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#1523234 Hello from a newbie in Canada

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 31 January 2018 - 08:22 PM

Welcome to the club, Heather! :D


.. and damn.. I've been working my butt off for the past few years to try and build a small business on very limited land here in Nova Scotia. I so very much wish I had even a single acre of land for my greenhouses, but I live on a property that's only about 1/2 acre and it's mostly trees... 42 acres would be an absolute dream. :)

#1514510 Fake Pepper X seeds missing

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 30 December 2017 - 06:14 PM

It could happen in time, but before it does there's always Jim Duffy who was quick to rush to market with a "Pepper X" of his own - very likely in an attempt to cash in on the hype around the name and the confusion he knew he would create by doing so (regardless of how clear he is that his hybrid isn't the same as Ed Currie's). Cheap marketing tactic, but I'm sure it's gotten him a few extra sales.

#1509843 PepperJoe's is getting in the new crosses game

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 08 December 2017 - 06:28 PM

What stands out to me right away is that there's no mention of who created the cross, they claim they have no idea what peppers were crossed and they've slapped a Russian mythical name on it.. all seems to have the goal of making it seem mysterious.. To me it looks like a brown/chocolate phenotype of a Primo or Reaper. lol

#1508898 Do you have a web site and ...

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 04 December 2017 - 02:23 PM


What, really? Maybe you are not proactive enuf. "If you build it, they will come" does not work for websites.


Exactly.. Marketing isn't my strong point, but I'm learning and this next season I intend to do far better. I'm finally starting to build a following locally - including owners of local pizza shops and restaurants, and I've made it to the local Farmer's Market a couple of times.. That's a costly venture, but it's great for getting my name out there. I've made a few sales through FB and this next season I'll focus on pushing the fresh peppers. I think selling fresh across Canada will encourage more word-of-mouth, beyond my little county - that should really help turns things around. :)

#1508708 Do you have a web site and ...

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 03 December 2017 - 04:01 PM


I might be able to help with that.  Won't maintain it, but can set up a Wordpress site with Woocommerce and then answer questions about how to make things work on it.  No offense intended, but you site is fairly clunky.  Anyway, if you got an account with Dreamhost, I know their set up.  Think they are like ten bucks a month or something.  Anywhere else, I would need you to at least get Wordpress installed or make sure they offer FTP access. 


Wouldnt want a thing in return because initial setting up something like that is easy.  Worse case, might take an evening.  Your site wont be what you want, but you can then sort threw themes to change the look and feel.  If you use woocommerse for the online store part, I can tell you how to solve problems that are not well documented n like that.  But it would be mainly you doing things.


Internet is so large that I honestly do not think there is competition.  I think it is more like seed dealers should work together, trade seeds, help with sites, and the likes.  If you ever sell fresh pods, oh man I could send to you dozens of customers every season because I can not ship there.


Thanks for the offer, AJ - I certainly appreciate that, but it's not needed. My background is in web development & graphic design, so I already have my own hosting. I can easily setup any domains/subdomains with CMS's like WordPress within a few clicks. :)

#1485264 Pepper Joe's sold yet again?

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 20 August 2017 - 06:59 PM

So, according to a number of recent news articles a company called "Clickstop" has bought out the Pepper Joe's business and the owners have put their 19 year old son in charge of the operation:





According to the article in The Gazette, this company has no previous experience in the food industry and their son, who they've put in charge of PJ's, was previously working as an intern... On top of no past experience in the food industry, the article indicates they laid off all the previous staff.


If they cut out all the previous staff and are moving the whole operation to their base of operations, does that mean the farming/production itself is moving? Who's managing the production or is that all being outsourced? The articles don't really make much effort to clarify very much about this whole transaction. :)


Thoughts on how this might turn out?


(I didn't see anything mentioned about this elsewhere on the forum)

#1480552 Hello from Canada

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 02 August 2017 - 05:59 PM

Welcome to the club, dude :)

#1475463 How do you transact money?

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 14 July 2017 - 11:00 PM

It sounds like you're already providing plenty of payment options for customers to choose from.


Stripe is certainly another option that can be provided, as THP mentioned, and I find it has similarities to both PayPal & Square. Just like either of those it can handle several options on the customer end, and it can be integrated into a website.


Here in Canada we have access to Interac e-Transfer, which allows anyone with a bank account at any number of major banks in the country to send funds via email. The sender signs into their online banking and sets up the transfer, which automatically does two things as soon as the user confirms the transfer: 1) It withdraws the funds from their account, and 2) sends an email to the recipient with links to sign into the bank of their choice. Once the recipient gets the email they can follow a link, sign into their bank account (from their bank's website), and deposit the funds using the password provided by the sender.. At no point does any person on either side of the transaction get to see any details about the other user's bank account. >> https://en.wikipedia...erac_e-Transfer


Is there possibly anything like that down in the US that you might offer up to this customer? :)

#1461843 Dragon's breath...2.48m scovilles?

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 30 May 2017 - 10:27 AM

No new world record

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Looks like my first impression and analysis of that Tom Smith and those news articles was spot-on. 


So, it sounds like this pepper is potentially a first-generation hybrid - so to anyone who's picked up seeds, it'll be interesting to see what variations spring up. :)

#1461456 Super Hots Canada - 2017

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 28 May 2017 - 09:54 PM

At the moment, it looks like this will be my line-up for this season:


* Bell Pepper

* Jalapeno

* Cayenne

* Super Chili

* Habanero

* Naga Jolokia

* White Ghost (Bhut Jolokia White originally grown from seeds from PepperLover)

* Brown Naglah

* Chocolate Bhutlah


- At the moment the seedlings I have transplanted of Bell Pepper & Jalapeno were mostly bought from garden centers. I have more to transplant that I started myself.

- The Cayenne, Super Chili & Habanero seedlings are bought from garden centers

- I have some Brown Naglah seedlings transplanted already in the greenhouse (around 15), and inside I have some seedlings starting to sprout

- White Ghost and Naga Jolokia seedlings are also in the process of starting to sprout inside.

- Sadly, only 3 seedlings of the Chocolate Bhutlah survived, but some are still better than none! (seeds from PuckerButt Pepper Company)




Suddenly this season the local shops have stopped selling the Plant Prod plant feed I've always used for my plants. I've always used the Starter, All-Purpose, and Flowering water-soluble feeds.. Namely, at this time of year I'd be starting to use the All-Purpose:




.. But instead, all the shops seem to be replacing Plant Prod with some new ProMix feeds.. Sadly, none seem to have the All-Purpose mix. I've only found the Tomato mix and Flowering mix, so it looks like I'll have to go with the Tomato mix for now:




.. That's the closest I've found.. Anyone have any experience with this product?

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#1460722 Super Hots Canada - 2017

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 26 May 2017 - 10:31 PM

Good luck, man!

I feel like if I lived that far north I'd be too lazy to grow peppers. So, great job at putting the work in.

I really shouldn't take my long growing season for granted


It's a challenge, for sure.. I've found the greenhouse manages to extend my grow season right into November. It seems my peak harvest time starts around mid-October, even though the plant growth starts slowing at that point. It's pretty much halted by November, but I've seen my plants survive until mid-November - long enough for many of the pods to have a chance to mature.


But the short summer is why I try to start planting my seeds inside around November - in the hopes they'll have a chance to really grow before getting outside and maybe hit maturity by the start of summer.. Alas, this time around definitely didn't work out that way :( .. but I'm determined to work out the kinks and get this all down to an art. lol

#1460710 Super Hots Canada - 2017

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 26 May 2017 - 09:41 PM

Your greenhouse looks great. I'm sure you'll end up having a great season.


I really hope so... Last season was a bust because by the time I had finished expanding the greenhouse (the part that can be seen in the photo) it had left me at least a month behind on getting my plants outside. Then, I had left one part of the expansion uncovered near the top for ventilation, but instead it ended up being an exit point for the ladybugs - and they just never found their way back.. didn't take long for my plants to go from growing great to being stunted by aphids and then halted by the black sotty mold that followed the aphids - lesson learned!


Over the winter the plastic covering the roof of the expansion got ripped off of more than half of it.. It took me around 3-4 hours one day to finally pull it back into place and pin it down.. I still have a couple sections that need sealed up - which I intend to get done sometime soon... Then I just need to figure out how to get some ladybugs in there. lol


I have some window screen material, so I also intend to build some windows for ventilation.. it gets incredibly hot in their during the summer.


*crosses fingers*

#1459064 Super Hots Canada - 2017

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 22 May 2017 - 04:33 PM

Hey folks,


So I've been pretty quiet over this last year compared to past years. Much of my personal life took a negative turn last year in April when, within the space of two weeks, my longest relationship came to a crashing halt and then my closest friend passed away.


Last summer I also launched the website for my business, but to date not a single has been placed through my website.. I attempted to promote it a bit on here and also through posts and ads on Facebook and posts on Twitter.. Looking at the database there has been the rare person here and there that has tried adding products to the cart, but that's about it.. I think the hard lesson here is that I first need to build some local trust and reputation in order to start gaining enough confidence in people that they'll be willing to order online.


That aside, this season I decided I wanted to change direction a bit. In past years I've aimed to grow a wide range of varieties - hoping that having seed and sample variety would help gain attention - but after last season I realized I need to narrow down and focus on aiming for bulk so that I can actually have enough fresh product to sell locally. From trying out the local farmer's market, having a nice range of seeds to sell and samples to show off gains a bit of attention, but what people really want is the ability to buy quantities of fresh peppers, and not just seeds. So this season I was hoping to grow around 3-5 super hot varieties and 3-5 sweet/mild varieties.


Initially I was hoping to grow: 7 Pot Primo, Brown Naglah, Chocolate Bhutlah, White Ghost & Wartryx on the "super hot" end, and Bell pepper, Jalapeno on the mild end.


I started planting early - back in November - and I even made an effort to setup my grow spaces better than in the past. I purchased new fluorescent light fixtures, plastic tables instead of stacking up boxes, lined the walls with tinfoil to help with the lighting, etc..  Yet, even though most of my seeds germinated great they would grow to around around 2nd or 3rd set of true leaves and then either die or stall out.. This happened repeatedly, even with proper lighting and watering.. Only thing I can think of is that they needed better circulation because I, sadly, wasn't able to have any fans running.


Because of this:

* Went all/most of my Primo seeds only to end up with zero seedlings (this includes having ordered additional packs)

* Went through a ton of Orange Primo seeds with nothing to show

* I spent over $50 on 5 packs of Chocolate Bhutlah seeds ($13 of that was shipping - PuckerButt has some insane shipping costs for sending to Canada) and I've ended up with only -3- seedlings

* I planted a bunch Chocolate Primo Reaper seeds to end up with zero seedlings

* I ended up with zero Wartryx seedlings

* I planted a ton of White Ghost pepper seedlings only for them all too fail

* I planted a ton of Brown Naglah and though I have maybe 30-40 seedlings they are all struggling to survive

* I encountered the same with the Bell and Jalapeno seedlings to the point where I had to buy seedlings for these from local garden centers


(again: germination wasn't the issue, so I'm most definitely not faulting any seed providers)


After all this, the seedlings that have survived were ones that were planted well after January, so who knows if they'll have enough time in the season to produce.


I also had a full tray of around 36 Naga Jolokia seedlings that sprouted just last week, but I forgot to take the lid off the tray when I put it out in the greenhouse and they ended up roasting.. The same happened with another tray that was half Cayenne, half Sweet Banana.. So now I have 3 more full trays of seeds I'm trying to germinate: Naga Jolokia, Brown Naglah and White Ghost... But even if they take? Starting -this- late I feel like they probably won't stand a chance at producing. :(


There is one positive out of all of this - I finally started getting tables setup in my greenhouse! In the past my plants have always been on the ground, but instead of attempting to expand the greenhouse again this year I put focus on new soil and setting up tables. This way I have room for more plants and they'll be off the ground - helping to limit the chance of snails/slugs/etc and of grass/weeds growing up into the pots or around the plants. Should hopefully make a definite difference. :)


I've also decided to try my hand at more than just the peppers. Last season I tried growing some catnip and this season I'm trying the same - only I'm hoping to ramp up to at least 10-15 plants this time around. My cats (and others that have tried it) absolutely LOVE homegrown catnip so I figure if I grow this in a bit more bulk I can sell some fresh nip on the side locally - there's definitely a market for it. I'm also working on growing beans, peas, beets (for a friend) and corn.


I still have a ton of clean up to do of the plants/pots from last year, but I've been making some great progress setting up the new tables and getting seedlings transplanted. Below is a photo taken a few days ago and a video clip taken over a week ago showing some of my progress.. Since then I've transplanted quite a few more seedlings with plenty more to go.






#1458781 Dragon's breath...2.48m scovilles?

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 21 May 2017 - 11:34 PM

Unlike IFLScience, Daily Mail, and The Telegraph, other news sources appear to have at least put in -some- effort with this story:





This Tom Smith appears to be happy to let news sources give him credit for work that isn't wholly his, rather than taking the time to give credit where it's due.


I started following the IFLScience page on FB around the time it first got started and I had thought they put some actual effort into verifying the facts of what they post, but on this topic they not only fell short but they even jumped the gun. They referenced both the Daily Mail & Telegraph articles in the post on their website, but they made no effort to dig deeper -and- they jumped to claim that this pepper is "officially" the hottest in the world, even though the articles they referenced indicate it's currently only applied to Guinness World Records.


I think the biggest tell that these news sources didn't do their due diligence is the fact that they claim this Tom Smith created it "by accident", while at the same time pointing out that it was purposely developed in cooperation with a university.. That's very contradictory... but thankfully, once you dig a bit deeper and find the BBC and PRWeb articles and discover the backstory from the actual creators then it doesn't sound quite so far-fetched overall.


What really stands out to me is that none of these articles seem to provide any reference to the average heat of this pepper - they focus on the claim that its' peak is higher than that of the Carolina Reaper. Guinness World Records, though, seems to determine the record based on the highest average - which makes sense. After all, the heat level can easily vary from one pod to the next on a plant, so a few pods on a plant could hit a really high mark while the majority could be hitting much lower - but the average will paint a clearer picture of what to expect of the pepper. So it'd be interesting to find out the average on this one and -then- maybe it might be worth some hype.


Even if it were somehow to get the record with a peak level of 2.4 million, it already seems like that record won't last long since Ed Currie was already stating months ago that his HP56 pepper peaks at around 2.89 million (bit curious what the average would be on that one, too).


Some of these news sources really need to work on their journalism skills, considering how incredibly vague & short on facts they've been on reporting about this pepper. *shakes his head*

#1434071 Pepper North Giveaway - 30 Hot Pepper Seed Varieties!

Posted by Super Hots Canada on 14 March 2017 - 11:46 AM

Already following you on FB and elsewhere. :)


At some point when I have a bit of money to work with I -really- gotta try ordering some of your hot sauces :)