it's candy; I wouldn't call it health food.


Pre-order pricing is $1/ounce, four ounce minimum, plus $5 shipping and handling.  Shipping will be by USPS First Class package.  Offer valid for shipping within the USA only.  Offer void where prohibited by law.  PM me if interested.

Commercial Kitchen

05 April 2018 - 10:23 AM

Hey, All, like just about everyone here, I got the pepper bug bad. And, like a smaller subset of you, I've gone all in on setting up a company to manufacture pepper-based food products. In 2015 I participated in a months long food manufacturing workshop hosted by the University of Arkansas' Food Science department, funded by a USDA grant.

I maintain a current State of Arkansas food manufacturing permit, FDA facility registration, and a $2 million liability insurance policy. I also maintain a GS1 US UPC (bar code) registration for up to 10 codes (and am currently using only two or three.) My company is also registered as a contractor with the Federal government, opening up the possibility of supplying products to the various Fed organizations.

I have one commercial product in stores, Spectrum Peppers (brand) Pineapple Mango Scorpion sauce (it's more of a pepper condiment than a traditional "hot sauce") and have several more products in development.

I would like to explore opportunities to apply all this effort to the benefit of my fellow THPers and, yes, to monetize the effort, both for myself and others. Some of the possibilities include assisting you with developing and producing your own branded products, providing a market for your excess pepper production for my own production, perhaps even forming a cooperative venture.

I'll return to expand on these ideas and others, and I'm open to your suggestions. But right now I want to post this link to a shared G Drive containing images of the facility I have authorization to use. Maybe it will set your gears to spinning. It's somewhat disorganized at present and I need to add model number identifications, but it's a start.


I'll be back.

Red Ghost Original Strain Plants for sale

04 April 2018 - 05:56 PM

I have very many original strain red ghost plants and would like to find homes for a few. You can read about this particular strain below or in this post in my current grow log: http://thehotpepper....void/?p=1536599

The plants are pretty small, but are growing fast in a soilless mix, and have well-developed root systems. This is what they looked like two or three days ago:

The ones in the 3.5" square pots were potted up last Sunday for a local retailer, but the pot size may give you a better idea of their size. The other shot gives an idea of how many. (I have another flat with a few hundred more.)
This is what the flat looks like today:
As I discuss in my glog, the seeds these plants are grown from are quite old.  They are at most two or three generations removed from the original introduction to the U.S. of the red ghost by CPI.  The seeds have been in cold storage for more than a decade.  As you can see, they still produce healthy seedlings.  The seeds were harvested from two plants that were the only pepper plants I grew that year and the nearest neighbors are a hundred yards or more away, so the seeds are well-isolated (if not perfectly). 
I looked back through my previous years' glogs and found these pictures of the peppers that grow from these seeds. 
The plants this post is about are grown from the exact same stock of seeds.  
Plants will ship unpotted in a SFRB with the roots secured in a plastic bag with damp soilless mix and stems and leaves swaddled in newsprint.  I had begun hardening them off outside, but we've had a return of cold weather, so they are back inside under lights on a heater mat. You'll need to pot them up as soon as you receive them, give them two or three days in warm conditions in moderate light, and then gently acclimate them to your final growing conditions as per your normal procedure.
If you can use such small plants, here's the deal. Pay postage of $7.20 for a SFRB and a $5 handling fee, and I'll pack as many plants as you want (or will fit in a SFRB) for $1 each. Buy ten or more and I'll drop the handling fee. 
I guarantee these plants and will replace at least once any that don't thrive (even due to neglect or misadventure), as long as you cover the shipping and a little handling for the replacements. If this interests you, send a pm and I'll provide paypal payment information.

I can ship as soon as our present threat of freezing temperatures is past or at a later time according to your wishes.  Offer valid while supplies last and within the U.S. only. Offer void where prohibited by law.

Sawyer '18 – Back from the Void

13 February 2018 - 12:09 PM

Hello everybody, old friends and new friends alike.  The last couple three years have been challenging for me, but come hell or high water, 2018 will be the year of the pepper.  I'll try to fill in some details going forward, but for now, I mostly just want to get this glog started.  The one in 2016 petered out before its time and I didn't even start one last year.  For any who would like to review better times, there are links to previous years' glogs part way down the first post in the 2016 glog:
For the most part, I'm using the same set up as described in those topics... a couple of multi-shelf PVC plant stands with 4' T8 fluorescent shop lights.  I have a lot of new stuff to try out this year, but I'll be starting with the old.
My seed stock has taken a huge hit in the interim.  I do have some old stock I'll be testing and adding to the list as germination tests verify viability, but for now, this is my grow list:
Variety - Source*
7 Pod, OS Red - 2
7 Pod White - 2
7 Pod, OS Yellow - 2
7 Pot Cinder Caramel - 5
Bahamian Goat - 5
Bhut Jolokia, Chocolate Brown - 2
Bhut Jolokia, OS Red - 1
B.O.C. - 5
Big Black Mama - 5
Brain Strain, Yellow - 5
Chocolate Bhutlah - 2
Carolina Reaper - 2
Moruga Scorpion, Red - 2
Papa Dreadie - 5
Pumpkin Bubblegum - 5
Reaper Bhut - 2
Scotchbrain - 5
New Mexico No. 6 - 4
Gochu - 5
Habanero - 4
Habanero, Orange - 3
Santa Fe Grande - 3
Shishito - 3
Jalapeño, Tam - 3
Jalapeño, Zapotec - 5
Thai, Large Orange - 5
Poblano - 3
Bellingrath Gardens - 3
California Wonder - 4
Palmyra - 2
Piquillo - 3
Sulu Adana - 2
Tekne Dolmasi - 2
Pluma - 2
Aji Largo - 5
Aji Oro - 5
Rocoto, Mini Red - 5
Rocoto, Guatemalan Red - 5
PDN-Bonda - 5
* Source key:
1 - Self
2 - PepperLover
3 - Trade Winds Fruit
4 - American Seed
5 - Devv
I do have a few other self-saved seeds, but the only one listed right now is Bhut Jolokia, Original Strain Red.  These seeds may be more than ten years old, but they've been refrigerated and last fall a germination test yielded around 70% germination.  
I also plan to start a topic in "Growing - Other" and one somewhere in one of the "Business" forums.
Thanks for looking in.  More soon.

Sawyer '16 - Memorial Day update

16 January 2016 - 02:48 PM

Okay, time to get started.  Last year was not such a good pepper-growing year for me, but it was great in terms of getting a pepper condiment business off the ground.  My only two resolutions for 2016 are to keep better condiment production records and follow through on growing large quantities of peppers.  To that end, here's the list of varieties I have.  I won't grow everything on the list, but plan to grow most of these.  Some will only be a plant or two (for fresh seed production), some will be many, many more (for sauces and/or plant sales).  The ones marked with a leading (x), I'm out of stock, but am keeping them in the list to remind me I need to replace them (by trade mayhap, hint, hint).  Others, I think my stock is no good, either due to age or pantry moth infestation.  For the most part, those will be the first I start.  I tried to format this in multiple columns, but couldn't figure out how, so without further ado, here's the list:


7 Pods*:
Barrackpore Chocolate(3)
Brain Strain Yellow(1,11, 13)
Brain Strain Yelow (superior)(28)
Brain Strain Red(21)
Brown Standard(1,11)
Brown Standard G3
Brown Long
Brown Long G3
Caramel F2
Congo SR Gigantic
Douglah(1,11, 15)
Jonah G2
Large Red
Mustard F2
"not Red" (a serrano-/Inca Red Drop-shaped "not")
Original Red(11)
Peach F2
Primo Yellow(24)
Red Long(9)
Yellow Large(21)
Yellow Long(9)
Yellow x Douglah(24)

Trinidad Scorpions:
Butch T
Moruga Brown(1,11)
Moruga Caramel(11)
Moruga Chocolate(15)
Moruga Red
Moruga Yellow(1,5,11)
Moruga/Moruga Blend Yellow(12)
Yellow Original G2

Superhot Crosses/Mutations:
Arkansas Peach F2
Arkansas Reaper F3
Brown Bhutlah(15)
Carolina Reaper(1,6,7,14,16)
(x)D'Bhut (7P Douglah x BJ)
Devil’s Brain(11,13)
Elysium Oxide Bonnet(1,4,13)
Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion(1,3)
Jay's Red Ghost Scorpion
FG Jigsaw(28)
Funky Reaper(7)
Nagabrain Chocolate F3 (9)
Nagabrain Red (13)
Peach Pheno(3)
PDN x Bhut Peach (24)
Pimenta Lisa F3(9)
Red Bhutlah(15)
Sepia Serpent(21)
Trin SB x Trin 7P(24)
Long Smooth Red (spicy banana)

Banana Bhut F2(1,26, 30)
BJ Brown G3
BJ Giant(8)
BJ Orange(1)
BJ Peach(11)
BJ Red(1,11)
BJ White(11)
BJ Yellow(11,12)
BJ Yellow G3
Black Naga(13)
Monster Naga(13)
Naga King Orange(15, 13)
Naga Morich(12)
"not white" Yellow Bhut
Peach Ghost SS(24)


Bahamian Goat(1,3, 24)
Bonda Ma Jacques(1,3)
Brown SB(1, 24)
Brown Congo
Caribbean Mix Hab(15)
Chocolate Congo(24)
Farmers Market SB(24)
Giant White Hab(1, 11, 15)
JA Hot Choc Hab(21)
Large Yellow-orange Hab (not GWH)
(x)Lemon Habanero
Long Brown
MoA SB G2 (1,18, 24)
MoA SB Peach(24)
Orange Hab(15)
Papa Dreadie SB Select(29)
Papa Joe Market SB(24)
Paper Lantern Hab(15)
Peach Hab(15)
Red Hab(11,15)
Schneider Farms SB(23)
(x)Snow White
Stuffing SB(24)
Trinidad Congo Red(11)
Tobago Sweet SB(24)
Yellow Congo(24)
(x)White Bullet Hab

Other C. chinenses:
Brown Egg(3)
CGN 21500(24)
Fatalii Black(13)
Fatalii Cream(15)
Fatalii White(8,13)
Fatalii Yellow(21)
Flaming Icicle(15)
Georgia Black(3)
Grenada Seasoning Yellow(15)
Mako Akokasrade
Malaysian Goronong(15)
Murupi Amarela(9)
Pimenta de Neyde(1,11)
Santa Rosa Biance(15)
Star of Turkey(11)
Tobago Treasure Red(1,3)
Tobago Treasure Yellow(11)
Tobago Treasure White(9)
Trinidad Cherry(3)
Trinidad Seasoning
White Devil's Tongue (1,3)

Ciclón, Colima, Tajin (mixed, 1)
Farmer's(11, 24)
NuMex Jalamundo(24)
NuMex Vaquero(24)

New Mexico:
Joe E. Parker(15)
Heritage Big Jim(25)
Heritage 6-4(25)
Negro de Valle(15)
Santa Fe Grande(15)


Sweet annuums:
Bell of Göllü(24)
Bull's Heart(11)
Chocolate Beauty(15)
Corno di Toro(15)
Corno di Toro, Orange(15)
Corno di Toro, Yellow(15)
Garden Sunshine(15)
Jimmy Nardello(15)
Keystone Giant(15)
Kurtovska Kapija(20)
Marconi Golden(6)
Marconi Red(6)
Paprika, Feher Ozon(15)
Paradicsom Alaku Sarga Szentes(6)
Sulu Adana(11)
Syrian Three Sided(6)
Sweet Pickles(11)
Tekne Dolmasi(11)
Yellow Monster(15)

Other C. annuums:
Albanian Red Hot
Alma Paprika
(x)Amarillo Chiltepin
Black Hungarian(6)
Cayenne, Long Slim(24)
Cayenne, Mix (15)
Costeno Rojo(15)
Çumra Cherry(11, 24)
Devil Serrano(9)
Ethiopian Brown Berbere(24)
Goat's Weed(11)
Hungarian Hot Cherry(3)
Large Red Hot Cherry(1,11)
Long Red Slim(16)
Mulato Isleno(15)
Padron(15, 19)
Pasilla Bajio(6)
Pimiento de Padron(6)
Takanotsume/Hawk Claw(16,17)
Urfa Biber(20)


Bellingrath Gardens(15)
Black Pearl(15)
Chinese Five-Color(15)
Explosive Ember(15)
Filius Blue(15)
Golden Nugget(15)
NuMex Twilight(19)
Prairie Fire(15)
Purple Flash(15)
Tricolor Variegata(15)


C. baccatums:
Ají Amarillo(15, 24)
Aji Cereza(24)
Ají Citó(24)
Ají Habanero(24)
Aji Lemon Drop(15)
Ají Mango(11)
Ají Melocotón(24)
Ají Panca(24)
Ají White Fantasy(24)
Birgit's Locoto(15)
Bishop's Crown (3)
Brazilian Starfish(11)
El Oro de Ecuador(24)
Red Pumpkin(11)
Sugar Rush Cream(28)

C. chacoense:
Most Prolific(24)

C. pubescens:
Manzano Amarillo(27)
(x)Orange Manzano (2 types)
(x)Orange Locoto
(x)Red Manzano
Yellow Manzano(15)
Giant Mexican Rocoto(11)


Special Projects:
MFPJ28 F2 #2
MFPJ32 F3 #1
MFPJ32 F2 #3


(1) - Self-saved
(2) - PaulG
(3) - GA. Growhead
(4) - capsidadburn
(5) - PepperLover
(6) - Baker Creek
(7) - Devv
(8) - gnslngr
(9) - meatfreak
(10) - CPI
(11) - PL
(12) - MGOLD86
(13) - jcw10tc
(14) - RFC
(15) - TWF
(16) - Pepper Joe
(17) - DesertChris
(18) - Steve954
(19) - JSS
(20) - stickman
(21) - mpicante
(22) - FL Born
(23) - Pulpiteer
(24) - Plantguy76
(25) - Sandia Seeds
(26) - HillBilly Jeff

(27) - CheriL
(28) - Joe Fish
(29) - Windcicken
(30) - Solem22


The first ones I start will probably be Datil, Giant Mexican Rocoto, and whatever other seeds I have of suspect viability.

(*I've decided to switch camps from the 7 Pot crowd to the 7 Pod crowd.  If CARDI calls them "Seven Pod", who am I to say differently.  Here's a link to a pdf of their 2008 variety catalog.  I really like the 7 Pot origin story, i.e., hot enough for 7 pots of stew, but whatever.  As for "pod" vs. "berry", likewise, whatever.  A tomato is a botanical berry but also a culinary vegetable.  I would like to know the origin story of "seven pod", though.  Maybe it's due to seven peppers per node or something.  I think I've seen as many as eleven per node on my 7P Peach.) 


Anyone wishing to see my past glogs can find them here:


2013 Glog:  http://thehotpepper....estfirst-sauce/
2014 Glog:  http://thehotpepper....-14-seed-offer/
2015 Glog:  http://thehotpepper....rost-1122-pics/


If anyone sees any varieties they'd like to try, send me a PM.  I'm open to trade, SASBE, or paypal contribution to cover postage.  Not everything is available, but ask and I'll check my stock.


1/17/16 edit:  Added Schneider Farms SB from Pulpiteer, updated source citations.

1/24/16 edit:  Updated list to reflect seeds received from mpicante.

2/13/16 edit:  Updated list to reflect new seeds acquired from various sources, THPers and commercial vendors alike.