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#705885 Nova tries Pure Evil

Posted by MissyLayneous on 18 September 2012 - 08:56 PM

To quote Chili Juju, "Nova shall not be denied" This is a fact, that as her mother, I have experienced first hand... IE- when she was 4 all she wanted was a mohawk, she asked me every day for a mohawk, and every day I told her "no" till one day I found in the bathroom trash a sizable clump of her beautiful baby curls... When I looked at her head more closely, I discovered that the little snipe had cut two perfect chunks of hair on either side of her head, giving herself a mohawk.
I did not want to have a repeat of that with the Pure Evil as I was sure it wouldn't go over as well with the sauce as it did with the hair... I do not defend my parenting, and mind you, I've been under a microscope since I was 16 be it with teachers, caseworkers, daycare attendants, early intervention specialists, and other special service providers ALL of whom have found me and my husband to be exceptional parents.
Nova knew exactly what she was getting into, and I'm just glad she didn't want to "one-up" Tristan and do two drops... Also be mindful that I am the parent that is very sensitive to any kind of spice or capsaisin and who tried to talk her out of it, and she is the one who really did insist and explained ever so eloquently why she should be allowed to take the PE challenge. I stand by OUR decision.