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In Topic: Pepper Harvest and Processing

09 October 2018 - 01:14 PM

That's an impressive stack of peppers. Do you know how many plants/acres he grows?


Thanks! Yes this year was 5000 plants on 1 acre.

In Topic: Pepper Harvest and Processing

09 October 2018 - 09:36 AM

That's what I do but 5 pounds whips my ass.


Haha, yeah I hear ya. After doing 1000lbs I am pretty wiped.


That is what I need to do, but all of my three freezers are constantly full and I can't find room for more pods :-(




Bummer! We are lucky to have a large walk in freezer.


Wow that's awesome. Maybe next year I'll have enough grown to actually need to store them. Great processing technique, thanks!


No problem, best of luck!


YOWZAA!!!!!  That is Awesome!!!!  Both that your farmer knocked it out of the park with the grow, and that you're getting them processed 1000 pounds at a time.  Hope you got some good tunes or podcasts to listen to~~~



Thanks SL! Yes, we burn through lots of tunes. Hard to get everyone to agree though!

In Topic: Pepper Harvest and Processing

01 October 2018 - 02:18 PM


Great to see.


Thank you!


wow congrats!


Thanks so much!


When you say processing, what exactly does that entail? Chopping them up into mash? Do you then keep the mash cold or just add enough salt or vinegar for preservation to occur?




With such a large amount of peppers coming in a short time we are freezing them for the time being. Our process is to:

1) Wash and sanitize

2) De-stem

3) Split in half and quality inspect

4) Weigh and vacuum seal

5) Flash freeze


Very cool!


Thank you. I owe much of my success to this website.


Holy moly! Great stuff! That's more than I've ever grown combined, then multiplied. Lol. Awesome!


Yeah, it really is an insane amount of peppers. We have 2 skids stacked 8 feet high in the fridge full of peppers to tackle tomorrow.

In Topic: Water As An Ingredient In Hot Sauce

01 October 2018 - 08:19 AM

In one season I'll get a hundred pounds of peppers off of just one plant, maybe more. I haven't tested the limits yet. When I say season, I mean year. As we have fairly tropical weather in Florida all year.


This I would love to see as well. If you figure an average pod is in the 10g range, even harvesting 1000 pods from one plant would only yield roughly 10kg (22lbs). So you are saying your plants are producing well over 5000 pods each? We grow our peppers as well, and if there is some way to up the plant production by 40 or 50 times I would enjoy learning about it.

In Topic: Hot Peppers Cooking Measurement Conversion Charts

28 September 2018 - 09:45 AM

General rule of thumb is a 10 to 1 conversion for fresh to dried. 10g fresh pods will yield approx 1g of dried etc.