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In Topic: Wiri's 2019 Adventures with "Wilds" & Others Glog

Yesterday, 11:24 PM

Woohoo! Let the show begin! I am very excited to see this! Wish you happy growing and to have many pods!

In Topic: rghm kind of glog

Yesterday, 02:15 PM

Adrian,  :welcome: to the 2019 grow season.


It's great to have so many international folk on

the forum. Will be watching with interest to see

how it goes for you in Romania his year!  


Don't worry about your grow log, just throw up

a few pics and everyone will be happy!


Your starts look great, by the way!

Thanks Paul!


I hope nice picture will follow. Maybe not so spectacular, at least till the flowers will show up, not to mention pods, but I enjoy in leaves too, also their smell, some have very interesting smell.Also the color. Dunno how, I have missed to put Kali Mirch seeds in the dirt, I did it now, I enjoy only looking at these plants.

In Topic: Chillies Portugal

Yesterday, 10:26 AM

Welcome from Romania!

In Topic: Lexx's 2019

Yesterday, 12:07 AM

Woohoo! Go Kambuzi go! 😁 Waiting to see it. Also the 7 Pot Cinder. Well, others too, but especially these. Curious also to know what you think about the Kambuzi taste.

In Topic: Chorizo's 2019 Glog

19 February 2019 - 04:54 PM

Nice plants! Happy growing!