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The 11th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!


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#1560932 Growdown Throwdown 2018 Yellow Brain Strain!

Posted by stickman on Yesterday, 01:23 PM

First blood...

Nice Scott! Now, what do they taste like? [emoji41]

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#1560764 Stickman's 2018 Soil Mineralization Glog

Posted by stickman on 17 June 2018 - 05:23 PM

Your brainstrain is definitely killing mine. It didn't like my soil mixture at first or something. All the backup plants I put in the ground caught up to it real quick. Hopefully you get the rain and the warm nights you need!

Sorry to hear that..... sounds like we're banging our heads against the wall for different reasons... I think the main reason I've done as well as I have so far is the early (for New England) start and weekly feedings my plants got before transplanting outside, plus the soil prep the beds got. I'm really sold on soil testing and building it up organically.

Looking good Rick!
I can't believe you're still getting 50's, our night times are 75°, day times 95-100°. Which is why I'm throwing in the towel. The maters are done, so pick and pull, and take a break. First time in the last 30 months ;)

Heh... believe it brother. [emoji849] I'm glad your garden did so well for you this season though. As we continue to dial in our garden soil, I'll be really interested in comparing notes... as we get time. [emoji6]

Looking through the freezer downstairs I see we had a quart of Charro Beans, so it looks like supper will be quelites with tomatoes, poblanos and frijoles, with rice and tortillas. Here's the finished product.

#1560715 Growdown Throwdown 2018 Yellow Brain Strain!

Posted by stickman on 17 June 2018 - 01:48 PM

I'll try not to be jelly of you guys with the early pods. [emoji6] Some of those plants are monsters! It's been cool and dry here this spring so I'm way behind by my estimation, but the plant started to blossom today, so I hope to go into production soon now that things are finally starting to warm up here.

1st pic blossoms, 2nd pic height, and 3rd pic showing canopy spread next to my size 10 shoe. Cheers!6a11fc22cd1b332aabdcd6007b8a78a6.jpg51ff6d4b9275193a7ec072b8e0c5f864.jpg3af68597ccbc1d19cfdaff21ab573b60.jpg

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#1560704 Stickman's 2018 Soil Mineralization Glog

Posted by stickman on 17 June 2018 - 01:05 PM

Looks like they are recovering well from the sunburn! Should take off real nice now.



Cheers Trent! The biggest problems here were cold overnight temps and lack of rain. The nights are pretty consistently in the upper 50s-low  to mid 60s now, so as long as I keep them watered, they should finally green up and grow. The furthest along are the over-wintered Douglah...



and the Growdown Yellow Brainstrain that got a larger pot than the rest. Both are blooming now, and the rest will hopefully not be far behind.

YBS.jpg YBS1.jpg


The canopy of the growdown plant next to my size 10 foot.



I just picked a big bowl of Lambs Quarters to cook up for supper later...



Probably with one of these recipes... https://www.maangchi...yeongaju-muchim

or Quelites with tomatoes...  http://ediblebajaari...son-of-quelites

#1560515 Stickman's 2018 Soil Mineralization Glog

Posted by stickman on 16 June 2018 - 05:58 PM

Looking good, Rick! It looks like our plants are about the same growth-wise. Chinense trying to put on side branches and top buds while Annuums are podding up. I'm gonna grow some Aleppo's next year, but this year I found a Syrian Haskorea at the local nursery. Plants from there are hit or miss, but I have high hopes for this one. Heat wave coming...hopefully it'll be good for them. They need to GROW!!! Lol. But it's been raining so often that I've only watered once. So I can't feed.

Great looking dishes, Chef!

Heh... I hear ya 'bout the cool weather this spring. With the exception of the growdown plant, the Chinense and Pubiscens varieties only started to really green up and grow in the last week. The same is true of the Jalapenos and Rezha peppers... the Hungarian, Aleppo, Tepin Cross and Pequin chiles are the only Annuums podding up right now. I'll try not to envy your rain... we've only gotten about 8 inches since the beginning of April. I tried to use water from the rain barrel as much as possible, but it doesn't stretch very far when it's this dry. We'll get there in the end... at least the Pequins are drought tolerant... [emoji4]

The kimchi's ready and in the fridge. I made a cold asian noodle soup with it for lunch today that really hit the spot. The next two days are supposed to be very hot, so I guess I got the timing right.


Late afternoon pic just before sundown...


Have a productive weekend all!





#1560479 Devv-2018-Loving life in the dirt

Posted by stickman on 16 June 2018 - 02:40 PM


A few twigs for $3.00 would be cool ;) I'm not kidding that stuff grows like crazy here and doesn't need to be watered.


What's been keeping us so busy?




Canning like crazy here..ready to can another 6 qts in a few minutes. That will make 30 :shh:










Antep Avci Dolma's, finally picked 2 before the bugs got to them..yeah, been painting too...LOL






Too much too soon..LOL




All looking stellar Scott! How is your garden producing now? About the same as last year or better? We're a few weeks behind you here... My tomatoes have just started budding up, and the peppers are finally starting to green up and grow now that the temperatures overnight are finally consistently in the upper 50s to mid 60s.

#1558946 Stickman's 2018 Soil Mineralization Glog

Posted by stickman on 09 June 2018 - 04:27 PM

The Korean radishes that reseeded themselves in the garlic bed got so big, today I pulled them up and made Spring Radish Water Kimchi (Yeolmu Mulkimchi.) It really comes into its own during the hot summer months served chilled alongside other summer fare, or as part of a cold chicken broth and buckwheat noodle soup called Naengmyon. 568dd37e959fcbb82fc0fcb06c7cdf94.jpg

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#1558808 Stickman's 2018 Soil Mineralization Glog

Posted by stickman on 09 June 2018 - 06:29 AM

Looking good Rick. I get how you feel about the weather.
We're dealing with hot weatheer and constant storms here since the start of june.
Hail storms are commonly predicted and the predictions are often true.
Luckily we covered the whole garden with the netting, bUt not the pots. If the storm comes from the south they'll get the beating. Hopefully not.

Anyway. Interesting glog you have as usual. I hope they flower and pod up like crazy for you man. Take care.

Hi Uros! I'd be happy to split the difference with you weather-wise. Sounds like you could use more sun, and I could use more warmth and rain. I've been irrigating by hand so far this season and supplementing with water from our rain barrel when it rains enough. We're slowly making progress.

The last couple of meals have been tasty and spicy... San Diego-style fish tacos last night with a Jalapeno coleslaw punched up with a few dried Pequins, and juevos rancheros divorciadas for breakfast this morning with both red and green salsa and a couple more Pequins.

Have a great weekend all!459ef45a3608bb0d6ba5bba6c1cdf730.jpgecbd10441188d5c6da46e047b238e6c3.jpg

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#1558703 Stickman's 2018 Soil Mineralization Glog

Posted by stickman on 08 June 2018 - 06:16 PM

"...chiles beginning (to) pod up..."

And that's what it's all about (until things move to the kitchen).

Congratulations and good luck going forward.

Cheers John! I hope things are popping along for you for sure.

Haha...no chilis started this year. I have a few that made it through winter, but with the move coming up soon,k we didn't start anything this year. I did throw in a few more tomatoes and loads of flowers to pretty the place up for the market. Sold over asking so I think that paid off. Will feel much better once we close the deal in a few weeks. 

I understand... better to wait 'til next year when you're better situated. Have your kids all flown the nest? If so, it'll be like you and your wife starting all over again after the move. I should have a couple of quarts of Pequins by the end of the season... lemme know if you want them, and I'll send one your way. Here's how they're looking right now.7ba4f9fc0516025734fdcd5964788178.jpg3523e3f58cc4162a362bce8012d461c8.jpg


Tepins have been podding up for a couple of weeks now. The first pods were longer than I'd expected, but one plant at least seems to be settling down to the expected shape.



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#1557462 Stickman's 2018 Soil Mineralization Glog

Posted by stickman on 02 June 2018 - 04:01 PM

Boy, it's been a crazy few weeks around here... the news lately seems to be about all the rain and extreme wind the folks in the south and midwest have been getting. It hasn't been that extreme here except that the temperatures have been bouncing back and forth between cool and dry and hot and dry. Folks mowing their lawns here today have been kicking up huge clouds of dust it's so bad. I've been watering by hand whenever I get a spare moment between work, household chores and getting my truck ready for inspection... I'm beginning to question my decision to not use drip irrigation this season. The Annuums are doing the best, with the Tepins, Aleppo peppers and Goat's Weed chiles beginning pod up. All the Pubes and Chinense chiles in the back yard have forked, and the Scorpions are blossoming or starting to. Nights are still cool enough that they're dropping blossoms, but they usually do that here until around the end of June to July 4th. I'll be in and out of THP for the next little while and try to catch up on your glogs as best I can. Cheers all, and have a productive weekend!0642feda80a67f7320074a3e35daa5ce.jpge3002cee8a2fe873fd64e143faa60596.jpg3224ceff6b7cf5e81996d28ed2c401fc.jpg3c06c833f52ea84ed6b158e5d222148f.jpgafb849a64ec5423afe21d4246858e770.jpg948f9cb702bd7510a2e336d4c01a1e7c.jpgbd4fecdc4c607dbc70b3fe74ba8943be.jpg9aef42403ea406b587d0c2cc159890e0.jpg70871784d8dba07509ae844c1fef56e4.jpg

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#1557393 Genetikx 2018

Posted by stickman on 02 June 2018 - 09:21 AM

Everything's looking stellar in the community garden Ryan, nice job! It's good you dodged that hailstorm last month.

Biker Billy Jals are hybrids to start, so you never know what you'll get if you save seeds from them. That's my biggest beef with Ed Curry... he rushed the Reapers into seed production before he stabilized the strain.

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#1556318 Stickman's 2018 Soil Mineralization Glog

Posted by stickman on 28 May 2018 - 12:16 PM

Looking good Rick! And those Chinense will kick back in before you know it.
If you do decide to use Calmag apply it in  a foliar application. My experiments show it to be far more effective than using in a watering routine.

Thanks for the input Scott... I'll remember your recommendations. Cheers!

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#1556164 Stickman's 2018 Soil Mineralization Glog

Posted by stickman on 27 May 2018 - 07:22 PM

Are you going to try the Calmag for the maters this season?
I had zero BER this year using it.

Well, my soil test said I have more than adequate calcium Scott, the main problems come from the sandy soil and the upward creep of the pH. I put down Sulfur this year to correct the pH, I've got 10% organic matter in the soil to hold moisture and nutes at root level, and I mulched the 'maters with about 6 inches of straw to counter too quick evaporation... I think I'll try to get by without using the CalMag at first, but will begin using it as a root drench at the first sign of BER.

Here are the Annuums... the Tepins and Aleppo peppers are setting pods right now... and one of the Tepins aeems to be a cross of some sort. I'll have to go back to when I grew them last to find what was planted closest to them. Goat's Weed is starting to flower, Anchos are next, and all are showing new growth. The smallest plants are the Jals... the Jalafuegos are smaller than the Craig's Grande, but I think they'll pick up the pace when it warms up a little more at night.





Goat's Weeds




Jalapeno Jalafuego



Jalapeno Craig's Grande






Tepin mystery cross






Rezha Pepper



Thai Masego Eggplant


#1556035 Stickman's 2018 Soil Mineralization Glog

Posted by stickman on 27 May 2018 - 10:24 AM

Hi folks! Well there's no doubt about it... the peppers got off to a pretty rocky start here. I think the growbox encouraged them to grow too much too fast. They seemed to harden off OK in the cloche, but when transplanted outside they got hit with a combination of cool temperatures, wind and only a little rain. Lots of leaf burn and leaf drop... especially the Chinense varieties. :confused: The good news is that the plants themselves seem to be on the rebound. Axillary growth is kicking in, and before too long should catch up since the plants all have great root systems. I've decided to see how well the plants will do without drip irrigation this year, so I've cut the bottoms off of some half-liter water bottles and half-buried them next to the plants to funnel the water I give them down next to the roots.


Yellow Brainstrain in the background and a Red Bhut in the foreground.



Growdown Yellow Brainstrain in the background and the other Red Bhut in the foreground. The Bhuts were the hardest hit for sure.



Ignoring the Growdown plant in the very back, the OW Douglah in the background and the Purple PDN x Bonda in the foreground.



Left foreground is the White PDN x Bonda, two MoA Bonnets in the middle and a Red Rocoto in the right background.



The two Red Rocotos



The two Orange Manzanos



The Growdown plant is in the best shape of all of them.




A closer look at one of the Red Bhuts showing the axillary growth.



The 'maters are doing very well with just a thick straw mulch. I hope this method yields fewer problems with blossom end rot this year.



The Annuums are doing much better. More pics of them later. Cheers all!

#1555491 Walchit's Glog 2018

Posted by stickman on 25 May 2018 - 06:20 AM

Looking really good guy! With solar mulch on top of my raised beds the water evaporation is slowed down a bit and 1/4 gal/hour drippers are adequate with a hose timer set for 20 minutes twice a day. When I was half-burying .5 liter water bottles next to the pepper plants and watering by hand, they took half a liter twice a day. The weed mat is probably more porous and would need more water.

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