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Cactus cuttings for sale

19 April 2018 - 02:41 PM

     I pruned my Trichocereus cacti a few months ago and have a bunch of cuttings to get rid of again. These are all healthy and callused cuttings ready to ship and plant. If you want more information about them, check out the cactus thread in the "growing other" forum. I wrote detailed instructions on how to plant and grow these when I sold some last year.

     Let my know if you have any questions or interest in buying. I'll keep this post updated with inventory as people buy them. The list at the bottom of this post details pricing and availability. (I'll just delete prices as they sell.)

     Shipping is free on orders over $75. CONUS only. The refried beans are not for sale.




These are T. macrogonus (on the blue and white towel - ignore the pachanoi cutting at the top of the pic on the white towel)

#1: The biggest cutting (top) is about 2' long and weighs over 5lb. (It is all one piece)

#2: The smallest cutting is about 8" long.

#3, #4: The two mid-sized ones are both about 14" long.




These are the pachanois.

#5: The one on the bottom is over 2.5' long.

#6: The next one up is about 3' long.

#7: The smallest one is about 14".

#8, #9: The two in the upper right are about 2'. (See that new bud on the top one?)

#10: The one in the upper left is about 1.5'




These are the bridgesiis.

#11: The small one is about 8"

#12: The big one is just over a foot long.







     The lowest prices I found for T. pachanoi cuttings on ebay was about $15 per foot. (Others were considerably more expensive.) So that's what I'm going to use as a baseline. Prices vary based on cosmetics. I couldn't find any macrogonus or bridgesii cuttings, but I know that my prices are much less than what I paid for them over ten years ago when I bought the cuttings that became my plants.


Pricing list:



#1:     $40


#3:     $25



#6:     $45

#8:     $20

#10:   $20





HM01 2017 Seedless Glog

18 March 2017 - 10:43 AM

     I said I wasn't going to start a glog this year since my season will be cut short (moving this summer), but not growing things just seems weird to me. So here we go.

     I have about ten OW chile plants that I will be keeping in containers (let's see if they survive the move...). They aren't much to look at now, but I'll post pics once they go outside.

     Since I'm not starting seeds for peppers and tomatoes, my grow lights were feeling neglected. I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to start some hybrid poplar clones from and for my family's land up in 'Sconnie.

     When my family first moved there in the late '80s I remember taking a walk with my mom and digging up a poplar sucker to transplant. It turned out that tree was a hybrid (gray poplar) that occurs naturally, although relatively uncommonly, in the midwest. Good soil and hybrid vigor allowed the tree to take off. That was almost 30 years ago and since then the tree has grown to about 80' tall and 2' dbh. It has also sent out suckers of its own - some of which we, again, dug up and transplanted. One of those transplants is now about 30' tall with a 6" dbh. A few weeks ago, I lopped a branch off it to take some cuttings.

     From that branch, I used a hand pruner to cut 2-3 bud softwood shoots. After soaking them in water for a few days, I planted them in homemade organic soil in half gallon containers. A few weeks of growth under my lights pretty much brings us to today.




This is what a populus x canescens cutting looks like just as it's starting to wake up and push leaves.






Opening up a bit more...






Leaves emerged and stretching. Notice the fuzziness (leaves, not the pics ;) ). Populus x canescens is a naturally-occuring hybrid between Populus alba (white poplar) and Populus tremuloides (trembling aspen). They have the form of an aspen and the fuzzy leaves of the white poplar, but most importantly they have incredible hybrid vigor. They grow very fast and are much more disease resistant and adaptable than either parent.






     About ten years ago I started reading about bybrid poplars and discovered commercially produced hybrids being used in phytoremediation as well as timber and pulp production. I ordered some online and started them just like these ^ cuttings.


This one is called OP-367 (Populus x canadensis) and is a cross between Populus deltoides (Eastern cottonwood) and Populus nigra (a Europen black poplar) .





another OP-367





more OP-367







     OP-367 was one of the first commercially produced hybrid poplars available. It is a real workhorse, too! I thought gray poplars grew fast until I saw what these could do.

     Next time I'm up north visiting my family, I'll get some pics of the mothers. Until then, I'll keep this glog updated with my most recent clones.

     As always, thanks for stopping by el jardin del dash-o dos! Especially in this off year. :cheers:

Cactus cuttings for the cost of shipping

12 February 2017 - 01:01 PM

     It's getting to be the time of year when I need to cut back my Trichocereus cacti and get them ready for the upcoming season. I still have cuttings from last spring that are callused and ready to root. If anyone is interested in growing these monster cacti, let me know. I have a huge chunk of T. macrogonus (probably 15 lbs) and a big log of T. pachanoi just sitting around taking up space.

     If you're willing to pay shipping, I'll pack them up (either one or both) and send them to you as soon as the weather warms up a bit.



Here's a pic of the macrogonus:






     Depending on how many takers I get and how much folks are willing to spend on shipping, I might cut them in half to make it easier to pack them in LFRBs. These cuttings are gigantic and, even at half size, will still have plenty of energy stored up to take root very quickly.

     For just the price of shipping, these cuttings are a steal and will provide you with a fun, beautiful plant to grow and propagate for decades to come!

Gooooooooood shit!

11 February 2017 - 07:45 PM

     So I decided to start a flog since I won't be doing a glog this season 'cuz my wife and I will be moving this coming summer.

     Here are some pics of food.



















THP password dosn't work

25 January 2017 - 08:03 PM

     Boss, I'm trying to fix my username (not change it to something gross this time ;) ) but the edit name function keeps telling me I'm entering the wrong password. Just wondering if it got changed by accident or something.