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#610391 Xtreme Gardening

Posted by Maxsack331 on 27 April 2012 - 09:30 PM

Nice score. Be careful using the root hormone though. When you use it the plants will stop growing because a lot of the focus will be on roots so you think the plants are stunned, but once the roots get a nice thick ball bam the plants grow a really fast after that. If your close to OC I have a huge trash can of aged black gold that I can't use. It's a good top off your soil.

The Azos isn't actual rooting hormone, it's just a bacteria inoculate that fixes Nitrogen, and it is good with clones and transplants because it allows the roots to get nitrogen really well, if you pull up clover, you can see little tiny, I think white balls on some of the roots, which is just small colonies of nitrogen fixing bacteria, I never thought to actually look, but my microbiology professor showed us one day when we had some extra time for lab, but the Azos is that.

So question about this Mykos I just ordered... since the plants are getting better nutrients and they're growing to their fuller potential, are the pods more flavorful and hotter?

I guess so, if the plant can grow better.. but then again, I think it is more of a "cut time off of growing" and allow for better uptake of nutrients with a smaller space, so really in a smaller pot, the plant can take up more nutrients than it would otherwise, and once you get them in the ground.. then the plant can really take off and utilize everything it has.. and if that happens to make the fruit taste better then good, as far as heat, I have been reading and as far as I know, stress/heat is a main factor for heat.. which is kind of counter productive for plant growth I would think

So you just "like" their facebook page and then email them asking for an Xtreme care package? If their still doing it I would love to get in on this.

I got mine, well at this point about 3 weeks ago, but I would think it is worth a shot, I haven't seen anything saying they have stopped, and for good reason too, because I bet that a majority of the people they give packages to, will buy something else from them.. I know I will use the Mykos and Azos from now on, it's really good stuff, and I am pretty skeptical about crap like that, or if it doesn't end up being as good as it says, then I usually say, "screw it" and just don't get it again, but not the case with these products..

and the email I found in a post on their FB page from.. well now it would be a few months ago, but they should have the email of the guy.. here I will just link it here.

here you guys go, his email gets JAMMED packed.. so prepare to wait about a month before getting a reply.. maybe sooner, but I wouldn't doubt if it would take that long

#608079 Q's About Hybridization

Posted by Maxsack331 on 23 April 2012 - 09:44 PM

it's a crap shoot really, and I don't think it has been studied in detail which passes on like in human traits, if at all.. just have to see what comes up, and one of them might have the traits your looking for, but that's why you generally have to grow out a bunch of seeds from the cross to see what comes out of it.

#607946 Some Powder Mixes for sale

Posted by Maxsack331 on 23 April 2012 - 03:48 PM

does that include the reserve? lol, that stuff is pretty good, and thanks for the price update, even when I read through it the first time, I missed it, so I figured an updated post would help lol

#607545 Bottom vs Top Feeding

Posted by Maxsack331 on 22 April 2012 - 05:16 PM

So the conclusion must be that there are many successful methods, all depending on grow medium used? People here are doing so many different things it seems.

Does this mean I use bad soil, when dry it shrinks leaving gaps between soil and pot. So when watering it just goes down the sides and to the bottom of the pot. How to prevent this? Fill more soil in the gap?

This leaves the bottom wet, top dry.

that does seem like not the best soil, I like my mix, which takes after Baker's Peppers and I use about 40% pine chip bark mulch/fines, and then some peat moss, compost from a leaf pile in the back yard and some vermiculite, works great so far.. I would suggest searching some of the soil threads on here and checking them out, just do potting or soil mixes on here, there's been a bunch, and just take what info you want from them and go from there

#607420 Some Powder Mixes for sale

Posted by Maxsack331 on 22 April 2012 - 12:25 PM

yeah, my goal this summer is to convert at least one of my friends to hot stuff, and my dad to eat a few of the supers with me lol, but sounds good, once I get my paycheck from this weekend I'll probably hit you up for some of the 7s :drooling: . the House is great, but I just love the clean taste of the 7s, and I feel like I get the most "burn for my buck" haha..

oh and how much is an OZ of the hot salt? might get 1 of those too, but I think my friend in VA might be able to start out with that lol, he's one of the guys I'll be trying to "convert", I think I would just scare him away with the actual powders haha

#607220 Some Powder Mixes for sale

Posted by Maxsack331 on 21 April 2012 - 10:55 PM

lol, yeah mine are burning through fast too, and I took a little less than 1/2oz from the 2 packages I gave to my friend, I wasn't 100% sure how he would be able to handle them and use them a lot, he loves the spicy stuff, but not sure he would put it on everything like I do.. I have some just about everyday, if not a few times a day, just depends on what I eat lol..

I was joking around with my brother and saying I am going to start putting it on my cereal in the morning haha, but I really have to start making ham/egg/cheese in the morning so I can put it on them more.

but do you have plenty of the good 7s? because if your close to running out, let me know, I don't want to "be without" haha, I need my fix, otherwise I will just wait a few couple more weeks before getting some more (I've been savoring the yummy yellow for the good food lol, and blasting everything else with the house and 7s, and actually I think it was already mentioned before, but the Hot salt on potato salad was amazing! I don't like salt much and never add it on to anything I eat, but the potato salad really took the salt in and kind of made it really sweet with a hint of spice to it.. pretty cool stuff haha, I love it)

People ask how and why I eat all the spicy stuff, and I guess they don't really get it until they get into it, and the beginning can be kind of painful, but it's great lol

#606914 Leaf Curl Issue, thoughts, insight, HELP!

Posted by Maxsack331 on 21 April 2012 - 11:41 AM

bonemeal is good, but it just takes a long time to break down, and from what I have been told before, unless you have some soil from outside with all the microbes and stuff in it (like if you try using sterile potting soil, there's nothing really in there) so it won't really break down, but if it does, I was told it can take like a month to break down to be usable.

#604719 Ideal sun exposure

Posted by Maxsack331 on 16 April 2012 - 04:07 PM

(reply to theghostpepperstore.com)- hmm, thats interesting about the leaf size, which makes sense, but if I remember my classes correctly, I'm pretty sure the size of the leaf is more based towards transpiration of water through the leaves, but it is the same thing, unless you want to water the Chinense a bit more to compensate for the larger water loss through the leaves, desert plants have small leaves so they don't loose as much water through them, and in the rain forest, there is so much rain and water, they need larger leaves to allow for more transpiration. (and to try to catch more light since the canopy is generally pretty thick in the lower levels, talking about this just wish I could be back in the rain forest in Costa Rica, that was a great bio trip lol)

but with that said, if it has worked for you, then why not, and the ideas kind of go side-by-side,. I personally have found that my Tepin plants at least when they were smaller were more prone to turn purple earlier and didn't like as much light than the other plants, and actually right now the ones in the back that don't get as much light are doing really well, where the 2 that are off to the side but get more light are having some issues with curling/kind of an edema problem because I think the water can't leave the leaves fast enough with the direct light with the humidity in the grow tent..or something like that. I'm not really worried about it now since they are still in containers and they will be going outside in another 2-3 weeks.

also so far the Pretty Purple Peppers (small ornamental plant) did not like as much direct light when they were younger, but they seem to be fine now with a little more light.. I will have to see how they all work out this summer.. I'm just planning on having the taller ones in the back and smaller ones in the front so they can all get as much light as possible.. but there are a few trees that will shade parts of the garden for the last 2 or so hours of the day.. but not really much shade

I am under the impression that all peppers can tolerate maximum sun all day, in and of itself, but it is really the temperature and moisture as what cause issues. So, for example, if you are in a too-hot zone, reducing the amount of light will also incrementally reduce the temperature. Likewise, higher temperatures (and/or arid conditions) usually require more watering, so reducing the sunlight may reduce the need for watering a bit because it reduced the temperature. But the plants need light for photosynthesis and (hence) pod production, so the more light, the better (up to some maximum, since plants need rest, too.)


#602779 Smallest ornamental pepper plant?

Posted by Maxsack331 on 11 April 2012 - 06:24 PM

PIC 1, that is a cool plant, and that is a lot of plants in the background lol

and slash, I have been collecting a few of the seeds that I have now from the Bulgarian Carrots, and 2 different types of cherry peppers, I've just been sticking the seeds in a solo cup with a piece of paper towel shoved down in there so the seeds rest on it, I had them in plates before, but I had one of the cats knock it over when I had set it on the table for a little while and mix them all up on a set of other peppers. This year I got my mom some cool tomato seeds that I want to save the seeds from, which should be interesting, I will have plenty of practice though.

and so far I have only broken 2 or so small stems.. well side branched I guess from the tops of them when trying to climb over to get to the back to adjust something, which is why now I just move a bunch out of the way.. and as far as plant out time, usually we plant out at the end of April/first week in May, with all the other plants, but I am going to wait to do my pepper plants until the 2nd week in May, depending on the temps, and first week it is suppose to be on average a low of 45ish, and mid May it gets up to lows of low 50s, but this year is really warm, we are getting about a week of rain next week and then it usually heats up after a long rain like that for the spring. If anything I am going to just harden them off, and then keep them outside for a week in the pots until the lows hit the 50s (with an occasional high 40s or something) so that the pots can warm up fast during the day, and they can get use to it a little more while the temps rise over a week or so..

this is my first year starting out so early, I have started peppers from seeds in early April 2 years ago, but they were just random seeds I got from Home Depot or Walmart of something, like the "hot pepper mix" which was pretty much all thai peppers and stuff, and then bought a set of habs and cherry peppers in early may from a nursery. So they are doing pretty well now in pots so I'm not in a huge hurry to get them in the ground, a week or 2 extra wait won't hurt, but I really can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can at least get them outside and turn the grow lights off finally lol

#602732 Smallest ornamental pepper plant?

Posted by Maxsack331 on 11 April 2012 - 03:19 PM

yeah I move 4 of the middle plants out so I can get to them all when I water, they are really close but as long as they are growing until I get them outside I will be happy, and I moved things around after that photo, just switched the sides the fan was on pretty much and moved a few plants around, but my biggest fear is slipping and falling on them lol, I've come kind of close a few times, but I built up my balance pretty quickly lol

if anything I will be collecting seeds from all the peppers I have this year so at the end of the summer I should have some seeds, just need to remember, but I will be around and active throughout the summer, so shouldn't be a problem to get some seeds!

#602488 Some Powder Mixes for sale

Posted by Maxsack331 on 10 April 2012 - 09:54 PM

hmm, I will have to put that on my list of seeds to grab when I do some trading this summer/fall for next year lol, never even heard of the Yellow Bouquet, pretty cool

and that is very interesting about that being the Douglah, I've always heard of bad reviews for the taste, but it's got a really cool flavor! and it definitely burns quite a bit, I wasn't sure if, when I had it later again, if my mouth was just a little raw from getting my teeth cleaned or not, then realized it was my tongue where I put the powder that was hurting, so it was all from the powder burn lol

and yeah I really like the look of the chocolate peppers, I've only had a chocolate hab cross from baker's peppers, which I'm not sure what it was crossed with but it was a blend of red/super dark purpleish kind of, but I can't wait for my chocolate bhuts (which are growing crazy fast right now, but still a ways away from pods) and more importantly, the chocolate scorpion plants I was able to get, those should be really cool, and the Jamaican Hot chocolate and those as well, just can't wait for the weather to warm up.. another 3 weeks about and I can get them outside to harden off!

but until then, I will be devouring the powders haha, put a little too much House Favorite into some leak and potato soup tonight, and after having a bunch of the yummy yellow and some 7s powder on some hot dogs, my throat was nice and raw haha, and now my stomach has that nice bubbly heat to it, but man was it good! I'm sure you will be getting a few orders from my friends once I share some, since I will only be giving them a taste, they will have to get their own ;)

#602485 Seeds Please?

Posted by Maxsack331 on 10 April 2012 - 09:44 PM

yeah I was wondering how all of these people were jumping on these free seed or SASBE or whatever they are called, threads so fast, because I know I am on here a lot.. but I still miss them, but then I realized you can subscribe to a whole section, :P.. just saw a Bhut seed thread pop up too you could jump on..

#602476 Smallest ornamental pepper plant?

Posted by Maxsack331 on 10 April 2012 - 09:18 PM

yeah it's in my grow tent, they do well in low light areas, and they seem to really reach for the light more than others because the ones that are closer to the light have one stem or so, that is much longer than the others lol, pretty funny, and all I do is just spin them around and the other stem grows long, and the orange and the yellow pods in the pic are now a super bright orange, like Halloween orange, and as far as the taste, I haven't tasted too many pods either for the most part, but the orange habs that are around here and that I have had have more of a.. well hab taste, I'm still trying to grasp how people think they are fruity, although the yellow pepper powder I got from Wayright on here is actually pretty fruity kind of, and same with the Bulgarian Carrots, which I love because they are really big producers for such small plants (about 2-2.5' and semi bushy, but not so much out, just a lot of main stems and really compact, they are great) but I say it tasted like a grape, mainly in texture, there was a little fruity taste, without the tart taste of an actual grape, but like I said, I got impatient and wanted to try one so I tried one that was still going from purple to cream colored, was about 50/50 split, so still far from ripe, once those 2 orange ones turn red, I will let you know how they taste, hopefully next week they will be ready

and my Bulgarian Carrots are super fast growing and so I have been screwing around with crosses with them.. well I did this cross with the BC and PPP (pretty purple pepper) and some of the pods on that plant are just starting to ripen, I had overwatered it a bit, so it's been a little slow, and another plant has a BC X Tepin cross, but the BC X PPP should be really neat..and the pretty purple peppers alone, if you can put them under a CFL for a little bit and then put them in a south facing window, or a table that is in front of a southern window, then you should be OK.. that is what I plan on doing with mine, since they are small, I'm going to keep them in pots, and at the end, probably find a nice looking pot and put it back inside, and maybe give a few friends the other 3 for their windows ect..

And the Tomato growers supply company was the first place that I found with peppers when I googled, I was looking for Bulgarian Carrots since I had grown them 2 years ago when a local nursery happened to have them, but didn't have them last year, so this year I wanted to make sure i had them.. great service and some cool peppers besides the superhots, but I can get those here ;) I would ask them, just give them a call, if anything I am sure it might just cost a few extra $$, but shouldn't be much, really nice people

here, I just took 2 quick pics of them again that give you a better idea of how they look, the first pic are the 2 plants in the front of the tent, the 2nd pic are 2 plants that are kind of buried in the side of all the other plants,(had to lean over a bunch of them and hold a few stems back to get the pic which is why it might not be really centered as well) so they are not getting a ton of light, but they are doing great still

and the HID light is making them look a lot lighter/yellow than they are, they are more of a nice light/almost lime or light forest green mixed in with the purple, that and it's my phones camera which is a good camera for a phone and 8mg pix, but still a phone lol
Posted Image
Posted Image

and just to give you an idea, they are buried in THIS: lol (this was taken on 3/28, and they are a good deal bigger now, by about 3" or more, it's pretty crazy, once i got their watering/ferts down, they really blew up)
Posted Image

#602320 Some Powder Mixes for sale

Posted by Maxsack331 on 10 April 2012 - 02:33 PM

got the powder today as expected this time! no delays which was nice, nice packing btw lol.. the yummy yellow is awesome, it's really sweet, and I can't tell if it's as hot as it seems or if that was the late burn from the reserve(just had some more, and the reserve definitely has a nice kick), which is great also, more of an instant burn, with a great hab like taste it seems or something like that, kinda smokey, and since i haven't had any fresh superhots, or even any habs other than the orange and some random red habs, I can't tell if it's just the taste of a pepper or not lol.

but I think the yellow is a favorite so far, just dipped my finger in them for a nice dose of each, but right off the bat I was really surprised how sweet it was.

it's my "fix", needing more and more every time haha, and I have my dad eating them finally, since he has been shy about the fresh peppers I have which are not that hot, but I think the fresh peppers tend to hit his stomach a little hard, but he's been taking all of my All Good 7s, I will have to sway him to the House instead, which is great also, but I like the really crisp burn of the 7s a little more, but I will make sure I keep him away from the yummy yellow or that will be going quickly too lol.. at least the 7s I can reorder if I need to most likely if it runs out..

thanks again!

Edit: just realized I've been calling the yummy yellow, yellow mellow or mellow yellow lol.. :rolleyes:

#601305 Some Powder Mixes for sale

Posted by Maxsack331 on 08 April 2012 - 10:32 AM

I'm not a salt guy either, but I have learned to love this hot salt. I use it on margaritas regularly and my new favorite use for it is just sprinling it on a halved avacado and eating it with a spoon. It doesn't get much better than that.

oo that gave me a great idea, some salt on sliced tomatoes, just need some tomatoes from the plants lol, could always buy them from the store, but I can wait for some fresh tomatoes! that should be really good

Thanks for the great review Max , your check is in the mail ;) :rofl:

good to hear :shh: haha can't wait to try the other sample pack. It's great, the whole spicy cabinet smells like some great pepper powder lol