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#1468348 Devv-2017-Having a good time in the dirt

Posted by WalkGood on 18 June 2017 - 02:20 PM


stopped by to say hola, pics and grow look great \o/



#1089740 Stickman's 2014 Glog- That's all folks!

Posted by WalkGood on 13 December 2014 - 07:35 AM

Hola Rick, Great season mon \o/


love da pics and recipes ... enjoy da rest ^_~



#1087926 RocketMan 2014 - Resurrection

Posted by WalkGood on 08 December 2014 - 07:24 PM

Long time no see read up da glog Bill, seems it's killa as your previous ones …


Killer giftage from Paul. Rick and others, super looking grow log software, great garden layout, owl on the screen looks bitchin, did you build the cool spice boxes, awesome looking ferments as usual …


You must be loving life at the new plantation in Titusville, keep up da awesome work brethren \o/





#1087294 Annie's 2014 Glog: MoA ferments

Posted by WalkGood on 07 December 2014 - 10:35 AM

Holy air missing from de lungs Peppermon …


You mean dis glog is breathtaking robin mon


Absolutely, it’s tremendously pure awesomeness …


Great job Ms Annie, Muchacha te extraño ... espero que todo esta bien =)

#1087270 Jamison's "Red Dirt Grow" PLANTOUT 5/4/14

Posted by WalkGood on 07 December 2014 - 09:02 AM

Jamison, I hope you and yours are great. Started to grow your Bahamian Goat seed via Steve, tanks mon!


Here's a pic of the two Bahamian Mama's I started:




Meh steel a line or two from Byron Lee after I see your awesome plants, deer and foodie shots. The kids lookin great too mon!


♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ Body start tuh shiver

Meh body start tuh quiver

Just vibing on dis new wave picante

Dem peppers gone in ah frenzy

Wailing up da season, hat’s off Jamison \o_


and I and all dis sweet ecstasy

Dis is what it sound like

Jamming on meh all night

Dis is what is sound like to mee ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪


Incredable season mon!!!



#1087246 PIC 1's...Pepper Graphic...2014

Posted by WalkGood on 07 December 2014 - 07:43 AM



Incredible year or should I say “out of dis world mon” \o/


I’m not surprised as we have come to accept from your talented work ... just paying respect. I hope everyone’s doing great in your family and wish you a happy holiday season. I was reading thru your glog and was super impressed with your hand held shots in low light, without a tripod mine are just a blur, lol.


Hab a great weekend brethren \o_



#1087089 stc3248's 2014 small wild grow

Posted by WalkGood on 06 December 2014 - 09:29 PM

Big up Shane, hope all is great  ... another impressive glog brethren, hope you have a great holiday \o/

#1087088 PeriPeri's Grow 13/14/15/2016: South African

Posted by WalkGood on 06 December 2014 - 09:26 PM

Hola Lourens … over a thousand plants, I knew you were the king of peppers in Africa, hats off mon \o_

#1087086 romy6 2014

Posted by WalkGood on 06 December 2014 - 09:20 PM

Jamie killer harvest mon, hats off \o_


Hope you and the family have been great =)


I love da color on your Orange Thai plant, she looks great!


Keep up dat great work brethren =)

#1087080 HBJ 2015 - Got a box of pepper love in mail today!!!

Posted by WalkGood on 06 December 2014 - 09:14 PM

Agree with Scott, awesome looking omelet!!! Hab a great weekend mon!

#1087077 Devv's 2014- Stick a fork in me, I'm done....

Posted by WalkGood on 06 December 2014 - 09:08 PM

Awesome pics and season mon, hope the family is doing great … BTW how many Pineapples are you guys growing now?

#1087072 PaulG 2014

Posted by WalkGood on 06 December 2014 - 09:02 PM

Paul, I made a killer rub with some of the MoA powder you sent, thanks again ... I'll be half'in da powders so Steve can try some ...



#1087068 Meatfreak 2014 Glog

Posted by WalkGood on 06 December 2014 - 08:53 PM

Stefan, impressive pics, hauls and love dat corking on your hals ... awesome work brethren =)

#1087065 WalkGood 2013, 2014 and Beyond

Posted by WalkGood on 06 December 2014 - 08:50 PM

Good to hear from you again, Ramon. Glad you are doing well!

Back at ya Stefan … … … mon you got impressive hauls dis season, great job!

Ramon buddy, you are back! What a truly great day this is! We have missed your energies on THP :) Good to hear from you and just awesome news to hear you will be posting. Still growing your pods and loving them buddy :D Welcome back :dance:

Lourens, I heard your energies picked up mi slackin, thanks =)

I peaked in several times and noted mucho awesomeness in your glog, you are definitely the super pepper mon grow master of South Africa \o/ heck I’m sure you hold dat title for all of Africa, great job mon =)

You know the JA Hab has been the killer producer for me for 2 seasons now. Those gals don't care what ma-nature throws their way; they just keep flowering and setting pods even during the murder Tejas summers. I still have one going on the driveway, along with a 5x5x5' white bhut.

Thanks for sharing bro!

Woot, glad to read my girls are doing you righteous … or I should be saying your treating them right and they’re just reciprocating. I’ve peeked in your glog too brethren and you’ve been rocking the pepper world, hats off mon \o_

Today I had a small harvest from dem bad girls which I threw into the dehydrator for some soon come Xmas salt =)


I’m not sure if you’ve powdered dem ladies up lately but you might want to try a mix they’ve been giving me lately. Sweet red bell, onion, garlic, sea salt and lots of JA Hab powders blended together providing a heavenly taste with brilliant coloration. Be for warned without a great desiccant canister the bell will suck the moisture out of da air and create havoc on da mix. Yea I’m still making crazy blends with top secret ingredients ;)

Hab an awesome weekend brethren!!!

Those cheeses look awesome! My neighbor is interested in
making some hot cheese, I'll have to show him this post!
Enjoy those to the max, my friend!

What a perfect match, your pods and his cheese making \o/ Sounds like you’ll be enjoying some soon too …

BTW Paul, I took your MoA powder, allspice berries, garlic powder, onion powder, Rick’s paprika and a few other secret ingredients to make a dry rub for some skinless yard bird breast … delicious … tanks again brethren =)



Most excellent looking cheese!

Glad your old friend shared with you ;)

I’m sure he would say thanks, wish I had enough to share =)

#1086779 WalkGood 2013, 2014 and Beyond

Posted by WalkGood on 05 December 2014 - 09:43 PM

I recently ran into a friend that I grew up with and spent many summers at his parents house in the Bahamas. This is where I was first introduced to Bahamian goat peppers and lots of lovely Bahamian seafood. His parents did an excellent job of raising their kids and I thank them for all the good values they passed my way \o_


To make a long story short, he’s now living in NC raising Jersey cattle, horses, a few kids and farming. What a change from the area we grew up in and what does WalkGood know about these superior grazing Jersey beasts … nada … other than what I was told about high butterfat content, superior milk and characteristics that produce incredible tasting cheese.


Mon dis cheese my friend is producing blows the socks off any store bought cheese.


So why am I mentioning this cheese here? Well when he ran into me I loaded him up with peppers and a few months later he gave me some of his first produced picante quesos, woot!!!


Honestly I can’t review these but can provide some feedback. One of the first ones I tried, not pictured here, reminded me of a spicy Gouda with its smooth-texture, somewhat buttery texture and mon dem peppers made her sing like a rock star ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪


The three pictured here; ghost pepper, JA Habanero and Chocolate Scorpion are more textured similar to a fine Cheddar. Add in the fresh pepper taste and Yowza! They’re off the chart in taste, texture and overall pleasing sensation to the pallet ...


Hats off Brett \o_  these are beautiful artisan products rather than the mass-produced stuff I normally buy … lucky me =)











The upper left hand side thiner one is Trinidad Chocolate Scorp, The fat yellow one with the red swirls is JA Hab and the last one is Bhut Jolokia. I haven't spoken with him yet but my guess is that the ones you can not see peppers in the cheese were made with powders I gave him and trust me the taste and heat are there.


Thanks Brett =)