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Hesi coco 1-component fertilizer for coco growing

18 April 2018 - 12:31 AM

Hey folks, i just found this pretty interesting 1-component coco fertilizer for easy chili growing in coco coir:


Info i copied from the website of the fertilizer maker:


HESI Fertiliser for COCO - HESI COCO

HESI COCO is THE fertiliser for growth and bloom on coco substrates. Like any HESI fertiliser is also HESI COCO thanks to complex-binding substances stabilized and free of unnecessary fiber.

HESI COCO is not an A & B supplement, the A & B components are combined in one bottle.

HESI COCO contains both organic and mineral nitrogen. Nearly all trace elements are stabilized in protective complexes. HESI COCO is enriched with vitamins and other vital elements for the bloom. In this way, a perfect balance is created in the system and a fast build up a healthy microflora.
IT is quite possible that the EC value of HESI COCO is somewhat lower than other coco supplements because no salts have been added, which only increase the EC value (fillers, fibers).


To avoid overdosing, it is important that the maximum dosage of 50 ml / 10L is not exceeded.





Nitrogen N 3,0%, Phosphorus 3,9% P2O5,
Potassium 5,1 % K2O.

Other: magnesium, calcium,
sulphate and trace elements: iron, manganese, zinc,
copper, boron, molybdenum, plus vitamins
B1, B2, B6, plant sugars, amino acids and enzymes.



The NPK values are actually pretty balanced to make the chili plants grow stronger stems, because it doest have too much nitrogen in it.


This is actually pretty cheap stuff in Europe if you order 5-10 litre containers of the stuff. I actually might be tempted to try this stuff out because it is so cheap and it seems to work for chili growing according to few customers reports i found.


I would want to make coco coir chili growing as easy as humanly possible, so what is not to like if this stuff actually works.

DIY organic fertilizers for chili/tomato.

14 March 2018 - 05:11 AM

You can make some organic fertilizers for your chili/tomato plants using various cheap materials.


Some useful tips:








Egg boiling water sounds something that is very useful in my fertilizer mixture and is very easy to add in there.


I eat a lot of eggs, bananas and drink coffee. I will start adding that boiled egg water in the fertilizer mixture from now on for the extra calcium. :rolleyes:

Using epsom salt+hydroponic fertilizer in coco coir indoor growing test

09 March 2018 - 08:32 AM

This little Naga morich sample doest look too happy after my self watering test, but it was more than happy to help me with the next test i am about to do with it:



Mixed Ghe floramicro 10ml/floramato 15ml(EC 1.0 before salt)+1 teaspoon of epsom salt(EC 1.1 after salt) to 10 litres of water. Used that to water the plant and transplant the victim to a bigger pot:



I am very curious to see what the epsom salt will do to the plant with the combined hydroponic fertilizer. :woohoo: :rofl:


This test is very important for my outdoor growing to see how much epsom salt i can safely mix with the hydroponic fertilizer without any problems.

Stem burying technique for chilis to improve overall grow/harvest in the end of the season

02 March 2018 - 12:11 PM

Maybe few of you remember me talking about the stem burying technique i have been doing to my chilis maybe 4 season now with a great results in the end.




You see this picture where my Aji golden stem is already buried several inches below the soil level and it already had some roots forming in the stem because of high huminity in the grow room.


There will be a huge positive change to the overall grow of the chili during the season, if the buried stem creates more rootmass inside the soil using this particular technique while giving the chili the much needed support it needs.


This technique already have proven results from several seasons, so it is tested and it really works.


Season 2014:



Season 2016:


This is what it does to the chilis overall grow, making the harvest much larger overall in the end of the season.

All about coco coir growing in pots

24 February 2018 - 05:39 AM

There seems to be a lot of confusion(me including) about how to treat 100% coco coir as a growing medium, so i want to discuss about it in this topic and i would like you all to talk/know about it.





Coco coir is not a soil and instead should be treated like you would with plants growing in passive hydroponics. Coco coir wants a constant supply of moisture(this doest mean wet, as there is a huge difference between moist and wet) and fertilizers to make it work at it's best.


The tricky part is how to keep the coco coir moist without killing the roots in the same time. Using a air pruning pots seems to be a good way for keeping the coco coir moist without killing the roots with too much wetness, but there are other ways too:


My newest discovery in coco coir growing is to use a capillary matt+seedling trays with uneven bottom section and terracotta pots to supply the coco coir a constant moisture and nutrients without making it too wet for the roots to feel happy growing in it:



How to make this terracotta self watering system is found here:



If you mix coco coir with a some kind of other growing mediums like peat or similar, then you treat it more like a soil and not as a pure coco coir.