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Today, 04:05 PM

60 days since plant-out (May 18).


Facing East:






Facing West:






The 'Box':





Thanks for looking.

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Yesterday, 01:44 PM

I noticed that last year, but once the pods are bigger, the calyx appears way smaller. BSH is growing F2 and he has the same calyx. Kinda like the seeds. I've noticed that they're smaller than most Chinense. I'm pretty sure there is no way my seeds crossed because I isolated using glue. Do your baby pods appear to have a bigger calyx?


On one plant, the calyx are similar to yours:






The other seems to have smaller calyx:



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Yesterday, 10:06 AM

Well the old west used to put silver dollars in the barrels to make sure they were bacteria free, Fine Silver is great for antibacterial properties like people using colloidal silver solution. I used to put a piece of silver in the bottled water dispenser I had, it has to be fine silver not the mixed crap.


That could work.


I use a 99% silver coil in my PC water cooling reservoir to control algae.

In Topic: ATTENTION Great Britain Growers! What's a "water butt?"

Yesterday, 08:46 AM


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Yesterday, 08:39 AM

Pods are just starting to set on one of my Cinder F3's. Mine are still obviously way behind yours, but I'd say they look similar.




Yours appear to have a BBG type calyx, where mine do not.