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The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards Winners Announced!

moruga welder

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#1441173 Moruga Welders 2017 Grow

Posted by moruga welder on Today, 10:36 AM

I'm all caught up. Plants looking fantastic. Nothing like bark before heading outdoors. I hope, I get to that point. Glad your on your way to recovery.

Thanks Chuck , glad to see your grow chugging right along ! Once they get outside for real lumens , its gonna get even better !  I'm hoping that these little Pumkin bbg's & neyde x bbg , catch up enough to get a few choice pods from , 

#1441170 Nutrient Deficiency?

Posted by moruga welder on Today, 10:33 AM


I was looking for low N because the Miracle Gro fertilizer is 24-8-16 as far as I can tell, and that, coupled with the fact that someone else commented that I have plenty of Nitrogen, made me think I could balance out better with a lower N fertilizer. And it's not so much that the N is low on the tomato-tone and garden tone - if memory serves, they're 3-4-6 and 3-4-4 - they're just *lower* N than MG is.


I had no idea about organics being locked out without a proper PH range. What would I need to do to balance out PH if that's an issue? If nothing can really be done, what should I use instead?

save you some good ol' rain water ,     :party:

#1441161 Bike808's first GLOG

Posted by moruga welder on Today, 10:13 AM

nice list !   and remember never to late !   

#1441025 Pests are out of control!

Posted by moruga welder on Yesterday, 09:39 PM


Did you DIY the lady bug houses or purchase them? I need more info on the subject of lady bug husbandry!

A DIY ladybug house , found it on pinterest  ,  http://www.apartment...r-garden-169681   , this is the feeder and this is the habitat ,



there ya have it !     :party:

#1441006 BrooksideSuperhots GLOG 2017

Posted by moruga welder on Yesterday, 08:42 PM

your gonna love that cbbg7 !

Moruga Welder's Chocolate bbg7:

The late starts - mustard 7's, mustard Douglah, chilli Costa Rica orange, CP115:

Outgrowing the closet and ready for the greenhouse in a few weeks. Just hit them all up with fish emulsion as some are losing that dark green:

Big Mustard Mama:


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#1441003 BrooksideSuperhots GLOG 2017

Posted by moruga welder on Yesterday, 08:38 PM

Last but not least...chocolate bbg7 from Frank. Supposed to be the real deal pheno. Such a nice guy that Frank...sent him a message last year asking if he had any seeds for it and he hooks me up! As have several members on here - don't laugh at the container! Free is free

aw ,  Thanks pal !  Glad to help a friend out , anytime !  

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#1440997 Moruga Welders 2017 Grow

Posted by moruga welder on Yesterday, 08:10 PM

Oh, man, that sounds so awesome!  


Good luck to you and your honey making that happen.

And glad to hear the shoulder is better!

Thanks Paul , well off to o-1 start , got e-mail hr. ago one place is sold and pending , waiting on lawyer to close , bummer ,  oh well keep saving and looking !

#1440996 Moruga Welders 2017 Grow

Posted by moruga welder on Yesterday, 08:08 PM

I see bark! :dance:


Good work Frank! ;)


And so glad you're going back to work. Be careful in the work hardening program. Don't let them push you too hard. I went through one and they pushed me too hard, I started going backwards. But that was in 1990. I saw their reports "perceived pain", my bhut! Work called their lawyers in and agreed to take me back and let me progress at my own pace. I was full time after one week, but no heavy lifting. Dang, that was 27 years ago!


Good luck my friend, and take care, AND listen to your body/gut.

I hear ya Scott , gotta remind myself that i'm not quite there yet , even tho it feels so much better than 3 months ago even 2 months ago . Most def. don't want to go backwards . Just got to remain calm and stubborn !     :party:

#1440920 Moruga Welders 2017 Grow

Posted by moruga welder on Yesterday, 05:09 PM

Plants look good, brother Frank!  What sore shoulder?  

Serially, I hope you are mending well, friend.


The stalks on those plants are looking great.  Always

good to see them begin to lignify.

Thanks Paul , yep go back to work thurs. for 4 hrs, then therapy for 4 hrs. conditioning .for a month .

been a long 6 mos.!  Thats cool tho , i'm ready to head to tennessee and look at a couple of properties . Gonna get me and mama a vacation home , then in a few years be moving on outta here !     :party:

#1440840 FB's 2017 Grow

Posted by moruga welder on Yesterday, 02:27 PM

Great to hear !  Heres to a great grow season !     :cheers:

#1440834 Moruga Welders 2017 Grow

Posted by moruga welder on Yesterday, 02:14 PM

The 4 CGN21500 got a really nice purple foliage .  


The ladies are getting quite the stalks o them , nice and woody , great to resist any slugs when they go into the ground ,   :party:


#1440812 No cotyledons

Posted by moruga welder on Yesterday, 01:00 PM

Never give up !      :party:

#1440767 Register now for the 2017 "seed train" already in progress

Posted by moruga welder on Yesterday, 10:36 AM

those work GREAT !   Good to see the train is going without any PROBLEMS !       :party:

From the sound of it, we may not be able to use the small box much longer, which is great news! We will just play it by ear. If it starts to bust out of its seams we can go up to the next size.

In the meantime I'd recommend grabbing one of these flat rate bubble mailers from the post office before the train arrives, since they are not always available at all locations. They cost $7.80 to ship, which is a lot less than the next size up, the medium flat rate box, which is around $13.

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#1440586 U)<now's 2016/2017 Indoor/Outdoor Glog

Posted by moruga welder on 27 March 2017 - 08:24 PM

all is looking really good !      :party:

#1440366 Deformed leaves and brownish spots on pepper plant (PICS)

Posted by moruga welder on 27 March 2017 - 09:51 AM

i get them time to time , i think its a genetics thing ,   looks healthy to me .