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In Topic: Hello from a newbie in Canada

31 January 2018 - 08:22 PM

Welcome to the club, Heather! :D


.. and damn.. I've been working my butt off for the past few years to try and build a small business on very limited land here in Nova Scotia. I so very much wish I had even a single acre of land for my greenhouses, but I live on a property that's only about 1/2 acre and it's mostly trees... 42 acres would be an absolute dream. :)

In Topic: Fake Pepper X seeds missing

29 January 2018 - 08:34 PM

So.. "just a prank" that he coupled with his "surprise" that people would fall for such hype that he just -happened- to decide to exploit for his own profit by slapping the "Pepper X" label on some hybrid that he rushed to market with a nice, expensive price tag... And in that screenshot above he goes on wanting to open people's eyes to such scams.. Guess he felt the best to do it was to use all of this as a cheap-ass low marketing trick of his own... He's right - he's the furthest from a saint lol

In Topic: Fake Pepper X seeds missing

30 December 2017 - 06:14 PM

It could happen in time, but before it does there's always Jim Duffy who was quick to rush to market with a "Pepper X" of his own - very likely in an attempt to cash in on the hype around the name and the confusion he knew he would create by doing so (regardless of how clear he is that his hybrid isn't the same as Ed Currie's). Cheap marketing tactic, but I'm sure it's gotten him a few extra sales.

In Topic: PepperJoe's is getting in the new crosses game

08 December 2017 - 06:28 PM

What stands out to me right away is that there's no mention of who created the cross, they claim they have no idea what peppers were crossed and they've slapped a Russian mythical name on it.. all seems to have the goal of making it seem mysterious.. To me it looks like a brown/chocolate phenotype of a Primo or Reaper. lol

In Topic: Do you have a web site and ...

04 December 2017 - 02:50 PM

Super Hots Canada - You already have the single most important thing in business these days: a three letter name.  SHC


Seriously, I am right there with you on wanting to promote but not knowing a thing about doing it.  If you want to bounce ideas, share what works, share what does not, I'd love being your sounding board.  I am about to do the promote post thing on Facebook.  I am using a coupon code that lets me know where the sale came from.  Will be doing the same elsewhere.  If you remind me in spring when the experiment ends, will let you know what was good for me and what wasnt.


If you sell fresh pods, please do let me now.  That is our main business but shipping priority to Canada is wildly expensive.  Rather than telling people I am sorry but no, would love to have a list of good folk up there that I can send them to.


My full business name is "Super Hots Canada Food and Plants" - but only because the rules in my province demand certain elements in a business to describe what you primarily do/offer (unless your a corporation - then they let you have just about any name you want).. But yup, it works out nicely that it abbreviates like that. :)


I tried out buying Facebook Ads a couple summers back - one focused locally, and one focused nationally. I only threw in $50 CAD, but all the same it provided rather ineffective. $50 over 7 days only earned me around 1-3 new Page Likes... BUT this season I tried out hosting a small contest on my FB page that I let run for about a week. I picked out 3 winners (from Canada & US) and in that time I shared the post to a few FB groups and in the end it attracted around 50 new Page Likes (before the contest I had just under 100).. So I'd highly suggest a simple contest - i.e. set some simple rules for liking/sharing a post, and pick a winner or two at the end for even something as simple as some packs of seeds. :) .. Part of my inspiration was the simple, fun contests people sometimes have here on the forum.