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  • Hey AJ :D how are you? hope all is well.. things are a little crazy here as you're going to be an internet gran-daddy!!
    morning Mel...I have already voted :(
    the growing is going very slow right something going on with the plants I can't figure out...same as last growth is "crinkled"
    hi AJ - hows the growing going? Winter has hit sydney and its miserable!! its so depressing.. i bet you're having a great time with all your plants :) I need your vote for pie!!! PLEeeeease?? :) hope all is well :)
    been there done that...and these days I am paying for old joints ache...knees, ankles, shoulders, hips...arthritis is hitting me pretty hard...the doctor said it may have something to do with some of those 40 or so oak trees I fell out of whenI was young

    glad the boy is doing well Nova
    He decided that superman wasn't doing his job well enough and tried out for the part. Jumped from a dining room table onto a lounge and his foot/leg went in between the cushions whilst his body twisted.
    Ended up with a spiral fracture of the Tibia, he is nearly three. The cast didn't slow him down any either he just goes and goes the little champ.
    Since he only got it off today he still walks as though he has it on LOL
    Things are good mate. My youngest son got his cast removed from his leg today and everything seems like it will be fine with him. That makes me a happy bloke!
    You wouldn't by any chance be able to maybe... kinda... spare some seeds when you harvest this year?
    Busy this time a year? :lol:

    HELLLOOOOO :) how have you been?? it's been a while since I've said hello so thought it was about time :) Hope all is well and the growing is going great guns for you!! see ya 'pop!
    helllloooo THP dad :) hope all is well... cant sleep and no drinks till tomorrow... hows things? hope all is well :) mel
    Pretty good mate. I have my lads here for the weekend and they don't let up! Only 3 and 6 but they are like their mother very head strong. Wouldn't give them up for the world!
    My son wants to know if you have seen a tornado and says hello. :)
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