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Pepper T Sherwood

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  • Age 48 years old
  • Birthday September 22, 1970
  • Real Name
    Tony Sherwood
  • aka
    Pepper T Sherwood
  • Gender
    Male Male
  • Location
    Pensacola FL. USA
  • Occupation
    Owner Lawn Sevices & Preassure washing Service
  • Company Name
    Sherwood Lawn Sevices,Sherwoods Preassure washing Services.
  • Interests
    Growing And Eating Hot Peppers

Food Stuff

  • Favorite Hot Pepper
    Sherwood's Carbonero , Primo. & All 7/Pot and crosses
  • Favorite Hot Sauce
    Dave's Gourmet,Doyles Hot Chili Sauce Porcilen Stripper.
  • Favorite Food
  • Chili... Beans or No Beans?
  • Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
    Sweet Tea, Monster-drink
  • Awards
    Won First Place in The 2013 Gnarly Pod Contest With
    Sherwood's Carbonero Orange 7/Pot
    Carbon Bhut 7/Pot/Pod
    Orange Habanero

Growing Stuff

  • Grow List
    7/Pot Barrackpore-
    7/Pot BBG Caramel-
    7/Pot BBG Red-
    7/Pot Brown-
    7/Pot Burgundy-
    7/Pot Choguanan-
    7/Pot Douglah
    7/Pot Infinity-
    7/Pot Johan-
    7/Pot Jonah Red-
    7/Pot Lava Choc.-
    7/Pot Lava Red-
    7/Pot Long Douglah-
    7/pot Orange-
    7/Pot Peach-
    7/Pot Primo Gnarly
    7/Pot Primo Red-
    7/Pot Primo –Troy Primo
    7/Pot Primo X Butch T.Scorpion Red-
    7/Pot Primo X Butch T.Scorpion Yellow-
    7/Pot Primo X Fatalii-
    7/Pot Primo X Trinidad Moruga Scorpion-
    7/Pot Primo Yellow-
    7/Pot X SBJ (Scotch Bonnet X Jonah) Yellow-
    7/Pot White-
    7/Pot X Naga-
    7/Pot X Naga Choc.-
    7/Pot Yellow-
    7/Pot Yellow Large-
    7Pot Douglah X Butch T.Scorpion Red-
    Aji- Amarillo-
    Aji- Pineapple-
    Aleppo 37-
    Assam Carbon X 7/Pot-
    B.O.C- Bhut Orange Copenhagen -
    Beaver Damm-
    Bhut Carbon X Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Red-
    Bhut Jolokia Caramel-
    Bhut Jolokia Choc.-
    Bhut Jolokia Choc. X 7/Pot Yellow-
    Bhut Jolokia X Jalapeño-
    Bhut Jolokia Olive-
    Bhut Jolokia Peach-
    Bhut Jolokia Purple-
    Bhut Jolokia Red-
    Bhut Jolokia X Scorpion-
    Bhut Jolokia White-
    Bhut Jolokia Yellow- PT
    Bhut Jolokia Yellow- walker
    Bhut X Neyde Black
    Bhut X White Hababanero.-
    Bin Jolokia-
    Bishop Crowns-
    Black Scorpion Tongue-
    Bobe Roxa-Hans-
    Borg 9 Choc-.
    Borg 9 Red-
    Brain Killer 01-
    Brain Killer 02-
    Brainstrain Choc.-
    Brainstrain Yellow-
    Brazilian Ghost-
    Brazilian Ghost Chocolate-
    Butch T. Scorpion-
    Bulgarian Carrot-
    Butlah Brown X Brainstrain-
    Caramel Bhut X Carbon Bhut 7/Pot
    Carbonero Chaplin-
    Cardi Scorpion-
    Cayenne Golden-
    Cayenne Red-
    Cayenne Twisted-
    Charlies Chili-
    Chinese Naga -
    Concord Naga –
    Choc. Bonnet X Black Naga---
    Devils Tongue Caramel-
    Devils Tongue Red-
    Devils Tongue White-
    Faces Of Death-
    Fatalii Peach-
    Fatalii X Brainstrain-
    Fatalii Yellow-
    Florida Predator-
    Gibbering Idiot Habanero-
    Glavo Peach-
    Golden Treasure-
    Habanero White-
    Infinaga Red-
    Jay Peach Ghost Scorpion-
    Marconi Golden-
    Marconi Red-
    Naga Black-
    Naga Dorset-
    Naga Morich X Reaper-
    Naga Viper -
    Naga White-
    Naga x Moruga Red-
    Naga X Tabasco-
    Naga X Trinidad Moruga Scorpion –
    Orange Habanero-
    Pepperocini –
    Peruvian White Habanero
    Peter Pepper Red-
    Pink Tiger-
    Piquillo De’ Lodosa-
    Primo Big Black Mama-
    Purple Ghost Scorpion-
    Reaper HP22P -Ed
    Reaper Moruga-
    Reaper X Carbonero-
    Reaper X Morich f3-
    Red Hot Bastard-Pat
    Scarletts Chili
    Scotch Bonnet Choc.
    Scotch Bonnet MOA- Serpent Sepia Brown -
    Sherwood’s Carbonero
    Sherwood’s Carbon Bhut x 7/Pot Red
    Sherwood’s - Carbon Bhut x 7/Pot Yellow
    Sherwood’s Carboruga
    Space Chilies-
    01Super Nova- Space Chilies
    02 Helix Nebula- Space Chilies
    03-Comets Tail- Space Chilies
    04-Meteor- Space Chilies
    05-Pulsar- Space Chilies
    06-Total Eclipse- Space Chilies
    07-Corona- Space Chilies
    08-Solar Fire Yellow- Space Chilies
    09-Big Bang- Space Chilies
    10-After Glow- Space Chilies-----
    Trinidad Scorpion Peach-
    Trinidad Moruga Brown-
    Trinidad Scorpion Choc.-
    Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate –
    Trinidad Scorpion Peach-
    Trinidad Scorpion X Congo Brown-
    Trinidad Sunrise Scorpion-
    Weapon X-
  • Seeds Available For Trade
    (Sherwoods Carbon Bhut7/Pot) : which is
    Carbon Indian Bhut Jolokia
    Yellow 7/pot...
    (Sherwood's Carbonero) Carbon Bhut7/Pot X Orange Habanero
    (Sherwood's)Carboruga (Carbon Bhut 7/Pot X Trinidad Moruga SAcorpion Red..
    Caramel Bhut Jolokia
    Sunrise Scorpion
  • Seeds Wanted
    7/Pots crosses
    Primo Crosses
    Naga Crosses
    Indian Carbon Crosses

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