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#1451758 Why are my pepper leaves so small?

Posted by CAPCOM on Today, 08:02 PM

Your watering too much. Algae should not be growing on the surface of your soil.


As for the leaves, wait til Georgia heat kicks in. It is still early.

#1451757 accidental aphid control technique

Posted by CAPCOM on Today, 07:59 PM

So, it is actually an aphid location identification technique.

#1451535 Transplanting and Pruning?

Posted by CAPCOM on Today, 01:59 AM


I've been reading a lot about mycorrhizal fungi lately and I have some premium spores in the mail at the moment

There are a lot of products you can buy for these however I believe you should get premium samples only


The ones I got were $35 for 500g



I think it will make for an interesting thread topic when I know more about them and have used them for a bit


This is what I use all the time.


#1451534 Noob grower, yellowing leaves and brown spots

Posted by CAPCOM on Today, 01:56 AM

Generally the biggest problem with growing hot peppers is the one we create ourselves.

It is called watching them grow too much and trying to help them do it faster.

#1451530 Noob grower, yellowing leaves and brown spots

Posted by CAPCOM on Today, 01:18 AM

Other noob grower here, watering the leaves is bad then? Last season all of my plants died, I think due to a combination of the setup I had not draining well, and overwatering.


No, actually foliar feeding has many advantages. It is when you do it that may carry unwanted results. During or prior to a full day of sun is a no no. And foliar applications are best done at dusk or just prior to it.


I mixed a rougher potting mix together with last year's dirt and added some sand. I also started my plants indoors two months earlier and am growing them in larger pots (14").

I have a Bellafina that I think I may be overwatering a bit, but I also want to rule out some other possibilities. That particular plant has a whole lot of leaves on it, and about a half dozen really nice fruit. I saw some very fast growth over the last couple weeks, so I have been keeping it pretty damp.


What is a Bellafina?


So now what I'm seeing is that some of the smaller leaves at the very bottom have been drying up and falling off. Overall, it doesn't seem to be recovering from it's "daily droop" quite as well as it had been. I considered a possibility that those bottom leaves aren't getting sun due to the fruit adding weight, so what I did today is I put a tomato cage around it with some strings anchored to various parts of the stalk in order to support the plant more. After watering tonight it does look like the plant is standing a bit taller, but that could be due to the support. Blight doesn't seem to be a culprit to me because overall the plant is pretty green, and I don't see any white stuff growing at the stalk. Guess for now I'll have to wait and see how things go, unless any of this seems of immediate concern to any of you?


Pictures will help immensely in any diagnosis of your plants issues.


Welcome to THP.

#1451525 Noob grower, yellowing leaves and brown spots

Posted by CAPCOM on Today, 12:24 AM

I would back off feeding, epsom salts and any other treatment for at least a week and monitor the situation. Water as needed. Your plants are showing slight issues but may be due to growers intervention. I would wait and see if the symptoms increase or decrease without supplementals.


If you get a chance I would recommend getting some straight peat moss and amending the media you have in place now. This will add acidity to the sub straight almost immediately.


Consider getting a pH pen minimum for measuring pH of your water and slurrys. I place a high importance on pH and many times it is as simple as tweaking the pH to rectify issues.

#1451505 Noob grower, yellowing leaves and brown spots

Posted by CAPCOM on Yesterday, 10:55 PM

based on that chart looks like they are lacking Potassium! so how do i go about fixing that?  the stuff im using is a 9-4-12. so with 12% potassium i thought that was a good mix for them? so im going to guess  just keep feeding them what i have and it should improve? also possibly magnesium? keep up with the Epsom salt spray too?


Not so fast. You have time yet. Being new, the biggest mistake you will make is trying to correct things too fast and when you dont see immediate results you will over do what you did or try something else complicating matters beyond the initial problem.


Before taking any corrective action, Describe you grow in detail and the whys involved. This will be most helpful for anyone else reading the thread to also add advice.



#1451355 Lets see your meanest, most gnarly pods!!!

Posted by CAPCOM on Yesterday, 02:10 PM

From 2016 grow.


#1451349 Transplanting and Pruning?

Posted by CAPCOM on Yesterday, 01:55 PM


Loosen the roots so they're not in a clump, trying to point them downwards. Keep them in the soil.


A 1/2-1 ts of mycorrhizae is a huge plus at transplant.

#1450907 CAPCOMS COCOA GROW 2017

Posted by CAPCOM on 27 April 2017 - 09:51 PM

I just pulled the plug. At least temporarily. All plants have been retired to the garage for the night until I can evaluate just where they stand. Some were in dire straits and others like the 2 in the pic are virtually unscathed. But I pulled all anyway. A three week advantage was a gamble and would have paid off except for the fact the extended forecast presents no quarter.


The plants in the following pic were brought in as well. Even thought they are doing so well, I just didn't want to chance a turn for the worse.


The plant on the left is my 7 Pot Burgundy bonchi recruit and the plants on the right are CPRs




#1450220 How in the world did this happen?

Posted by CAPCOM on 25 April 2017 - 11:44 AM

What makes you think people would like you any better in person? :D


#1450219 How in the world did this happen?

Posted by CAPCOM on 25 April 2017 - 11:42 AM

What do you do with all that fruit?

In the past, I gave a lot away. This year I am drying and stock piling everything. I have a targeted grow this year.

#1449836 How in the world did this happen?

Posted by CAPCOM on 23 April 2017 - 08:02 PM

I set a limit this year of 50 plants. I am over 100.


At least I am not growing the amount I did 2 years ago of 328 different plants.

#1449830 what kind of bug is this?

Posted by CAPCOM on 23 April 2017 - 07:55 PM

Some type of crab spider would be my guess.


#1449671 A ultimate offer to newbies

Posted by CAPCOM on 23 April 2017 - 01:41 PM

Here is what mine currently look like. #15 & 16 have flowers.


Looking good! but why are they growing sideways?  JK