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Viva la plancha!

27 April 2015 - 12:47 PM

Ola' damas y caballeros!


This thread is dedicated to cooking ala plancha/flat top/griddle/disc.


Love my cast iron as many here on THP know but since I got my Blackstone flat top griddle


I don't seem to want to use any 'thang else.


So what y'all got?


Rules for posting.


1. Pics are mandatory so show off your plancha/flat top/griddle/disc.


2. Bring the spiceenexct.


Othern' that, ain't no rules.


Prepare any food any style.



Now lets rock.


Skirt steak.


just before going into a marinade of olive oil, tequila, and lime juice squeezin's.




After about 3 hours I took it out of the marinade and rubbed it with ancho chile/lime and slapped


it on la plancha.




Gotta' have some julienned onion, red bell, and jalapeno's dontcha' know.




Do the pachuco hop and lemme' twirl ya'!!!




Tender, juicy, succulent. Got dang.


I said GOT DANG!






Now come talk teh Teddy Bear.




Its a meat rainbow!




Bestest fajitas ever y'all!


I love my flat top. 


So show us whatcha' got y'all!


Cheese steak? Snags? Brekkie? Seafood? Wings? Pizza? Burgers?


Bring it y'all!






My Badass Burrito!

29 May 2014 - 05:59 AM

Hey y'all.


I love tacos and tortillas in general and some would argue that the burrito is nothing more than a bigass taco.


I pity the fool that believes that.


The way I see it the good people of Mexico invented it and gave it to us. Muchas gracias.


Today the burrito as we know it has evolved from its humble beginnings.




To call it a taco is just wrong. Its bigger. Its badder. It has a shit-ton(official SoFlo measurement) of stuff in it. Taco's are small and dainty. Ever seen a taco the size of a 3 year old toddler's leg?


And what does that mean for chile heads and THP?




You can put a whole lot more of hot stuff in it or serve it up "wet" and on top.


And who doesn't like a bigass burrito? NOBODY.


Especially peep's that  :high: and you know who you are.


So bring it y'all.


I want to see a BIGASS BURRITO!


Make it  the size of the Alaskan Pipeline.


Load the hell out of it.


And bring the spiceenescxt!



Here's what I got.




I got it goin' on with red potato's in olive oil with garlic, onion, and fresno chile.



Then I got some other sheeit ready.



Then I whooped out a bigass sun dried tomato tortilla and started loading it up. Don't even think of calling it a wrap!




Get some scheeze on there.




Now roll that 'thang up. It should be the size of a house cat or a baby's torso.




You wanna' know what I did next?


I microwaved it!


Then I cut it in half and mouth fisted it!




I was full after eating just half of it.


But the bigass burrito was ALIVE and talking dirty to me.


I HAD to eat it all.


Afterwards, I drank another hosky and went to bed.


I farted fairy dust and moonbeams in my sleep all night long.



Now y'all.







Due to the popularity of the thread I am changing the thread title to My Badass Burrito.


Simply to include ALL burrito's, not just BIGASS.



Post Your Crappy Spicy Food

01 March 2014 - 11:11 AM

Hey y'all.


Been thinkin' about this one for a few weeks now. I know some of y'all eat some really ghetto stuff and from time to time I do also. I'm quite sure some of y'all have seen some of my posted pics and thought to yourself..."Daaaaaang TB! That looks like ass!" So recently I got to thinkin'. Yeah I know thats dangerous. 


I know for a fact y'all eat some weird sheeit-o-meter stuff. I betcha' dollah's to donut's there's a few of y'all that you've cooked up only the finest .25 cent on sale Ramen and thought it would be goodern ' hell if only it had a can of pork n' beans mixed up in it. And of course adding some hot powder and/or hot sauce makes it completely legit.



So this is the thread where y'all all come clean and posty your most mangled sickening crap that you've made and eaten.


A few rules for posting.


1. Tell us about the ingredients used.


2. Post the spiceenescxt. A heat ingredient is mandatory!


3. Words without a pic to back it up are worthless. Pics are mandatory!


4. Absolutely no foo foo in this thread but its more than cool and the gang to describe it as such.


5. This is supposed to be a fun but revealing thread. Lets just have fun.



We that's it then.


Let me start this train wreck of a thread.


The other night I had some leftover pasta my friend Chico made with anchovies, capers, tomato, chiles, and some other stuff. Didn't have really enough to make a meal size portion so I added some other ingredients. 


Microwave radiated leftover orcchiette pasta putanesca with only the finest hand opened bag of generic frozen peas and carrots with topped with sour cream and jalapeno tomato vinaigrette reduction.


Too bad I had all the decent sized bowls running in the dishwasher.


So I opted to serve this delectable culinary delight up in only the best doggy fine china. Gracias missylou.




Sure it looks like something missylou ate and then barfed up but it was dang tasty y'all!




As the stuff was being microwaved the smell of the anchovies from the leftover sauce in the pasta started really smelling up the house. mrs. blues hollah' at me from down the hall in her office from where she was working.


"Something is stinkin' to high heaven in there. Would you please take out the garbage for the love of GOD!!!!"




So what y'all got?


Leftover little smokie's wrapped in soggy wonder bread and baked in the oven with globs of velveeta on top? 


4 day old meatloaf nacho's?


Post it up and let us rate just how bad it truly is.


Now get on it.


And save the holier than thou crap that you never eat stuff like this because we KNOW YOU DO!


Ever body knows Jay shaves with 3 day old leftover hot dog water.




Chilehead Xmas Gifts

18 December 2013 - 01:08 PM

I was trying to find an audio XLR mic mixer online for my camcorder and came across this....


For the chilehead that has ever' thang.




What whacko gifts for a THP'r do y'all have?



Sriracha: Whatcha' gonna' do?

29 November 2013 - 01:35 PM

Hey y'all,


Pert near ever body knows what has transpired recently with Huy Fong in CA. If'n you haven't heard just google it to get the background story.


Pokin' around on the interwebz I came across this:




They must be on drugs!


I pay between $4.69 and $5.99 @Kroger for the 28 oz bottle.


Well it got me 'thankin'. (always dangerous)


So what if because of foreseen or unforeseen circumstances the price went sky high? What if due to recent events there's a run on Sriracha and it becomes scarce? What would I do? I could make my own but ya' know, it just ain't the same and honestly, I can't make it for near as cheap as I can currently buy the stuff.


Me? I'd probably pay double at least over what I am currently paying. Why? Because I love the stuff. Just a couple months ago I found myself going through the 28oz big bottle per week. I put that sheeit on ever 'thang. I've scaled back to about 1 big bottle every 2-3 weeks now.


So what's y'all's thoughts on this subject?


Gonna' make your own?


How much would you pay or not pay?


This is for discussion only and no need to bash. 


Keep it civil.