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Acidifying an acidic sauce?

12 April 2019 - 06:20 PM

So I have this sauce that we make which consists of roughly 10 smallish tomatillo, 3 jalapenos, a couple Anaheim's, a couple pasilla, 5ish serranos, half an onion, water and a couple cloves of garlic. The ingredients are roasted, blended then heated for a short time to get the flavors to marry. The final ph at room temperature comes in at 3.9. Would seems like a good ph but I know the low ph is primarily just from the tomatillo and the USDA calls for it to be acidified further so what ph should I shoot for to make this "shelf stable"?. Just something I can use the "hot fill hold" method with and refrigerate after opening. I'm quite fond of the flavor and would like to use as little vinegar/whatever else as possible to make it safe. Thoughts? Here's a pic of the sauce.. cuz yea, I know everyone likes pictures..

Are green onions a cash crop?

24 February 2019 - 08:15 PM

So today I went to the grocery store and saw green onions for $.89 a bundle (around 5 or 6 small green onions each) and out of curiosity, I weighed the bundle and it turns out that it took 5 bundles to get to a pound. That works out to be over $4 a pound! How is it that regular onions go for $.99 per pound (and sometimes 2 pounds on sale) and they take MONTHS longer to grow and green onions command such a higher price for something that can be grown in a fraction of the time in less space? But the grocery stores hide it by charging $.89 a bundle and no one thinks twice cuz it looks cheaper listing that way instead of by the pound. Blows my mind

Wasabi seeds wanted

16 November 2018 - 11:35 PM

Anyone got any they're looking to sell or trade?

Cloning a Hot Sauce Recipe

19 July 2018 - 12:28 PM

So I realize that there are a million ways that this recipe could go down but I'm looking for suggestions on a good starting point for trying to recreate it. Doesn't need to be exact cuz I probably plan on substituting the habs for something else anyways but for the sake of keeping it as simple as possible, lets assume im using habs. Unfortunately I'll probably end up using canned peaches cuz all the fresh ones around here suck and have no flavor but everything else I'll try to source fresh. Any suggestions are appreciated. Especially if you've had this sauce and know the flavor profile. It's "Tears Of The Sun" by High River Sauces. Thanks!

Edit: If it's easier for you to list in volume measurements, then lets say for a 1 gallon batch. Percentages are welcome though.

Supplementing Nitrogen Rich Soil

14 July 2018 - 01:34 PM

Well, so far it's looking like it's going to be a great year for peppers. Plants are exploding with new healthy growth but very little production so far. About half my plants are chinense so I'm not too worried about it but one thing is pretty clear. Based on the the dark green foliage and vigorous growth of everything (peppers and others), I think my soil is nitrogen heavy. The delayed production could also be due to a heat wave we experienced but there hasn't really been any appreciable blossom drop or anything and I am running shade cloth to help them deal with the heat a little better but for the sake of argument, lets assume that my soil is nitrogen heavy and lacking in other nutrients. What would you use to supplement? Is this a time when a bloom formula would be beneficial? I know some folks think bloom formulas are a waste and all you need is a well rounded npk nutrient but I clearly don't need any extra nitrogen so is a bloom formula warranted in this case? Liquid nutes are a total pain in the ass based on the size of my garden so I was hoping to use a granular nutrient that I could just spread around and water in (was thinking the organic jobes tomato and veggie) but again, not really wanting any more nitrogen. I should add that all my plants are in ground and I didn't have a soil analysis done. I put a thin layer of compost early on, worm casting in each transplant hole and thats it so far. Thoughts?