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Today, 09:25 PM

All I can say is "wow!". Those plants are some of the healthiest I've seen in many years. So much flowering going on! Love the greenhouse too! Mines just a skeleton fight now. Need to replace the fabric. Grow on!

Always something to do, right, PG?

I think the VermiFire / Happy Frog soil mix
with light feedings of AK fish fertilizer has
something to do with it! Thanks for the
posivity, Guru!

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Today, 06:09 PM

deleted post


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Today, 06:08 PM

Welcome to a little more crowded greenhouse.  Big F5#1 next to left door jamb:

Attached File  IMG_5183.JPG   155.59KB   6 downloads

This was covered with fast moving flood waters from usually tranquil Willow Creek.  

No damage - it serves as a run-off absorber / wetland in Winter and early Spring:
Attached File  IMG_5186.JPG   216.26KB   5 downloads
(included by accident - part of my walking trail every day - sorry)


A pair of 4th generation JA Red Habaneros from WalkGood / Devv.  

Everything Scott says about them is absolutely true!:
Attached File  IMG_5188.JPG   132.18KB   5 downloads


Attached File  IMG_5189.JPG   110.48KB   5 downloads

Top of F5#2:
Attached File  IMG_5190.JPG   140.44KB   5 downloads

Top of Habanero next to F5#2:
Attached File  IMG_5191.JPG   141.06KB   5 downloads

2nd generation Peruvian Red Rocotos:
Attached File  IMG_5192.JPG   139.69KB   7 downloads

Looking down on back half of greenhouse from above my head:
Attached File  IMG_5193.JPG   156.13KB   5 downloads

Back shelf.  Now that plants are moving outside, I am removing leaves

with any kind of gash, lesion, look tired and yellow-y, or whatever.

Probably being overcautious after last year's BLS scare, but I'm taking

no chances:

Attached File  IMG_5197.JPG   124.28KB   5 downloads

I have noticed removing the big, old, tired lower leaves causes the new,

upper leaves to size up a bit.  Maybe just my imagination!

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Today, 05:52 PM

Energizer plant?

You've discovered my secret, Scott     :eek:      :shocked:     

  :rolleyes:    Oh, well, cat's out of the bag now,   :shh:

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Today, 02:26 PM

Cool idea for shipping the plugs, Michael.

How did you package them?