July 3
Real Name
Adjunct Professor, English/CEO-Founder Elephant Patch Music, Inc/Artist, NUMERO GROUP.
Favorite Food
paella del mar--shellfish paella
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
agave sweet tea with lime (yep!)
Chili... Beans or No Beans?
No Beans
Favorite Hot Pepper
MOA, JA Red Hab, Reaper x BG7, Choc Madballz, Naga
Favorite Hot Sauce
Naga-Taba-Peño, Scotch Bonnet, usually my own sauces, fermented
Favorite BBQ Sauce
Eastern NC (make my own), Upstate SC mustard's okay
Favorite BBQ Food
pulled pork
Share a Recipe
Livermush Sammich, Youins:

1. 1 1/2" slice Hunter's Livermush
2. few slices onion, sauteed in cast iron skillet with L-mush
3. toasted/grilled onion roll
4. after the fist flip of livermush add slab of sharp cheddar as would hamburger
5. add mayo, mustard to roll/bun
6. teaspoon+ thick homemade Tabasco sauce
7. Put it together and relish "the pride" of Western NC & an acquired taste!
Grow List
Jonah's Yellow Brain
Caramel Moruga
Butch T. Yellow
Yellow Bhut
Choc Bhut
Red Bhut
Choc Scorp
Choc Brainstrain
Yellow BStrain
Bleeding Borg9
Red Borg9
Chocolate Borg9
"Rough Rider" BG7 (Naga x BG7)
Large BG7 (Smooth big, sweeter, less heat)
BG7 X Reaper--no tail--hot as hell, great sweetness
BG7 Chocolate
Yellow BG7
BG7 x Butch T
Jay's Peach
Pimenta Lisa (Stefan/Meatfreak) Orange Bhut x Neyde
Funky Reaper SP
Bleeding Tabasco (Annie)
Red Jonah
Red Scorp
Peach 7 Pod
Caramel 7 Pod
White 7 Pod
Yellow 7 THSC
Giant Yellow 7 PL
Caramel 7
Brown Madballz 7
Burgundy 7
PI441598 PEACH (Jason/GA Growhead) F4 Peach bhut x PI441598 x Neyde
Not Tabasco Hell (Annie), large Tabasco with bhut family heat and Tab fruity
Bonda Ma Jacques
Aji Limon
Trini Perfume
West Indies Hab
Jamaican Red Hab
Bahamian Goat
Jamaican Hot Choc Hab
Trinidad Scorp Sweets
Giant Orange Thai
Goat's Weed
Chile De Arbol
Yellow Cayenne
Jalapa-Cracked Jalapeño
Farmer's Market Jalapeño
Seeds Wanted
interesting crosses, GOOD TASTING peppers
Seeds Available For Trade
Any of the above.
Drexel Community Fair: Yucatan Hell Jam: mango/carib red


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