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#1478257 The big badass pasta thread

Posted by Hells Kitchen on Yesterday, 08:15 AM

the results









#1478255 The big badass pasta thread

Posted by Hells Kitchen on Yesterday, 07:31 AM

I'm doing my first pasta dish, spaghetti bolognese,  however you spell that due to my drinking.  


Other ingredients included parsley, carrot and fresh chilli




#1478252 The Drunken Chef

Posted by Hells Kitchen on Yesterday, 07:13 AM

Yeah man, that boat is also my house :) 

#1477505 The Drunken Chef

Posted by Hells Kitchen on 22 July 2017 - 10:17 AM

No one been drunk lately? C'mon. 


The results. I have an endless supply of wood I can cut chunks from so I went out with my saw and lopped off some chucks from a fallen Eucalyptus branch from  a big pile of fallen Eucalytus branches and I threw a couple of them onto the briquettes. No way in hell I am paying for shittly little bags of wood chips at the shops......


the fun stuff






pork bellies



honey soy teriyaki bbq wings






crisping them up


#1477502 Grilled Cheese Thread

Posted by Hells Kitchen on 22 July 2017 - 10:10 AM

Literally short-circuited my keyboard with my drool. You buggers owe me 10 bucks for a new keyboard...

#1476006 The Drunken Chef

Posted by Hells Kitchen on 17 July 2017 - 05:20 AM

The family portrait before I fire up the coals just now...I forgot the bottle of bourbon, but rest assured, I am drunk... I don't do bbq without booze, just like how I wouldn't drive my car without a steering wheel, I might die


#1474742 The Drunken Chef

Posted by Hells Kitchen on 12 July 2017 - 05:19 AM

Some big drinking and grilling tonight, 


Pork and some steak  













the casualties, but there are more casualities to come 





the pleasure centre with my next victim on the left, better post this while I am drunk, 





#1473301 I ♥ Wings

Posted by Hells Kitchen on 06 July 2017 - 09:08 AM

moar pics


No action shots and plating shots after that lovely teaser..... get that ban hammer out man ;) lol

#1472888 The Drunken Chef

Posted by Hells Kitchen on 04 July 2017 - 12:35 PM

We  need to get together and party some time HK..It would be epic..



damn blooody straightr man, drinkiing and BBQing is real living, none of that nazi health nazi wankers which try to convvince us that we'll die at 40 , I am carnivorous and will live to 100 baby, onty rabbit foood nqxi anti booze wowser dickholes greenie and labor voting  wankers will die early like god intended


holyshit it is over 3am i have ti go to bed so I can drink properly tomtorooorw


edit= 3:30am shit better hit it othewise will be too hungover/and or over rthe legal limit to drive to the bottlew shop tomorrrow shit canjt even remember where i hid my emplty bottle of bourbon but its all good if I dont know where it is, then any naggers and bullshitter communist anti drinking nazis havde no chance of finding it


time to hit the sack , sooner i hit the sack sooner i can drink tomorrow bloody tops :D

#1472863 The Drunken Chef

Posted by Hells Kitchen on 04 July 2017 - 11:45 AM

Been together 17 years Married 11 years today!


Nice man! i'm  goona throw my lasty chop whic i dropped on the floor twice and its way pas my bed timde but who cares that hop is going on ther BBQ regardlles how blooody high  i am,

#1472773 The Drunken Chef

Posted by Hells Kitchen on 04 July 2017 - 07:22 AM

Much better luck with my steak tonight. There was no wind, but there were showers, but coz there was no wind, the bbq got up to temp in no time. 


Strip (fat part of the t-bone) and a store-bought pork chop. Got the steaks on special and could not leave them behind. Thick coating of Lemon Pepper and salt. Bloody tops






full heat



searing the fat






Was lovely, way better than the previous effort, all due to the lack of wind! The gasser got as hot as possible, seared the pork chop for the same time as the steak, 2.5 min each side with the lid down, turned out great! All those Youtube BBQ vids were they sear steaks for several mins each side over the fire then leave them roasting for 10 mins make me physically ill. They still seem to come "pink perfect", but it's probaby photoshopped. I mean honestly.


I've seen one video where the dude, who has a sweet-as charcoal pit and drinks beer on camera (credit where it's due), throws some thin T-bones right over the coals and keeps them there for several minutes per side, then puts them to the indirect side and says he did it earlier than normal because of the video. God those steaks would've been charcoal themselves before he moved them off the coals... Before the cook though, he soaks his coals in lighter fluid (more commonly known as kersone or jet fuel) for a straight 30 seconds, so the credit might have to be removed...







Was eating within half an hour of throwing on the potatoes. Just tried to take a swig of the bourbon with the cap on, yes I am qualified for this thread. Don't let the flawless grammar fool you. I'm studying a course which requires near-perfect grammar, spelling and common sense. And besides, some of the greatest scholars, most successful, and longest living people in history were boozehounds. 


Here is the gas BBQ grill, which I got FREE from my neighbour. They actually thanked me for taking it off their hands, when I should've been thanking them for giving me a  FREE grill. It needs some anti-rust paint cans, but it's a FREE perfectly functioning portable grill. These are not made anymore, but they were over $200 new just for the grill unit alone, with a stand they were $350+... i got it for freakng FREE







#1472754 Drop it like it's hot... #4th #july

Posted by Hells Kitchen on 04 July 2017 - 05:05 AM

Told ya tonight was Cheeseburgers..So just for the THP I went above and beyond..


Looks like trouble..




My wife passed on the grilled cheeses..




My burger...Two grilled cheeses, a half pound patty of 80\20 (Seasoned with salt, pepper and my daisy cutter flake), 5 slices thick cut bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, ketchup and mustard..




I'm sure this could have been a drunken chef post...Cheers..


Dear lord my heart! Nah it's good for the soul and the lettuce makes it legit healthy :D Definitely should be a drunk post :D

#1472334 The Drunken Chef

Posted by Hells Kitchen on 02 July 2017 - 09:36 AM

Looks good I wouldn't call it a fail. I ditched the gas years a go..With a good chimney to start the charcoal in I can be up and cooking in 20 minutes. .That Badger Bluff is calling my name.


it wasn't a fail per se in terms of taste,  just the stupid herpoid mcderpoid WIND made the cooking process  itself a fail. it was however a fail from the gas=quick convenience point of view though, and that if I had simply thrown some lump in the Weber I would've been eating way sooner and would've tasted better and would've gotten extreme heat caramalization for the steak and I would've been done with the meal by time I got this ready for eating.   Hindsight is 20/20, and maybe fate wants me to ditch the gas for the good stuff  :)


I bought this Badger Bluff Whisky because it was the cheapest borubon in the shop because it was $10 off normal price. I am not disappointed, very good with coke and ice, and goes down like water lol. Next time 1 litre bottle :D


#1472320 The Drunken Chef

Posted by Hells Kitchen on 02 July 2017 - 08:56 AM

Nice!  The only problem is that those tiny Jim Beam bottles are not enough lol :D I did something similar just now. I found some steak at the shops for half price so decided to grab them, do some garlic butter baked potatoes and grilled onions on the gasser. I was hoping for a quick session - gas bbqs are for quick convenience right? Freaking bollocks. As it happens, the stupid wind, Hurricane Dickface, was screwing with the flame and it took nearly 2 freaking hours to get the potatoes soft and probably wasted half the gas tank in the process in the name of my ass.  :banghead:   The stupid ass wind also meant the hot plates never got roaring hot, so did not get the caramalization on steak I wanted, and I even had to chuck them back on after a 2 min cook each side on full because they were 100% raw. Normally it takes 1 min 45 sec to sear a T-bone to a perfect rare at full speed. Bloody hell.  Ironically, if I had fired up the charcoal in the Weber, I would've been done like a full hour or more sooner. Bloody hell, even if I was using briquettes I would've come out ahead. And the Weber is way more fun than the gas. FAILWHALE herp de derp  :rolleyes:









#1472294 Drop it like it's hot... #4th #july

Posted by Hells Kitchen on 02 July 2017 - 05:57 AM



Diggin that char man, that's were it's at  :onfire: