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Some of the Peppers in My Pepper Patch

04 July 2012 - 05:43 PM

Ok, this is my first 'post', I've responded to other folks' posts but haven't made one of my own, principally because I didn't know how to post photos. I still may not, hopefully these will post without too much trouble. Anyway, I thought I would try posting a picture before I head out for the evening... lol..these are some of the pepper plants I have in my pepper garden. I will hopefully have plenty of seeds to share later this season.... some I have right now. But let's just see if this picture will post. lol... if these don't work out don't get too mad. LOL!!! --- ok, they uploaded!!! (Well, I can see them, hopefully you can, too... ) Now I'm going to be driving you nuts posting all my pepper pictures. LOL!!!

From top to bottom: 'Chili Red' a red chile with good flavor, abundant pods.
'Serrano' (the bigger pepper) and 'Tabasco' peppers.
'Yellow Mushroom'...not quite yellow yet. lol....

I have a bunch more pepper plants and varieties, including some super hots that have not flowered or podded yet.... but I'll keep you updated, of course! :)

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Hello from south Mississippi! :)

26 June 2012 - 01:56 PM

Hello, I'm Sayward from Gulfport MS. I am not too good at computers so bear with me. lol... I have a large garden with a few greenhouses, chickens and rabbits... grow a large variety of peppers, they are my favorite thing to grow. Have mostly hot, some super hots, and a few sweet ones as well.

I really enjoy seeing everybody's pepper plants and what they are growing, and am especially interested in growers who over winter their peppers or have a warm enough climate they don't need one. Gulfport is sub-tropical.... this past winter was so mild we didn't use any additional heat and everything was fine. The year or two before that, one of the coldest. (I was able to overwinter a 'Black Pearl' in a crazy makeshift cold frame thing with no additional heat - got down to 19 degrees...) So I'm always experimenting. :dance:

I'm interested in trading, I will have to put up a list of what all I have.... I will be up front about MY homegrown peppers: they may be crossed. I know the feeling of thinking you're growing one thing and it turns out to be something totally different.(My 'peter' peppers aren't so petery. lol..) Sometimes, though, it's not a bad thing at all, and you can end up with something better than the original. Either way it's still a pepper and I'm ok with that. So in my list I will put 'store', 'trade' (I got these in a trade so don't really know the specifics on this either), and 'hg' home grown'.

I am growing some super :hot: :flamethrower: peppers this year for the first time. They have yet to flower so I may try some isolation techniques. I have a couple of greenhouses and plan to set up at least one more 'something'- maybe not a full fledged greenhouse, but SOMETHING before winter to overwinter my plants. So later this season if all goes well and it wouldn't burden the mother plant I may take a few cuttings.

I love to share and am willing to share what I have. I have other things besides peppers but this is my main focus.

I am an artist and a cartoonist as well.

I have no idea how to change my avatar or upload photos on here..I know, what a putz, right? lol... :crazy: I seem to know how to use these little smiley things pretty well. lol

Hope this introduction wasn't too boring. lol... I look forward to 'meeting' you :)