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In Topic: What are you adding to next years grow?

Yesterday, 11:22 AM

Some of mine are partial replacements. I simply cant use 5 plants worth of Dreadies and next year will be the last in my search for a "better jalapeno". It would be nice to have a heirloom that is as good as the mucho nacho and chichimeca. I like to sample something new each year just to see if its worth a permanent spot. Brazilian Starfish and Aleppo earned those spots this year. Never been a huge fan of super hots but i have enjoyed the ghost this year.


I never grew anything hot in peach or brown. Ran out of time and space this year for the browns. I completely forgot about Sugar Rush Peach until it was too late. That is part of the reason i started this topic...to remind me. :D


You really should grow the Sugar Rush Peach next season! It's my first year growing them and they are really awesome. Great taste and amazing producers.

In Topic: What are you adding to next years grow?

Yesterday, 11:06 AM



How did the starfish x lemondrop turn out? I got similar cross this year

Starfish x Aji Pinapple 

Mine looks a litte like bishops crown.


Wow, really? Mine don't look anything like Bishop's Crown. (Edit: Mine kinda look like obese Lemon Drops) I'll make a few pictures in a bit. Could you post some pictures of yours?


This could be interesting because some people say Aji Pineapple and Lemon Drop are the same variety, but this might prove otherwise. If they were the same variety, the F1 cross would be the same or at least somewhat similar, right?

In Topic: What are you adding to next years grow?

Yesterday, 05:21 AM

I'm not adding so much as I'm removing. I've been saying this the last few seasons, but this time I really need to cut down on the varieties. I thought I could get away with having more plants in smaller containers. It didn't work out the way I wanted, so next season I'm going to have fewer varieties but in bigger pots. I also will have more in-ground. 


I will keep some must-grow varieties and I will focus a lot on the crosses I've made:


Brazilian Starfish x Lemon Drop F2

Cumari Pollux x Pimenta da Neyde F1

Aji Angelo x Cumari Pollux F1


I also want to add some new Baccatums and grow some of the varieties I've gotten from Hungary and Croatia.

In Topic: Identity parade. I need your help!

Yesterday, 04:56 AM

I just need some thoughts on the top row. The bottom row is not that interesting.. The big yellow one and the white stinger though, are very intriguing. 

In Topic: Save a broken branch?

11 August 2018 - 01:15 PM

Yeah, it broke off completely. The wind bent and twisted it and when I tried to straighten it a bit it broke off fully. Should've just left it alone but yeah. I have it in a cup of water now, I was thinking of maybe grafting it back on but it's such a heavy branch.