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The 11th Annual Hot Pepper Awards ACCEPTING ENTRIES!


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    Pepper Guru
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    Not Telling Not Telling
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    In the Soil Food Web or performing cunnilingus on a Yellow 7 Pod
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    Teacher, RockStar, and Daddy.
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    I write and play guitar for the band Votive @ www.votivemusic.com
  • Biography
    The name is Rich and I'm from Atlanta, Ga. Been eating and growing peppers ever since I was a boy. Throughout my horticulture experience I have grown many, many different types of peppers as well as other vegetables and herbs. I'm a bit of a Chinense freak. A pepper by the name of Hoyt's Pumpkin Habanero was my first initiation into the chile scene and I haven't been able to see my life without peppers ever since! I remember the first bite like it was yesterday; the smokey citrus burst of fire in my mouth literally changed my taste buds forever and now I just can't settle for anything less than scorchin' hot Chinense chiles. I'm also a long time member and moderator on another horticulturist forum not about peppers so I'm familiar with the board structure/environment. I can only hope to make a great home here at The Hot Pepper as well as share/learn great information and techniques with all of you

    Rich Blood Photography - www.richblood.photo

    Votive - www.votivemusic.com
  • Anything Else
    I poop fire! lol

Food Stuff

  • Favorite Hot Pepper
    Anything Chinense, Asian annums
  • Favorite Hot Sauce
    My own, of course!
  • Favorite Food
    Food good, me hungry
  • Favorite BBQ Food
    Do I HAVE to choose?
  • Favorite BBQ Sauce
    My own, of course!
  • Chili... Beans or No Beans?
  • Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
    Home Brew IPA
  • Share a Recipe
    Salt, vinegar, peppers. Keep it simple stupid.

Growing Stuff

  • Seeds Available For Trade
    7 Pot Brainstrain | Cappy
    7 Pot Brown Bonnet | Spicegeist
    7 Pot Bubble Gum | Trade Winds Fruit
    7 Pot Congo Giant | *No Origin
    7 Pot Congo Original | *No Origin
    7 Pot Jonah | *No Origin
    7 Pot Primo | CMPMan1974
    7 Pot Yellow | *No Origin
    7 Pot Yellow Jonah | *No Origin
    Aji Charapita Red | Peru
    Aji Charapita Yellow | Peru
    Aji Chuncho | *No Origin
    Aji Crystal | *No Origin
    Aji Dulce | Costa Rica
    Aji Lemon Drop | Trade Winds Fruit
    Aji Limon | Peru
    Aji Omnicolor | *No Origin
    Aji Panameno | Costa Rica
    Aleppo | *No Origin
    Aribibi Gusano | Caterpillar
    Bergit Locoto | *No Origin
    Bhut Jalokia | Smirky
    Bhut Jalokia | Joe Fish
    Bhut Jalokia Indian Carbon | CMPMan1974
    Big Sun Habanero | *No Origin
    Bishops Crown | Seedrack.com
    Black Pearl | Seedrack.com
    Brown Moruga | *No Origin
    C. Chacoense(Wild Capsicum) | *No Origin
    C. Praetermissum(Wild Capsicum) | *No Origin
    California Wonder Bell Pepper | *No Origin
    Campana | Costa Rica
    Caramel Bih Jalokia | *No Origin
    Cayote Zan White | *No Origin
    CGN21566 | *No Origin
    Chili Aji | Costa Rica
    Chili Red | Sri Lanka
    Chocolate Bhut Jalokia | Spicegeist
    Chocolate Hab | *No Origin
    Chocolate Scotch Bonnet | *No Origin
    Cobra | Sri Lanka
    Congo Chocolate | Pepper Guru
    Ethiopian Brown | *No Origin
    Fatalii | *No Origin
    Fatalii | Just a Guy
    Florida Wild | *No Origin
    Fort Lauderdale Scotch Bonnet | *No Origin
    Giant Rocoto | Peru
    Giant Twisted Chocolate Hab | CMPMan1974
    Gold Bullet Hab | *No Origin
    Holy Mole | Seedrack.com
    Hot Banana | Pepper Guru
    Hot Fish Pepper | *No Origin
    Jalapeno | *No Origin
    Jalapeno | Pepper Guru
    Japanese Chili | Lighthouse Bay
    Long Red Thai | Tony
    Long Thin Cayenne | *No Origin
    Lunch Box Pepper | Tony
    Marbles Hot | Seedrack.com
    Mawiriwiri | *No Origin
    Mini Ricoto Red | *No Origin
    Mustard Bhut Jalokia | *No Origin
    Mystery Cold Smoked Pods | Smirky
    Not Black Naga | *No Origin
    Not so Hot Red Hab | Pepper Guru
    Orange Bell Pepper | Pepper Guru
    Orange Blob | *No Origin
    Orange Manzano | *No Origin
    Orange Thai | *No Origin
    Papa Dreadie Select | *No Origin
    Poblano | *No Origin
    Pretty Purple | Seedrack.com
    Pumpkin Hab | Smirky
    Queen Laurie X Yellow Bhut | Spicegeist
    Red Bell Pepper | Pepper Guru
    Red Caribbean | Pepper Guru
    Red Fatalii | *No Origin
    Red Habanero | *No Origin
    Red Rican Rocoto | *No Origin
    Red Savina | *No Origin
    Red Savina-Inverted | Pepper Guru
    Rooster Spur | Joe Fish
    Rooster Spur | Smirky
    Rooster Spur | Virgil T Answorth
    Scotch Bonnet | Papa Joe
    Scotch Bonnet | Pepper Guru
    Sweet Banana | *No Origin
    Trinidad Scorpion | Butch T
    Vietato | *No Origin
    White Bullet | *No Origin
    White Hot Habanero | Seedrack.com
    Yellow Bedder | *No Origin
    Yellow Bell Pepper | Pepper Guru
    Yellow Bhut Jalokia | *No Origin
    Yellow Jalapeno | *No Origin
    Yellow Jamaica Scotch Bonnet | Ajoe
    Yellow Rican Rocoto | *No Origin

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