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In Topic: Vinegar Pepper Mash? Where to Buy?

24 May 2019 - 06:27 PM

50 gal is still hobby size. A meat grinder is great for continues feed of grinding peppers.


50 gallons of mash is not really "hobby" size.  It's certainly not large on a commercial scale, but no hobbyist I know makes anything 50 gallons at a time.  This info coming from spending the last couple years in the farmer's market and indie grocery store type level.  50 gallons is roughly 100 cases of 5 ounce woozies.  That is 1200 bottles of hot sauce.  If you commit to making 1200 bottles of hot sauce, you aren't doing so as a hobby most of the time.  





In Topic: Looking for a Deep Fryer

23 May 2019 - 02:01 PM

I am also looking for a deep fryer hereIf I watch the increase to my caloric intake so I'm still losing weight, is it a good idea to get a deep fryer for things like unbreaded chicken wings? I feel like this will really up my dietery fat with virtually zero carb increase, obviously if I'm not using it for things like breaded chicken and fries and such.


My preferred method for cooking chicken wings is to deep fry the raw wings until they are just finished (around 10-12 mins) and then pull em out, drain them well, sauce em up and finish on a hot grill for a little bit to help dry them a touch and crisp them up. 

In Topic: Preserving with Sodium Benzoate

22 May 2019 - 07:21 PM

I do not use any preservatives or binders in my sauces.  I have experimented with them in the past but I did not like the resultant flavor/textures that I was able to come up with in small batches. 


If there is ever a day where I'm shipping pallets and making sauces in 100 gallon batches that won't see customer hands for months - maybe - but highly doubtful that I'd consider it even at that point. 


I just don't feel that the customer base that I am after would be okay with such ingredients.  Not saying others wouldn't, and not trying to cause trouble - just being truthful.

In Topic: Howdy all!

22 May 2019 - 09:30 AM

Welcome!  :)

In Topic: Hey

22 May 2019 - 09:29 AM

Welcome & good luck!  :)