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juanitos 2019 grow log

18 January 2019 - 04:06 PM

Welcome to the JuanitosPeppers 2019 glog


Thanks to all the long time readers and people who followed last year. I hope to make this glog a little bit better!


I’ll try to do weekend update format with photos and captions. I’ll be happy to answer questions or discuss growing during the week too.



Last year was pretty successful.



Saved lots of seeds



I spent all winter break thinking about what varieties i wanted to grow. I want to keep a good balance of flavor, heat, color, species, cost, size. Looking to expand my seed stock so i’m growing a couple collections (brainstrain, ghost) also trying a couple wilds for fun, a few mild peppers for normal people, and the best medium peppers (moa, bahamian goat). Can follow along to see everything


I like doing bulk starting in medium(soilmix). It means i only plant the successful seeds, no volunteers or weak seedlings, no wasting extra seeds, no culling. Medium is a bit easier to manage as it will separate easier than a paper towel. Also you can leave them in the medium for a bit longer. Just keep them in a warm 75-85 temp range for a week or so and we’re ready to transplant into pots.



While those are resting got the growing space ready.

Made sure the led strips are still running from last year, had to repair a few



Cleaned up the trays and reservoir and ordered pots / trays, started putting soil in



More to come… Thanks for following!


reddit seed exchange

10 December 2018 - 02:25 PM

on https://www.reddit.com/r/hotpeppers i have been doing a seed exchange yearly. see here
Today i finished organizing and shipping everything. thought i'd update you guys how it went. 
A bit different than a seed train since all the packets go to the same place and can be organized.
kinda sux because you don't get to pick exactly what you want.
cheaper shipping usually though unless you send a lot.
but with 1 trusted organizer everything runs smooth and fairly.

had about 30 participants. some newbies only sent like 5 packs but average was about 30 packs. A couple 80+ contributors.
spread everything out by variety so i can try to fill everyone's wishlist

best seed pack design


you can set a calendar notification sometime before thanksgiving next year if you want to remember to join.

juanitos 2018 seeds

04 December 2018 - 04:56 PM

It's the time of the year for buying seed, thought i'd do a little post to explain our 2018 offering.
The site is updated to allow paypal, google pay, and normal cards.
Shipping is 100% free anywhere(that usps ships). 
No fees, the price in your cart is what you pay.
All of our seed packets are 20-25 seeds.
All of our seed packets are 4$. not "rare". no promotions/sales. just a good price.
All of our seeds for sale are harvested in 2018. Fresh af. 
i can't post all the varieties but i'll put some of my favorite pictures. 
These are my pictures from the plants where i harvested seeds, the real deal!
I think BBM are so striking. very gnarly. bumpy even has some spikes that stick out! superhot of course and very sweet.
SB7J have a cool shape, are gnarly, and have a bit thicker walls than other red superhots.
I know i get a lot of flac from family for not growing "normal" peppers that people can eat
So i grew Joe's Long Cayenne! Great in cooking in place of any cayenne / red pepper. 
It's also just really fun to show off. Will for sure be the longest pepper most people have ever seen.

i'm trying to be as transparent and sexy vendor as possible,
if you have criticism or suggestions feel free to pm or post.

sfrb & medium fresh peppers

01 October 2018 - 08:19 AM

we've got a few extra boxes of superhots picked ready to ship out today (send orders ASAP)

small is 17, medium is 40 $



bbm, sb7j, jpgs, reaper

habanero paper lantern






a cool geothermal greenhouse

31 August 2018 - 01:16 PM