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Stem pruning

28 March 2014 - 11:04 PM

Has anyone ever pruned the middle stem from their peppers?


I have an acquaintance that decided he needed to prune his peppers after hearing that I had cut off a few leaves from mine.  He wanted 'big, bushy' peppers along with huge harvests.  So, with that in mind, he assumed cutting more is better.  Sure - but the whole middle stem?  I think he cut ~2" down leaving ~1" and 2 leaves on the plant.


Do these plants have a chance?  I told him to save a few plants without pruning just in case he might need them if he pruned too much off.  I don't think he'll send me any pictures until his plants are 'big and bushy'.

Burn Circus hot sauce made by Jedisushi

05 December 2013 - 04:40 PM

I was the lucky recipient of Jedisushi's Burn Circus hot sauce and will recommend it to all.


First impression of your sauce was that it was sweet and very hot.  The aroma - sweet and definitely superhot peppers.  We first tried the sauce on chicken fingers and were blown away by the heat.  The sweet taste plus the heat lingered in the mouth.   Yum.


Second time we had company over and added cream cheese to the sauce to eat with crackers and hard cheeses.  The sweet and hot tastes were toned down a bit by the cream cheese, but we ate everything!  XXX asked for an ounce or so to take home to share with a friend.  Both of the guys were very impressed and are looking into how to make their own hot sauces, etc. using beer.


Third time was the best!  We added Burn Circus to some strawberry jam and spread it on hot pulled pork.  THAT was the best pork we've ever had, much more tasty than BBQ sauce by a mile.  We've also used the sauce w/jam mixture for PB&J sandwiches on sourdough bread.  Excellent.  We had many, many compliments on these sandwiches. 


Jedisushi did a great job on his BURN CIRCUS hot sauce using organic cherries.  We're now waiting for his next great creations.  Thanks so much for your generosity!  Now to pay it forward.



Chocolate cherry pepper?

14 September 2012 - 10:33 PM

Is there such a pepper as a chocolate cherry? I'm not home so I can't send a picture. The pepper looks exactly like a cherry, the seeds were labeled 'choc habanero', and it seems hotter than I expected.

It's just not what I expected though I'm happy to have 2 plants with about 10 ripe peppers per plant.

Greetings from the Centennial state

19 November 2011 - 06:18 PM

Greetings to all of you wonderful people who grow fun and excitement. This is my 2nd year growing the hot ones and the whole family is hooked! Gardening has been in the blood for many years and now begins a new journey into hot peppers. Thank you for such educational information to glean from. This is such a great place!