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cachilihead's -=Meat Coma=- FLOG

19 June 2017 - 09:37 PM

Instead of multiple threads I figured I start one for my foodie escapades.  So its 108 outside right now so I wanted something simple and quick to not heat up the house.  Dug through the kitchen and ended up with a:


Garlic, Parsley, Boars Head Genoa Salami, Colby Jack, and Sriracha on Sourdough grilled cheese sammich:









5.0's Sous Vide sucks and you should feel bad BGE Smoked Brisket

15 June 2017 - 06:53 PM

To celebrate my move to my new house, and to reward the people who helped me lug all my shit there I am doing a smoke this weekend.  So was cruising Costco before i hit the butcher and sure enough they had packer briskets ... and absolutely mammoth ones in stock.  Picked one up and will be smoking starting tomorrow early afternoon and with this size probably running 20-24 hours.


3.69/lb is not bad and Costco's meat is always great.  Anwyays


16.16lb packer brisket.  First pics.  Will add more tomorrow when I trim, rub and start the smoke.





-==-==- Adventures in meatgrinding with Cachilihead - Know whats in your meat -==-==-

31 December 2016 - 06:52 PM

I am starting this thread because of the present I bought myself for christmas.  An STX Megaforce aircooled meat grinder with #12 sized head.  It came with 3 grinding plates, 3 blades, a beaner plate for stuffing sausages, a few different sized sausage stuffing tubes and a Kebbe attachment:.  Its no LEM grinder, but i couldn't justify the step up from 200 to 500 dollars.  But it gets great reviews and has all metal grinding components and the large #12 head.  It supposed to be able to do ~215lbs of meat an hour:








So to start with I am doing a day 1 grind, but will pLog the rest.  I have natural hog casings on the way and will make some Bratwurst next weekend.  So for day 1 I am doing two things:


1.  Ground beef

2. Breakfast sausage


I am on #1 right now and I am doing a mix of 1/3 Chuck Round roast (pretty lean and beefy), with 1/3 regular chuck pot roast (fatty and neutral), and 1/3 TriTip (very lean super beefy).  Now some people might scoff at the TriTip because of how lean it is, but the trick is to buy them untrimmed.  Then the back has a 1 1/2 inch fat cap that you cut off to add to the mix:





So i took them an cut some strips and cubes of all the meats.  I then eyeballed the fat content and added back some of the tri tip fat cap.  I split into two batches.  The large batch on this pan is the mix of 1/3 of everything:




The second mix is mostly the Chuck Pot with Tri/Tip,.a ration of 45%/45% with some fat added in to fill the last 5%.  Now when I grind I will take a picture of this batch.  This will be my ultra burger recipe.  When I am feeding it through the meat grinder, this batch will get 3 pieces of Jalapeno bacon!:


Edited cause GIP:  The missing 5% in that equation is the bacon lol.





The grinder parts and meat are in the freezer for a bit to stiffen them up for grinding.  Will post more pics later.


Also will post pics of the different sausages I will be doing.  I got a device to let me cold smoke in my green egg so cured smoked meats will be done.

Curry Pulled Pork on the Big Green Egg

18 December 2016 - 04:10 PM

Well as TGCM said there hasnt been many smoke threads so I figured id put mine out there:


2 pork shoulders, one 10lb and the other 8.5lb, homemade dry rub with brown sugar, turmeric, red curry powder, pepper, cumin, himi salt, onion powder and garlic.  




Cooked with lump charcoal using Peach and Cherry hardwoods:




Cooked for 16 1/2 hours until it hit 200 degrees internal:




will pull later, being topped with a variation of N Carolina sauce, instead of red pepper flakes I am using Red Curry.  So it would be (Apple Cider Vinegar, ketchup, paprika, red curry powder and brown sugar, simmered for 15 mintues and left overnight to have the flavors meld.

DeeRoo's Wang Thang, Rocket Sauce and Old Bones

06 June 2016 - 06:48 PM

Got my DeeRoo sauces today.  Thanks a bunch SmokenFire.  
He has top notch customer service, gave me a taste of some of his PowPow, and had a personal note written in the box.  That is quality salemanship right there.
Wang Thang - A very awesome tangy sauce.  I can see why he recommends it for wings.  I am not a fan of Buffalo sauces, so this is a good addition for me.  Its got the tang I am looking for and what I think is the perfect amount of heat.  The pepper flavors came through on the backend for me , you get the tang up front.  A fantastic sauce.
Rocket Sauce - He bills it as a Franks meets Cholula.  I can absolutely see this.  The flavor of the ingredients is immediate, the heat is pretty low (for me I guess).   This is something I would use as sauce for asian dishes like Pho.   Super tasty.
Old Bones - Out of the 3 I got this one is by far my favorite.  The  pepper flavor and a slight tang are immediate when you pop it in your mouth, can definitely taste the pequins.  The heat builds real nice and, for me, is a perfect every day heat level.  This one will be one of my goto's in the fridge.  This sauce is amazing.
Also probably one of the top customer service experiences I have received from sauce vendors.