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    free Free Guajillo Seed

    Yep. So generous!  PM sent.  (:
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    This IS TheHotPepper for ya!  Ain't they wonderful?  
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    Cherry Bomb & Biker Billy

    Thank you guys, very helpful!
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    Cherry Bomb & Biker Billy

    Have you tried growing Cherry Bomb or Biker Billy from saved seeds?  These are hybrids.  Did they grow somewhat similar to the F1 for you?  Thanks.. 
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    Cleaning house seed giveaway contest - CLOSED

    Congrats fiogga, lucky girl. 
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    JCW's 2015 Glog

    Wow, beautiful recap. Love it. I'm ready to (again) follow your 2016 glog.  (:  
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    Helvete's Blue Ribbon Fatalii seed giveaway! CLOSED

    Woo.. I'd like some please.  (:  Oh wait.  It's Fatalii?  Somehow I thought the variety is "Helvete's Blue Ribbon Fatalii".   :P   Great offer!  Great looking plant!  I have Fatalii so not taking a spot.
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    free CLOSED - Friday Night Freebies (Chocolate Bhutlah Seeds)

    Awesome offer. I'd like some please.
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    wanted ISO train

    Ingenious!  I love the idea that'll encourage more home growers to isolate their blossoms or plants for seed saving.   This will have to be an honor system and probably work better with someone hosting a swap, and requiring participants to include their usernames on each bagged seeds. 
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    Too many peppers-Frost!

    Very cool, such generous offer!
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    Seed Giveaway - CLOSED

    Woohoo! Got my package from Justin today. Thanks so much!  Sent you a pm.
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    Seed Giveaway - CLOSED

    Such awesome offers!  I'd love to try your Aji Peppers etc.  THANK YOU!  (:
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    wanted Looking to trade aerogardens for super hots/ exotics

    Nice looking units and plants.  (:
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    wanted Looking to buy a well-labeled seed variety

    Most hobbyists grow lots of varieties closely without isolation.  For gifts I would send from commercial growers. You get tons of seeds, freebies, free intl shipping, and guaranteed true seeds with PepperLover for $22.     Bubblegum $5 + Reaper $4 + Peach Bhut Jolokia $3 + Brazilian Starfish $2...