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Anyone else notice a dip of about 20% less revenue this year than last unilaterally?

30 August 2017 - 02:34 PM

I talk with dozens of vendors at shows.  From antiques, to food, to woodcrafting, to sauces, to services.


Everyone has mentioned this year not a lot of people are opening their wallet.


Checked my metrics for year to date in 2017 and I can confirm, it's just about 20% less than 2016 at this point (still have about 14 big shows to go, out of 60 this year... I'm so tired haha)


I do notice there is a reluctance to use the credit card.  I normally did about 25% of all show sales in credit cards, about 74% cash and 1% checks.  This year it's about 93% cash, 7% credit and I had one customer stroke a check at the booth table.


Anyone else noticing a dip this year?

Rebranding / Design reboot for show media walls / booth

01 November 2016 - 05:09 PM

Sales this year have tripled what I did last year.  Granted I've got 3 more flavors with 6 total.


But one of the biggest challenges I've faced at shows is the statement "Oh, this is for people? I thought it was hot sauce for dogs."


As absurd as that sounds, I understand that marketing with pair of dogs on the bottle would be a marketing anomaly.  People tend to think a food item with an animal is for, or of that animal.


However, my friend has a picture of a beaver on his bottles, yet never gets asked if it's a hot sauce for beavers.


So, I have included shots of my booth setup at my first home show, where I (last minute) went from 20 feet of sales front to 25, forcing me to grab a 3rd table for the front and get creative with it.


I'm thinking of re-designing my brand image from the ground up again.  What suggestions to avoid the "is this for dogs?" without losing the nice logo I have?


I have flags that say hot-sauce and bbq-sauce that sit on the outdoor tent or booth, but those only serve purpose for people using me as a point of reference, or to find me at a show above the crowd.  Casuals strolling by often say "oh it's for dogs" until I chime in and say "this is for people" in which they say "oh, it is?  I thought it was for dogs" and will come over for samples.  But I know I'm losing a great deal of people I can't engage, which was prevalent this past weekend when I was working solo instead of my usual 2-man crew.


Is it as simple as changing the back wall to say "hot sauce and bbq sauce" next to the logo?  Is it a missing banner at eye-level?


I would think the crowd standing in front sampling would be enough...


Looking for suggestions of what to do in 2017.


Edit: not sure why i left the chair out in the middle of the booth, but the chair is normally hidden from view on the side in case I ever had to sit down, and also provides shelter for my electronics and cooler.

So where can I find a who's who of current, honest and professional sauce reviewers...

05 November 2015 - 10:58 AM

Is there a master list somewhere of all the relevant, professional and honest food critics, sauce reviewers and bloggers?

Sam & Oliver's Mind Flay releases - special 50% off coupon presale

04 November 2015 - 06:02 PM

Mind Flay has finally launched!


Officially available to the public this Black Friday, 11/27, this strawberry preserve, agave, white wine vinegar and Carolina reaper sauce is extremely tasty with a slow-fuse burn that will light up your sky. All-Natural, Gluten Free and Vegan, this strawberry reaper sauce can be used on everything from Belgium waffles, cheesecake, gelato to marinading steaks, dressing sandwiches or topping a block of cream cheese for a killer dipping appetizer!


Attached File  mind flay spoon.jpg   40.12KB   61 downloads


Here's a link directly to the product page: http://www.samandoliver.com/mindflay/


No need for a coupon.  Link takes you to the product page where the product is already discounted.  Offer expires at midnight Sunday, 11/8/2015


Small print stuff:

Offer applies to single 5oz, 3-pack gift box (3x 5oz) or Triple Threat variety box only.



Will ship world wide, the site does a great job of finding the best pricing.  International orders can get pricey, so message me if you have any questions BEFORE ordering if it seems high.



Contains strawberries


Attached File  DSC00045.JPG   25.37KB   62 downloadsAttached File  DSC00046.JPG   28.86KB   60 downloadsAttached File  DSC00047.JPG   27.96KB   60 downloads

How do I delete an album entirely in my Gallery?

26 October 2015 - 01:36 PM

I cleared each pic out, and have no way to delete the actual gallery.


I tried clicking "Edit" when in gallery view, off the root, but it does not have the option within to remove or delete the now-empty gallery