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#1548168 Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques

Posted by Devv on Today, 06:40 PM


Thanks! I hope they will. The warm, sunny weather did wonders already. I haven't noticed the same growth habit as a true PDN though, and I even have one of those to compare them to. The PDN is much, much taller and planted at the same time. I wonder how that's possible?


I'm guessing your seeds have more Bonda traits?


I will say mine didn't really show this until they got around 18"s tall. I started them in early December to coincide with my local growth schedule.


A few pics from this weekend, they're really podding up a lot more than the were last shown...not in a crazy manner, but mo better ;)



White cross




Purple cross.


I also put one of each in containers. They're liking the dirt much more!

#1548163 TheGreenChileMonster 2018

Posted by Devv on Today, 06:20 PM

Good to see you back Dale!


I too have gravitated more towards growing what we like to eat everyday. In fact the majority of my grow is geared towards what the wife likes. I still have some heat there, as I'm still experimenting as to which hots I want to continue to grow.


Good luck this season!

#1548160 Sawyer '18 Back from the Void

Posted by Devv on Today, 06:10 PM

Nice updates John!


I wish we had edible shrooms around here. The only ones I see would make you see colors or kill you..


I used to hike quite a bit years ago, especially when I lived in Virginia. I did get to find out what a pissed off bear sounds like though...exit stage right....LOL

#1548155 Devv-2018-Loving life in the dirt

Posted by Devv on Today, 05:55 PM

Wow, just amazing! Your plants are monsters, I can’t believe how many bells you’ve got set on that plant! Is there a secret to getting he pods to grow so big?? My poblanos never reached the gigantic grocery-store size last year, they were about 2/3rds as big at their best (still delicious though!)

Ah, beautiful padrons! Pick them now, otherwise they get HOT. I learned my lesson last summer - if you leave them on the bush they will get very big and very hot. At least in my experience, I found that the best thing to do was to pick them extremely early on/unripe - when they were about 2 or 3 inches long, light green, and the seeds inside were still underdeveloped (that way you don’t have to crunch through them when you fry them up in oil)! They’re absolutely delicious.

Keep up the good work, this glog is amazing!

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Thanks Frankie!


My 2nd to the last post before this mentions what I did this year. Buying the The Intelligent Gardener…Steve Soloman w/ Erica Reinheimer book, and getting the soil test done at logan's labs. I then followed the amendment plan. The large fruit is a first for me while growing peppers. Maters are quite a bit more forgiving ;)

#1548152 Devv-2018-Loving life in the dirt

Posted by Devv on Today, 05:52 PM

Thanks Scott! So, do you spray it on as a foliar feed or water it in around the roots as a soil drench?

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Sorry Rick, my bad.


I use the watering can to drench the plant. I'm glad I stopped by here, I just made up 2 gallons and did a quick soak on all the mater plants ;)  The mix goes pretty far!

#1548150 Devv-2018-Loving life in the dirt

Posted by Devv on Today, 05:49 PM

Damn, those early pods are making me miss Portugal. Give me some of that weather, Devv! Some massive bells for sure. I hope to learn some of those amendment skills too!




I wish I could send some of my weather your way! Although I don;t think July-August would suit your needs ;)


I know you're across the pond and all, so the Logan's soil test is probably not an option. But do read the book: The Intelligent Gardener…Steve Soloman w/ Erica Reinheimer


It starts off rather slow, but the good info is later on.

#1548135 Bhuter's 2018 Glog

Posted by Devv on Today, 05:10 PM

Nice updates Adam!


I've always wanted to try and do a cross, I never seem to have the time ;)

#1547834 Bhuter's 2018 Glog

Posted by Devv on Yesterday, 04:37 PM

Still catching up here....and stuck on partying while in Ohio...LOL


I prefer to use the supers in a puree, but I like to mix in some lower heat peppers to balance the flavors.


At the bottom of this link is a puree recipe:




I have since modified it to use less vinegar, and instead adding Pineapple juice to bring the Ph down. I shoot for 4.0 or lower. I've shared this sauce and still have peeps asking for it.

#1547823 Bhuter's 2018 Glog

Posted by Devv on Yesterday, 04:10 PM

How about Put-In-Bay ? I hear that place is wild. [emoji16]

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Oh yeah, been there too. Several times. Funny story. My Dad is about to be 83, in June. We were all there, my 2 brothers, my sister, my Dad and all our wives/husbands, this is about 5 years ago. Drinking beer buckets, um, apparently too many. The band will just killer. My brothers, quite buzzed, doing a silly around the world arm swing with their beers. My older brother (I missed this part watching the band rock) dumped beer all over himself. My Dad, about 78  then, thought the gal next to him poured beer on his head. So he dumps his beer on her head. First time I saw the old man buzzed, and I could tell more stories about him doing 8 shots and never breaking stride. So the next thing I see is him buying shots for everyone...


Put-In-Bay is a must visit for misbehavers :shh:

#1547815 2018 - The Farm

Posted by Devv on Yesterday, 03:48 PM

So, I can't help but think, with the spider bite incident and splinter under the nail.... That this could have all been avoided if you maybe, just maybe, wear some gloves? Just lookin out for you buddy. lol


I'm in agreement. Of course learning the hard way...my only source it seems.... :drunk:

#1547790 Devv-2018-Loving life in the dirt

Posted by Devv on Yesterday, 02:16 PM

Another crazy windy day here! So glad I put up the reclaimed pool decking as a fence. The gals in the 15 gallon grow bags, out in the open look like crap from the weekly cool fronts. What doesn't kill them will make them stronger :shh:


Some of the Chinense plants are kicking in and setting quite a few pods.




PDN x Bonda White.




PDN x Bonda purple. So how do I know when these are ripe?




Zucchini squash, damn these are crazy growers. I have just 2 in 1 hill, and will have to hack them back, or they take over...




The gals are takin' care of business ;)




First Long Orange Thai, we use the heck out of these for everyday cooking...




Aji Limo, just loving the dirt!




Padron's. Don't know what to expect, first time growing these...




B.O.C., Just starting to flower up.






Some saaaweeet looking P. Dreadie's were found this morning hiding under the thick foliage. Do I see a tail?




Hey Adam, I found the other "pumpkin"! Hard to get a good pic of it with all the green around it from the other plants. It too is a bit leggy.




Aji Dulce, coloring up. I only wanted 2 but somehow 3 are in the dirt. All of them are setting nicely...




Anaheim wants to be a producer. Bring it on!






We always have grown Bell's. Here's proof the soil test and amendments are working. And this is only year one. We've never had Bell's look this good before. And they say size doesn't matter :shh:


That's it for this Sunday. I hope this weekend was a good one for all!

#1547784 Devv-2018-Loving life in the dirt

Posted by Devv on Yesterday, 01:51 PM

Scott, list looks promising like always, hope you have a great season. 🌱🌱


Thanks Alex!

#1547783 Devv-2018-Loving life in the dirt

Posted by Devv on Yesterday, 01:50 PM

With my sandy soil and low rainfall the last few years I've noticed most of the Roma-type tomatoes have been prone to BER. The variety that seemed to have the fewest problems in that area was the Speckled Roman. I may end up foliar feeding with Calcium like you do Scott... what do you use, and how do you mix and apply it?

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Same here Rick, the Roma's always give us issues. Trying the Amish Paste x 6 plants this season. Eric sent me a few seeds last season. Although a late start for me, they did well.


I bought a gallon of Calmag 5 years ago. At the time I though that was the brand, now I see many other versions. I use mine as directed; which is 1 teaspoon per gallon. I mix in a simple watering can and do my best to hit the plants twice a week, in the mornings. I start when they flower and keep it up for the duration.


I tried using it in a watering program and it failed. I used to lose close to 50% of the mater crop, and that's with all varieties. You know the story of my soil ;)

2 years ago when we grew 48 plants I had just a few with BER. I call that success!

#1547500 Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques

Posted by Devv on 21 April 2018 - 06:03 PM

Whew. Pods already Devv. Here mine are enjoying the rare warm April weather here in the Netherlands. So small still. No pods in sight yet haha!

Clockwise: CGN 21500 and Cheiro Roxa. Then four of the purple phenos and two of the white phenos. They started off pretty fast but my other plants quickly caught up and grew past them. 9a15339d12ba0005c31f80aa2b4e2837.jpg

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Looking Good!


They surely will explode soon. So far mine have a tall, leggy growth habit, just like the true PDN.

#1547499 Bhuter's 2018 Glog

Posted by Devv on 21 April 2018 - 05:59 PM

No, I've never been there, but how cool! I just looked it up (I'm not originally from here) and it's just THAT...a little island. I'll bet some misbehavin' goes on there. Lol


Yeah it does, so we fit right in...LOL


My brother sails there. His house is 300 yards from Lake Erie; and his boat is moored on the river, which is less than a mile from his home. He lives for that stuff. Which is why he lives where he does. Too darned cold up there for me though. But it sure is fun to visit in the summer ;)