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  • Hello there im new here and patrick my good friend allready told me that you de man oh and happy b-day im gona try and grow some bhut jolokia that patrick is sending me rofl
    thanks LD...If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of my body...mind is ok...just the body is getting worn out..
    thanks man...gonna have Mexican for lunch today and I brought a 7 pot and 2 bhut jolokias for heat addition...
    yeah, God knows Maggie needs all the supervision she can get, LOL!

    Lookin' forward to it man, missd hangin' out last year with you.
    We'll be there from 9/10-9/14. Zest Fest is from 9/11-9/13. The White Elephant is in the Stockyards, right? My memory tends to be touch and go from the late nighters we've had there. LOL! If so, we'll be seein' you guys jammin'. Lookin' forward to to it man!
    they are going out in todays mail thanks for the trade !! Hope you like the taste of these as much as I do!! Rev
    hixs man...I didn't do anything that THP had not already done...I sent you two from my google account and one from my work account...did you get both of them?
    Hey AJ thank you for what ever you did!This is the 1st time i`ve been able to get back on.6 weeks and now a ICU stay for burns thank you . Rich
    all is cool with the pictures of the jerkapenos...yup...a Kentucky mando...I have been playing it for about 7 years...I have a custom made one in work as we speak...don't know if I will ever get it...I ordered it 6 years ago last month...I heard last month that I should be getting it any is based on the Bill Monroe F-5 Gibson model with some Schertler electronics...
    Hey aj is that a mandolin u r playin ive been playin my epiphone 6 string for a bout a yera and a half lovin it!! I hope you don't mind that i tried your jerkapeno's i love trying new recipes and smoking, i didnt know if i was out of line by posting those pics on your thread. love to see more concoctions.
    Are those all your peppers thats incredible someday i would like to have a nice pepper garden going i have only 4 growing right now i wish i could get my hands on some rare peppers like you have, anyways good to see a fellow pepper lover love to hear all about tips.
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