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The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards Winners Announced!


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Zera Food Recycler, 24hour fertilizer

30 January 2017 - 09:35 AM

Seen this on my FB feed from rockets are cool. Indiegogo for a kitchen composter that alleges it turns table scraps into compost in just 24 hours. 





D3 2017 Keeping it mild.

03 January 2017 - 08:53 PM

Getting the Grow list together for this year. I've grown all the experimentals, this year is about crosses and peppers I know I like. 


Here's what I got so far. I may add or subtract from this list by time I plant seeds. 




HRS X Maui purple f2

Pequin X goatsweed


My Crosses


Aji Inti f3 (maybe f4) - Lemon drop x inca berry

Aji Amarillo X caribbean red habanero f2

El Scorponero f2 Tail pheno. - Carbonero x butch t yellow scorpion

Aji Omni color x Moa bonnet yellow f1

Aji Painapple f2 - aji pineapple x butch t yellow scorpion

D3 Goat f2 - Bahamian goat x butch t yellow scorpion

Devils Prick f2 - Paper lantern habanero x butch t yellow scorpion




Aji Fantasy

Sugar rush peach

Fidalga roxa (on the fence about this one)

7pot burgundy

wild brazil


scotch brain

papa dreadie scotch bonnet select

MOA red

scotch bonnet brown

white bhut

white bullet habanero


Yaki Brown (maybe)

Super chili (maybe)


Orange thai

Freeport orange scotch bonnet since I can't find my bahamian goat seeds and they basically the same. 




Best tasting Thai Pepper?

03 January 2017 - 04:23 PM

Just curious as to what everyone's opinions are on the best tasting thai pepper. 


Gettin my grow ready for 2017 and feel I should have one or two thai in it. I grew the large orange thai for the Growdown a few years ago. It was OK. Thinking maybe one the smaller varieties may be better. 


I really liked joyners thai blend of pepper powder so i'm sure I can put some to good use. 


Just need to know what would be the best seeds to order. 

Blis Blast

06 December 2016 - 10:10 PM

Spent waaaay too much at the grocery store. Did grab this to try though



Last SFRB's of the season $17 Pick N Mix

19 October 2016 - 07:39 PM

My season is coming to a close, most my plants are pulled and in the bin. 


Here's what's left available for sale, first come first serve. $17 a box shipped. Some there's enough to do full boxes other will need to be mixed and matched to fill a box. 




Aji Amarillo X Caribbean red habanero f1 - Tons

Aji Mango- Tons

Aji Pineapple - Tons

Aji Inti F1(lemon drop x Inca berry) Red - Tons

Aji Inti F2 (Lemon drop x inca berry) Mixed phenos - Tons

Aji Omni Color - Tons

Bolsa de dulce

Sugar rush Peach

Papa Dreadie Scotch Bonnet- Very limited mix n match

Goatsweed- Limited mix n match

Primo - Only a couple mix n match

Aji Cachucha - Limited mix n match

Queen Laurie - Very limited mix n match

Aji Painapple - Limited mix n match

Devils Prick f1 (paper lantern x butch T yellow)- Limited mix n match

7pot Burgundy x CGN-21500 f1 - Limited mix n match

Pequin x Goatsweed - Limited mix n match

Aji Jobito - Limited mix n match

Aji Fantasy - Limited mix n match


Any of the above with "Tons" can be worked into a mix and match box as well. 


All Boxes will include a Sample vial of my Cherry Smoked El Scorponero powder. 


Payment via Paypal 

CONUS only


It was a good season, Thanks everyone and look forward to next year's grow. Here's a few pics from today pulling plants


Aji Inti f1 Red





Aji Omni Color