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The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards Winners Announced!


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Today, 06:43 AM

Very impressive sauces Rick love the colours especially the Moose Breath ... thanks for posting the recipe and I also have to congratulate you on those bonnets. Have your Hong G in the dehydrator as we speak very prolific variety two plants have produced plenty of pods and they have been outside all the time subjected to our poor summer


Cheers John! I got my MoA seeds from Ramon (Walkgood) a few years ago and am doing what I can to keep the strain going. :)  Love those Bonnets! They make great fruity hot sauces as well as the Jerk rub. :drooling:  I was really happy with the way the Moose Breath hot sauce came out! I'm gonna have to get more frozen blueberries, oranges and limes to make up enough for a whole case. That one's a keeper!


     One of the things I like about the Gochus is how well they grow in a cooler climate. They're highland peppers in Korea and seem to do well in more difficult growing situations. I'd be curious to hear your take on their heat and flavor when you get them dried.

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Yesterday, 07:15 PM

Holy smoke. :rofl:
Those are some fine sauces you're making. :drooling:

Cheers Uros! [emoji2] I'm pretty happy with most of 'em... Especially the peach, pumpkin and blueberry sauces.

That looks awesome, tell me its for sale!

Sorry Jake... I only made five bottles so far, but I posted the recipe a few messages back so you could make your own very easily. Cheers!

Third batch finished... I got a whole case from that one and a wicked case of "Hunan Hands" even though I was wearing nitrile gloves the whole time... Lol!

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Yesterday, 03:17 PM

Sauce #2 done. It's not at home to subtlety... This baby really burns! I can't see using more than a few drops of it at a time in food.
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Now on to sauce #3... A pineapple-mango-scotch bonnet concoction.

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Yesterday, 01:40 PM

Great to see so many great peppers into different sauces etc. Love the look of your bonnets ,superb phenos on a lot of them.
Your not go cold this winter Rick.
Great work buddy.

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Cheers Sim! I wish you could taste this sauce... it's a balanced, fruity-tasting sauce with a wicked creeping heat! I tweaked this recipe by substituting TS Yellow pods and maple syrup for Morugas and brown sugar, and doubled the amounts. I also added half a tsp of cinnamon, a quarter teaspoon of allspice and an extra three tablespoons of the maple syrup since I didn't want the maple flavor to be overpowered by the chiles, and I couldn't quite taste it the first time around.



Sauce #2 today will be the Nuclear Option from Chile Pepper Madness using Forbing Nagas, TS Yellows, King Nagas, Douglahs and Scotch Brains with a few Bonnets and Piment Cabri pods to bring the peppers up to the two pound mark.



I've got them in the oven roasting right now and have two fans in the kitchen window to evacuate the fumes! Lol!

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Yesterday, 01:06 PM

First batch of today's hot sauces finished. I'll start the second shortly. Attached File  0924171401.jpg   72.66KB   10 downloads

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