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In Topic: Curious about Whisky

22 June 2017 - 11:27 AM

Them's fightin' words! ;) (although Tullamore Dew is absolutely fantastic!) I've been a huge fan of Jameson for a looooooong time (*almost* talked my wife into naming my daughter Jameson. So close ;) ). Especially their 12 year aged one. It's only like $10-15 more than their "regular" version, but MUCH smoother.

They (Jameson) also make a great bottle called "Redbreast," which I like even better than the regular 12 year stuff. Link: https://shop.jameson...ast-12-year-old


I was going to suggest RedBreast 12 for the "expensive" irish whiskey actually.  Redbreast was the first more expensive Irish whiskey I ever bought.  It's good stuff.  If I see it on sale I pick it up.  I just recently tried Glendalough and it was pretty good.  Irish whiskey has never been my go to, I don't know why, I have never had an Irish whiskey do me wrong.  Rye whiskey is what gets me in trouble... 



Fun fact the word whiskey comes from the Irish phrase "uisce beatha", which means water of life.  

In Topic: Curious about Whisky

22 June 2017 - 11:16 AM

Nice knowledge drop Rawk. I just got into Bourbon a little and have really enjoyed Smooth Ambler small batch, Angel's Envy Rum cask aged, and E H Taylors 4 grain. Dry good stuff when you get beered out.

Still not a fan of scotch though.

Bourbon tends to be a little sweeter than scotch.  Scotch is very earthy, woody, sometimes smoky in my opinion.  I only really drink scotch on occasion, but a spoonful of room temp mineral water to a scotch or nice irish whiskey really can change the flavor and make it seem smoother. (NEVER use ice if you want to taste whiskey, it mutes the flavors, if you're just drinkin to drink, have at it!) I will say though, that nothing pairs with a nice cigar like a glass of scotch, those two things were made to be together.  

In Topic: Curious about Whisky

21 June 2017 - 11:31 PM

Rawk don't forget Mehkong Thai whisky... killer "whisky n coke" ;)

I just looked that up and it doesn't sound like it is really "whisky".  Molasses and rice... Have you tried it?  Sounds like rum.  I don't do rum too much these days.  But I fell in love with seco (sort of like the white whiskey version of rum) in Panama. 

In Topic: Curious about Whisky

21 June 2017 - 11:18 PM

I'm impressed with your extensive knowledge of whiskey Rawk.


I always enjoyed Crown royal, never really tried others..

Helps that I live down the street from a place with 400 whiskeys, about 35 of them are only $3/shot.  I've tried a lot of the flights, including the famous Pappy van Winkle, and sometimes just go in to try a new whiskey or two (last time I was there I had a whiskey aged in a vermouth barrel, it tasted like a manhattan out of the bottle!).  I can get a shot of whiskey to try instead of buying a $100 bottle.


I also am in the Bourbon Women's Association and go to a tasting event every year with 50+ distilleries.  I enjoy distillery tours too, the first time I went on one it really opened my eyes to the process. I totally appreciate the spirit more now and understand why it can get so expensive.  I highly recommend going to tastings with people that know the liquor they're serving.  You will learn a lot in a short amount of time even if it is just about that particular brand.

In Topic: Curious about Whisky

21 June 2017 - 10:48 PM

My advice would be to go take a distillery tour or go to a bar that specializes in whiskey before buying really nice bottles.  They can get pricey and some people just don't like whiskey.  The flavors are different because the mash is different, because the barrels they age them in are different, because the conditions are different while the spirit is aging.  Blends are a number of whiskeys mixes together, you get a pretty standard taste everytime that way. With a single barrel the conditions of 1 barrel never exactly match those of another, so you get some flavor variation even if it is the same brand.  Wikipedia and the internet can be your friend to learn the basics about the spirit.  Look for whiskey tastings at local liquor shops, it will let you discover what you like and you can explore that variety further.


Some of my go-tos

Bourbon: Reasonably priced: Buffalo Trace Expensive: Blanton's

Rye: Reasonable: Templeton Expensive: Whistle Pig

Irish: If you want to avoid Jameson, try Tullamore Dew.  Expensive: Connemara 12 yr (this is a peated Irish Whiskey though so it is a very smokey flavor that sme really don't enjoy)

Scotch: Reasonable: McClelland Expensive: Pretty much anything worth drinking in the Scotch world.  So many differences in taste that you really have to go trying them all to find what you like.  I really enjoy MaCallan 12 for smething that won't totally break the bank. 


I am not so well versed in Japanese whiskey but I have tried some and they have been consistently good.  There are also many microdistilleries out there these days.  I really like the unaged white whiskey from the local Chicago Distilling Company.  Hudson's has a good white whisky too.  Koval has a decent wheated whiskey. If you can find it W.L weller makes fantastic wheated whiskey.  If you want something cheap, that won't burn your nose hairs off when you drink it, my favorite cheap ass whiskey is Benchmark. 


Anyway. Just go and try some.  Sorry for the novel of a post. I probably drink too much whiskey. 


Oh! I forgot Canadian whiskey, but I think Scovie is the expert there...